Heat: 03 Rating: PG
Diana deRiggs

Jaina decided to go on the offensive. "Jagged Fel, are you saying that men and women project their horny desire when they eat dinner?"

Jagged shrugged, "It's just an observation, Jaina. No need to get all snorty."

"I ... did you say snorty???" Jaina was oddly offended.

Jagged treated her in an off-hand manner, tucking into his food. "You get that way, you know. I even brought up therapy for it, in the past, but I guess you had other things to do instead. That much doesn't seem to have changed about you."

"That's not fair," she crossed her arms in front of her. "You're deliberately provoking me and finding fault in old traits."

Jagged smirked as he fed himself, "Old or current, they're part of you, Jaina. And I wouldn't trade any part of what we had, so I find these quirks to be ... well, charming, to me. I'm quite fond of them, and I obviously think of them, time and again."

Flustered, Jaina managed to mumble a "Thank you," wondering how thankful she should be at this back-handed compliment.

She didn't remember him being so suave, before. He could disarm her of any arguement, twisting things to make her question herself and her motives. "It's not fair!" Jaina didn't mean to say that out loud.

Jagged sighed. "You said that a lot, too. Was it fair that you made me, Kyp, and Zekk vie for your attention? Was it fair that I was shot down and had to scrabble for survival? Was it fair that my family became pariah to the society they lived in for my actions?" For the first time that evening, he sounded genuinely irritated. "I don't even think you know what 'fair' means, Jaina Solo."

She wanted to have a sharp retort at the ready. Her father, the infamous Han Solo, would have replied with something cutting and significant. And he would have replied quickly and smoothly. Jaina, in her hesitation, proved that though she was like her father in many ways, snappy comebacks was not an ability she'd inherited. "So much for being a Solo," she mumbled.

"You think I don't understand? My father was your father's classmate in the Academy; he lost out of the top valedictory spot because of your father. Being a Fel — even in human society — was not easy, not in the least. Having a father who did everything well and nobly is even harder than a father who a famous and successful renegade. And knowing that my father tried to rise about it ... well, that often just makes it worse." Jagged paused as the next course was placed before them.

Jaina wasn't ashamed as a result of Jagged's outburst, nor was she angry. She was reflective; she'd remembered why she'd fallen in love with Jagged, so long ago. It had scared her then, and it frightened her now.

Jagg's upbringing made him respectful of his elders, but also forceful. It made him understand when he was right, and then to push forward. He had more confidence than a whole platoon of men with the cockiness of Han Solo. But now ...

Jagged Fel reminded Jaina of her father. It's what drew her to him, but also what repelled her.

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