Life Day: A Healing Time Rating: PG-13
Diana & Csillag

This story is part of the Hobbie's Saga series, and was inspired by someone not watching their own cafpot!

"Hey, Hobbie, got some wild action, eh?" Wes Janson was in a jovial mood and felt happy to have such a simple thing with which to make fun of his best friend. "Nice waddle you got there! And does Sela know about this??"

Hobbie responded with a grimace, knowing that his playboy activities and past status as Wes's "partner in crime" would forever haunt him. Even when he was newly and very happily married to the former Sela Milson in a hook-up arranged by Wes himself. Truth be told, Hobbie had no trouble being faithful to her, though everyone enjoyed implying he was chafing at being "shackled."

"Aw c'mon, Hobs! Give me some details! I'm an old married guy with a harpy wife, I need to live vacariously through others!" Wes wasn't serious, but no one was ever really sure if he was as happy with his wife as he might have appeared.

"I'm very happily married, Wes," Hobbie tried to stand up and realized it was a big mistake to do that too fast. "Unh! Ow! Damn it, I think I opened that blister!"

Hobbie really should have taken a moment to consider the effect that statement would have on his friend. Wes's eyes bugged out, "You ... you ... wow, she must be hot! Who is —"

"Oh, shut up, Wes! It's not sexual, and I haven't slept with anyone else since I'd started dating Sela!" Hobbie was cranky.

"Are you saying that Sela is the hot chick who gave you blisters?!? Woah, she's really young, where did she learn —" Wes was leaning forward in his eagerness to know more.

"Shut UP! You have such a filthy mind, Wes Janson! I said, it's not sexual! I burned myself this morning with the caf maker, okay? Satisfied, you nosey miscreant?"

In his former life, Hobbie would have made up an extravagant story about a whole brothel full of nubile, experienced hookers. But he actually was happily hitched and didn't want word getting back to his new wife that he might have been unfaithful, especially so early in their marriage.

Especially since Sela was there when he got the blisters!

* * * * *

Sela heard her husband howling in pain, but she didn't get up and run to the kitchen like she might have last month when they were married. She'd learned over the years that Derek (whom everyone referred to as "Hobbie," though no one would or could tell her why) was a bit overdramatic when it came to pain of any sort, despite his history of major and grievous injury. And for another, their sex life had been so vigorous and the beddings so frequent that she was frankly too sore to do more than get up slowly and carefully.

In fact, Sela was frequently so sore these days that she'd given up on wearing a dressing gown in the morning. Believe it or not, eliminating the dressing step helped minimize the reminders of what had happened the night before ... so, right now, she was naked. She wasn't surprised to see her husband in the same level of undress. But she was surprised to see him hopping about, his hands over his genitals, and a big, dripping, steaming mess on the counter!

"Derek! What happened??" Sela's aches were all forgotten.

"Burned! Ow! Damned cafpot doesn't fit right, steam burn, dripping, argh!!!!" He was honestly in a great deal of agony.

Sela immediately realized he'd burned his genitalia! She ran forward and pulled him by his elbow to the refresher and turned on the cold water and shoved him under it. "Take your hands off Dirk Diddler and the Old Guys! You need to run cold water over the burn or it'll be worse!"

Hobbie was howling loudly due to the effect of unheated water running over his penis and testicles. But he was also howling because he was still embarassed that Sela had found out the secret names he used when referring to his genitals. He gasped and cried as his testicles shrunk and retreated away from the chilly environment. The leathery scrotum was contracting viciously and Hobbie felt he'd been kicked directly — and wished that he'd mercifully and simply pass out!

* * * * *

Hobbie was lying in bed with a lot of bacta ointment on his nethers. He was feeling awfully sorry for himself. He had overexerted himself all throughout his honeymoon, so he was sore and chafed anyway. Then he'd dumped steaming hot caf right on his manly equipment, and thanks to his wife's quick thinking, he'd only had one big blister, right where the root of his penis joined his body. Alas, that was a high-movement area and he knew sitting and standing was going to be a challenge today.

Worse, his dear wife was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess he'd made by not putting the cafpot back into its slot properly. The liquid had dribbled over the top of the machine and onto the counter and flowed into the cabinets and drawers beneath. That was Hobbie's fault, too, since he had a bad habit of not properly closing cabinets or drawers.

Hobbie groaned as quietly as he could, for when he thought of his wife in the kitchen doing all manner of domestic cleaning duties, he remembered that she was still naked. And his hormones churned and his penis took note.

Sela came back to check on her husband and was startled by his erection. "Derek! Are you ... um, I mean, is it ... is he ...?"

He smiled gamely. "He's just happy to see you. But ... excuse me for being ... um, less than excited that he's up and expectant? I'm in significant pain here ... Could you, uh ... cover up?"

For a moment, Sela didn't understand what her husband was asking her, but when it finally dawned on her, she blushed all over. Hobbie thought it was cute how her chest would flush the same color as the cheeks of her face ... but the pain ruined the moment.

Work was going to be excruciating today!

* * * * *


"It was good of you be Saint Wook, Derek," cooed Sela, massaging bacta ointment over her husband's thighs, abdomen, and all points inbetween. They were in bed, tired after a long day of hosting happy children at Sela's adoption agency party. Hobbie grunted happily in reply.

Though he had been humiliatingly injured, all in all, Hobbie was relieved to have an excuse not to be at the base for the end-of-year Life Day festivities. Wes had spread the news of Hobbie's domestic injury and he'd been heckled for being both a newlywed, and wounded in a stupid manner. The burn turned out to be shallow but spread over a large area which had blistered badly, so he needed to be plunged into the bacta tank for a short time. It would have been endurable, if all the men of the squadron hadn't come to the medcenter to make kissy lips on the glass of the bacta tank.

After the treatement, Hobbie had felt much better but restless since he was excused from reporting to work for a week. So when Sela told him that the adoption agency where she worked would be hosting an orphan's Life Day party, he offered to help. Specifically, they were having problems getting a Wookiee to come and distribute gifts. This was a modern interpretation of an old Wookiee cultural ritual, but in this post-Imperial period, people were eager to latch onto and adopt any festivity with a positive spin. Life Day was one such festivity.

But Chewbacca was not to be found; in fact, he had taken the Millennium Falcon back to Kashyyyk for his own clan's Life Day ceremony. This is how Hobbie ended up in a large and fuzzy costume playing "Saint Wook" for a bunch of orphans who had lined up to tell the Wookiee what they wanted for Life Day.

The costume was unventilated, hot, and tough to endure, but it was even tougher to endure the children of all shapes and sizes climbing onto his lap to whisper into his ear. He was still healing, after all ... but at least his grunts and howling were in character!

"Those growls and yelps — the kids really believed you were really a Wookiee!" Sela patted her husband's nakedness, "What an animal you were!"

"That wasn't completely acting," grumbled Hobbie. "I heal fast, but I still have that burn injury, you know."

"I know, Derek." Sela lay down beside her husband on their bed and sighed, perhaps in frustration. "And I appreciate the effort, I really do. My poor, tortured husband!"

"Okay, it wasn't that bad ... I've endured worse!" Hobbie felt grumpy at Sela's pity. "I'm not a total wuss!" To his surprise, she started giggling — she found it funny!

Now that she was laughing, she couldn't stop, her body shaking with the effort not do so out loud. "My poor delicate hubbywubby ... got burned by some nasty, mean caf and forced it to attack the silverware drawer instead! My poor, crippled darling sweetie, so brave, so strong ... Laid low by the evil hot caf pot ... thank the Force for his silverware sidekicks who so willingly played decoy!"

Hobbie had had enough. First, the squadron's teasing, and now his wife was revealing that she thought he was milking the accident a bit too much. Okay, maybe he was, but it upset him to be made fun of!

"... it attacked his man-parts, the source of his super powers, my poor baby ..." Sela wasn't stopping!

Hobbie's hand went up to her mouth and covered it completely to shut her up. He growled threateningly, "My man-parts, eh? I'll show you how well my super-powered man-parts do their job even when attacked by the evil hot caf pot!"

Little did the couple know that on this Life Day, they made a new life ...!

Not the End!

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