Hard Woman Rating: R

"Han, stop — the children ..."

"They're not home, Leia ... stop using that excuse, I swear you like being a hard woman ... unh ..."

"Ow, that hurts! I told you not to touch that!"

"Mmm, it feels so good, yes keep doing that, I'm close, oh ...!"

Leia Solo felt her husband orgasm into her. This act would normally not be considered unusual, but for Leia, it was a travesty of the love they'd once shared.

Early on, he'd been rough but considerate, making sure she enjoyed the act as much as he did. But nowadays, if there were rumors of her husband's dalliances with others, Leia welcomed them with relief. That would likely mean he would not be expecting sex from her, in any case.

Maybe it was the result of the pressures of her job, or the differences in her upbringing from that of Han's. As far as she knew, her stepfather Bail Organa had never bedded another woman after her mother had died. Leia considered that to be proper and normal.

Sex with Han had been a thrilling, forbidden thing when they were younger. But after the children had been born, things in the galaxy had simply gotten too intense to be so self-indulgent for sex. She still loved and honored him, but she wasn't excited by him any longer.

In truth, the thought of sex with anyone didn't seem potentially exciting. So, as Leia grew older, she put the desire for sex away, like the old-fashioned Alderaanian hair-do's she used to wear; at first she wore them so she could look older, then after to please the Alderaanian Forum of survivors. But she learned that it was a ridiculous thing to do as she actually did grow and look older.

Han had rolled over and started snoring. Why is it about orgasm for a man that acts as a soporific? In contrast, orgasm had always made Leia feel alive, almost vibrant. She could tackle huge tasks with the energy she felt; Han often accused her of sucking his strength out of her, just before he fell off to sleep.

Leia sighed, knowing that though she hadn't achieved her own orgasm, she was still going to be wide awake. She got up and waddled into the refresher, irritated that her joints were sore from so basic an activity as sex with her husband.

Other than Han's fluids, she had had no lubrication at all. It made sex painful. As she tried to wash some of the soreness away, she realized that menopause had left her unable to self-lubricate, and she grew miffed that Han wasn't more sensitive to this change. A caring man would at least make a discreet purchase before invading his wife's privacy, Leia sighed, as she turned on the radiant heaters to dry off.

She wondered about her mother, and wondered if she was really dead? Her memories of her mother seemed to indicate that the woman was sad and had died young. But now she wasn't sure now if those memories were of her real mother, or of Queen Breha, the woman who had adopted her.

If her mother was indeed dead, then she probably did die as a young woman and had never experience menopause. She wondered if that woman had loved Anakin Skywalker, the man who had become Darth Vader. Would she have loved him then? As she mulled it over, Leia wondered if Anakin had become a Sith lord because his wife had left him, somehow?

That probably means she did die, Leia wondered, as she fluffed her hair out with her fingers. The thought saddened her; Luke talked incessantly about finding out about their mother. Leia tried to convince him that Vader likely destroyed any information about her; a man who would destroy the galaxy would do so to compensate for some harrowing loss.

She often wondered about her father, and how he'd turned into that monster who had tortured her. Subsequently, Leia had learned that Anakin Skywalker had had a mother who adored him; he'd had a lover. Or perhaps Leia and Luke's mother had been raped by Vader and made to carry his children. Had she been imprisoned? Had she been murdered? Did she hate her babies?

Leia padded back to bed and looked down at the naked form of her sleeping husband, and felt an unexpected rush of affection for the cad. Okay, so he was sometimes an insensitive man, and he often said things he really didn't mean, and he occasionally created really stupid situations. He even tried to have sex with her when she didn't want it. But it wasn't rape, per se. It was just ... Han.

She leaned down to pull the duvet over him, knowing if she left him exposed, he'd suffer severe cramps in some large muscle in his legs in the morning. As she pulled the covers over him, she pressed her lips on his and whispered, "I love you, you nerfherder."

Han's subconscious chose to snort — twice — at her remark at that moment, making it sound like he was breathing, "I know."

Leia smirked. Still the same, after all these years.

She turned off the lights and joined him in their shared bed. Then she scooted over to press her body up against his back, her arm draped over the pot belly he was developing. Okay, she was tough, and it took a man like Han to make her realize she was a tough, hard woman.

Leia Solo smiled as she drifted off to a comfortable sleep.

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