Star Wars: Hapan Crown Jewels
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few weeks of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the sixth Star Wars story I have written, and is not a sequel to any of the others. It is sort of a prequel to Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Alema Rar Visits Hapes. I hope you read all of my stories anyway, and enjoy them. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

The Yuuzhan Vong War is over. The young Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Djo, has led her people through the war. The Hapan people's memories are short, however. Soon afterwards, their long-standing hatred of the Jedi rises to the surface again. The Queen exacerbates the situation by attempting to introduce unpopular policies, like equality for men and non-humans, to the Consortium.

However, the young Queen has realized at least some of her foolish mistakes, and wants to make amends. That's how Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Djo, Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, learned of the complete set of Hapan Crown Jewels.

It all started after the Queen made a public speech, and for the third time in a row, was met with boos, and widespread apathy. Her latest polls showed that she had a job approval rating of less than thirty-five percent! The unhappy Queen immediately called her most trusted advisors to a meeting, and then proceeded to keep us there for hours.

“I led them through the war!” the Queen shouted from the head of the table. “They would all be yorik-coral-implanted slaves, or dead if it wasn't for me!”

We all looked at each other in joined misery. How many times had we had to listen similar complaints? No ruler has ever been popular while trying to change a society. We gave her the same advice we had been giving her.

“Be less of a Jedi and outsider, and more Hapan.”

“Stop wearing that Dathomir lizard-hide and dress more like a Hapan Queen.”

“Don't try for immediate equality for men and non-humans, work on it in stages.”

The Ducha that gave last bit of advice got some hard looks from the rest of us. No intelligent Hapan woman really wants men to have equality. Give them equality and then they'd think they were as important as women!

This time though, the Queen seemed to seriously consider our advice. At least about being more of a Hapan.

Luckily, we knew of a way for the Queen to prove to her people that she had fully embraced the Hapan customs.

“Your Majesty, you could begin making public speeches wearing the Hapan Crown Jewels,” we explained to her. “That would greatly increase your popularity.” And as a bonus, convince you to drop those silly notions of equality for men.

After we explained to her that the crown she had been wearing was only part of the Crown Jewels, the Queen demanded to know why she hadn't been told about this by us, or her mother.

This part was tricky. Throughout the history of the Consortium, less than half of the Queen Mothers had worn the complete Crown Jewels. Most of the Queen Mothers only wore the crown itself. Of the half that did wear the complete set, most of them only wore it once or twice their entire reign.

Well, there were a few who seemed to appear in the Crown Jewels practically every week, but Tenel Ka Djo was a trained Jedi Knight, so we were sure she wouldn't be like that. Just a few public appearances would increase her popularity. Then perhaps once a year or so for a few years after that to remind her people how dedicated she is to the Hapan way of life.

The reason that the current Queen Mother hadn't been told about the Crown Jewels from her mother was simply that her mother hadn't been told about them herself. The elder Queen, a foreigner who married the Crown Prince Isolder, never showed any desire to embrace the Hapan culture, so was never informed of one of the Consortium's most important customs.

Since Tenel Ka was interested, we were happy to explain to her the significance of the Hapan Crown Jewels.

The Crown Jewels serve to remind all Hapans of first group of Humans that colonized the Hapes Cluster, the Lorell Raiders. The mostly male pirate group kidnapped women, kept them in shackles, and generally did dreadful things to them, at least at first. Eventually the kidnapped women and their captors formed a bond, and when the Jedi ambushed the Raiders and wiped them out, the women of Hapes formed their own government, led by themselves of course.

We happily escorted the Queen to the Royal vaults, where the Crown Jewels were kept. Of course she had been to the vaults a few times, but amongst all the other treasures of the Consortium, the Crown Jewels were easy to miss. In fact, they were in a display case, which was hidden in a stack of identical display cases.

As the Ducha responsible for the vaults, I of course knew exactly which display case. It took two of us to lift the heavy case. Together, we carefully pulled it out so the Queen could see the complete set of Hapan Crown Jewels for the first time.

* * * * *

“Hey, those are slave shackles!” Tenel Ka announced in puzzlement when she saw the supposed Crown Jewels.

“Well, not quite, Your Majesty,” Ducha Mai'ggi replied. “These are hand forged, from Mandalorian beskar ore,” she explained, wondering if she even knew what beskar was.

“What's belskar ore?” the Queen asked as she gazed at the gleaming, gem encrusted Crown Jewels.

Ducha Mai'ggi smiled slightly before responding. “Beskar,” she corrected her Queen politely. “It is only found on the planet Mandalore of course. However, the Mandalorians haven't exported it for several thousand years. The beskar you see before you was traded for by the Lorell Raiders. It is nearly as valuable as the larger rainbow gems in your crown, Your Majesty.”

Tenel Ka licked her lips as she kept gazing at the Crown Jewels. The attendants that accompanied her to the Royal vaults were her most trusted allies. She sensed that they all believed what they had told her of the Crown Jewels. The thought of wearing the shackles—Crown Jewels—was very arousing. As Queen Mother, she had so few opportunities to practice bondage. There was always one crisis or another, or an assassination attempt.

“Alright, I'll do it,” she announced after a few moments consideration.

The Queen could sense their anticipation as they carefully removed the shackles from the display case. She reminded herself to make sure that she called them 'Crown Jewels' and not shackles in public.

First, the ankle shackles, two seven-centimeter-wide, fifteen-millimeter-thick circles of beskar, went around her ankles, and over her thin boots. A forty-centimeter beskar chain connected them. Tenel Ka hadn't measured them to know their dimensions so precisely; one of her advisors had simply handed her a datacard when she asked about them.

Another chain ran from the center link of the ankle chain to a hinged belt that was locked around Tenel Ka's waist. The belt was also seven-centimeters wide, and fifteen millimeters thick. According to the datapad, there were a few different sized sections that could be added to the belt, to fit monarchs with curvier figures.

Attached to each side of the belt, right at the front of her hips, was a fifteen-centimeter chain, just long enough for the Queen to sign a Royal decree, or do other simple tasks. At the end of each chain was a beskar shackle, the same width and thickness as the ankle shackles and belt, for the Queen's wrists.

One of the Ducha gently took Tenel Ka's right hand and shut the shackle around her wrist. Her lightsaber was hanging just under the belt, within easy reach of her cuffed hand. Then the noblewomen noticed they had a small problem.

Tenel Ka had already realized the issue, but really didn't consider it a problem. Her lack of a left arm had become second nature to her long ago.

After some discussion, mostly centered around not wanting the high polished beskar to get damaged, they decided to close the empty shackle, and lock it to the belt. This would also keep the shackle from 'flopping around' as one Ducha put it, and look much neater on the Queen.

From the middle of the belt another chain went up to a beskar collar, the same width and thickness as the wrist and ankle shackles.

The Queen held her head high as one of her attendants lifted her hair out of the way. Then Lady Galney, one of her most trusted aides, locked the collar around her throat.

Tenel Ka felt more than a little aroused at being shackled, especially in front of her advisors. The beskar shackles were surprisingly light, considering their size. She took a few steps, to practice walking in the chains.

As her advisors watched, Tenel Ka shuffled around the room in the shackles. Several times they asked if she was ready for them to release her, and she declined. After nearly half-an-hour though, Tenel Ka relented, and allowed them to take the Crown Jewels off her.

“I want to wear them in public as soon as possible,” Tenel Ka informed the noblewomen as they carefully placed them back in the display case. She already missed the cold beskar around her neck and wrist.

“You'll need to wear them for a few days first, Your Majesty,” someone suggested. “To get used to walking and moving around while wearing them.”

Her other advisors all nodded their heads in agreement. Tenel Ka was just as enthusiastic about wearing them as they were. Then they told her that the actual Crown Jewels could only be worn the day of her public appearance, but there was a reproduction set that she could wear as much as she wanted.

* * * * *

The reproduction shackles, made of durasteel, weren't kept in the Royal vaults. While two of her attendants went off to fetch them, Tenel Ka and the rest went back to her throne room.

While she was waiting for the 'practice' shackles, Tenel Ka ordered her security detail increased, even though all of her advisors, backed up by the Hapan customs she had recently discovered, said that no one could harm the Queen Mother while she wore the Crown Jewels, or the reproduction set.

Before her two attendants arrived with the shackles, the others insisted that Tenel Ka change out of her Dathomir lizard-hide, and into something a little more 'Hapan.'

Reluctantly, Tenel Ka agreed. She dismissed all her attendants, except for Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam. While Tenel Ka peeled off her lizard-hide bodysuit, Lady Galney went into the Royal closet, and returned with some things that Tenel Ka had forgotten were there.

First were the tiny pink Selab moth-fiber panties, with a matching bra. Next came the pink stockings, and pink garter belt. When she had accepted the Hapan Crown, Tenel Ka had allowed them to dress her like this once. Then she had gone back to her favored lizard-hides.

After the stockings and garter belt were adjusted, Lady Galney produced a pair of strappy pink sandals with at least fifteen-centimeters of heel on them. It wasn't that Tenel Ka hadn't worn heels this high before, it was just that she hadn't worn stilettos this high before.

About this time the reproduction Crown Jewels arrived. It was common practice for Tenel Ka's closest advisors to see her naked, as they often helped her dress. Instead of allowing Ducha Mi'riam and Lady Galney to put her in the Selab moth-fiber dress that went with the underthings, Tenel Ka insisted on being locked in the shackles.

Tenel Ka hoped they didn't notice the wet spot on the front of her panties as they shackled her. Well, at least she mostly hoped they didn't. A small part of her hoped they did, which made her even hornier. Their smirks told Tenel Ka that they had noticed.

After Lady Galney closed the collar around the Queen's neck, they relaxed on her pouf couches while she practiced walking around her Royal Chambers in the shackles.

With the stiletto heels and ankle shackles, Tenel Ka was constricted to short, mincing steps. The practice shackles were made out of durasteel, which was heavier than beskar. It took Tenel Ka a few minutes to get used to the extra weight.

Her advisors kept commenting on how great, and Hapan, she looked in the shackles and fine undies. They also remarked several times that she seemed to be much happier in the silk and durasteel than in the lizard-hide. Tenel Ka was concentrating so much on the simple task of walking that she barely registered them.

After nearly twenty minutes, Tenel Ka decided that she had had enough for now. In reality, she thought she was getting a little too aroused by the shackles. Her advisors on the other hand, insisted that she needed much more practice before she could appear in public wearing the Crown Jewels.

Since she really didn't want to take off the shackles anyway, The Queen quickly agreed. She was confused when they unlocked the collar, wrist shackle and belt. Then they dressed her in a pink, loose-fitting dress that displayed plenty of cleavage, and came to a little below mid-thigh. Tenel Ka was still confused as they locked the shackles back on her.

Ducha Mi'riam happily informed the puzzled Queen that they were going to take her on a tour of the palace in her new chains. When Tenel Ka expressed her wariness at being seen in the shackles, Lady Galney explained to her that her entire staff would realize the significance of the shackles, and be extremely happy that she was embracing her Hapan heritage.

Just before they reached the open doorway, Ducha Mi'riam reached up and snapped a leash onto the Queen's collar. Tenel Ka barely had time to utter a protest before she felt a tug from the leash, and had to follow. Her other advisors kept her distracted by heaping praise on her for being so courageous and Hapan.

True to Lady Galney's word, Tenel Ka's bodyguards and palace staff were very enthusiastic about their Queen shuffling around wearing the shackles. Many complimented her on how great she looked. A couple of her male bodyguards punctuated their statements of appreciation with slaps on her ass, something she never would have tolerated before.

Today though, the slaps, and pinch, only served to arouse Tenel Ka even more. She tried to see if the wet spot on her panties had soaked through the front of her pink dress, but the durasteel collar wouldn't let her look down far enough.

Ducha Mi'riam kept up a brisk pace—at least to a certain shackled and high-heel-wearing Queen. Tenel Ka had to struggle just to keep from falling. The stairs were especially dangerous. Luckily her bodyguards were there to carry her, although she didn’t think they had to grab such intimate places.

Since she didn't have to shuffle along, Tenel Ka was able to finally take note of her surroundings. That's how she noticed exactly where they were going.

“Why are we going to the dungeon?” she asked, reaching to sense any danger through the Force. Around that point, she had also realized that she had left her lightsaber in her chambers, far away from where she was now.

“To tour them, of course!” Lady Galney exclaimed with glee.

“But I've already been to the dungeons,” Tenel Ka explained as they carried her down the stone stairway. Actually, she had visited several times but she didn't think they knew just how many.

“We promise, this time, it will be a completely new experience for you,” Lady Galney proclaimed as the reached the heavy durasteel doors of the dungeons.

First was the large, open shower room, with rough stone walls. It didn't look quite big enough for fifty newly-captured slaves, but there were that many sets of manacles hanging from the ceiling. Tenel Ka shivered as she imagined them room packed with naked, helpless slavegirls.

Her advisors explained how the freshly caught slaves were stripped naked, often by having their clothes cut right off them. Then the Lorell Raiders would leave them chained there, most of them on their tippy-toes, while they fondled and generally molested them helpless slaves.

It didn't matter who the women had been before they were captured. Whether they had been stow-aways or super-rich private yacht owners, they were all naked and shackled side-by-side.

Ducha Mi'riam told her that while the naked and nubile slaves where shackled in place, the Lorell Raiders also had to search them for contraband. “Of course, four thousand years ago they didn't have all the fancy scanners that we have today, they had to perform a more 'hands-on' search,” the Ducha said as she smirked at her shackled Queen.

Tenel Ka blushed as she imagined some poor slave hanging there in fear while some pirate shoved his fingers up her cunt.

“You hiding anything in there, Your Majesty?” one of her guards whispered into her ear as he lifted the already to short hem of her dress a few centimeters.

“No!” Tenel Ka replied in shock as she tried to slap his hand away.

Wisely though, he had approached her from her left side, and by the time her shackled right hand made it to the end of its chain, he had gotten out of the way. Intellectually, she knew that she could, and should, chastise him for the outrageous act, but emotionally, she didn't have it in her.

Her entire escort chuckled at his joke, and at her embarrassed reaction. Then Lady Galney pointed out the high-pressure hoses at the front of the room.

After they were thoroughly searched, each row of slaves would be hosed down by the Raiders. Of course, since they didn't really care about the slaves' comfort at this point, and didn't want to spend any credits they didn't have to, the water was icy-cold, straight from the spring, deep underneath the palace.

The refresher in the Royal chambers had six massaging shower heads. There were shelves loaded with fragrant soaps, bath oils, and skin conditioners, even if she rarely used them. She did enjoy the jacuzzi tub though. It was big enough for four, and quite relaxing after a hard workout, or long day. Tenel Ka shivered as she imagined being helplessly shackled in place while one of the high-pressure hoses shot icy-cold water at her.

The next stop on the tour was the holding cells. There were a hundred or so cells, each about two meters wide, and three long. A narrow stack of bunks, four high, were bolted to each side and the back wall. A raised platform in a front corner with a small hole in the center served as the refresher.

“Want to take a nap?” one of her advisors asked conspiratorially when she noticed Tenel Ka staring at the small bunks. “All the slaves had to sleep shackled, no reason our Queen can't too?” she added with a smile.

“And Your Majesty, I'll stay up all night to watch you—I mean to keep watch,” one of her guards offered with a leer.

Have they always been this perverted? Tenel Ka wondered, about her guards and advisors alike. “Maybe another time,” she said after a few moments of—half-serious—thought.

The next stop on the tour was the auction block, where the Raiders bid on the captured slaves that they didn't ransom. The actual auction block consisted of a duracrete platform about seventy centimeters high, three meters wide and two meters deep. A thick chain hung down from the ceiling, stopping a little over two meters from the platform.

Tenel Ka knew from previous visits that there were steps on either side of the block. Then, she had wondered why the steps were so shallow. Now, as she ascended them, Tenel Ka realized that they were built especially for slaves to walk up and down while shackled.

Only after Lady Galney and one of her bodyguards escorted her to the middle of the platform did Tenel Ka wonder why she let them get her up here at all. Usually when she was higher than everyone else in the room she was either giving a speech or sitting on her throne, both of which made her feel even more powerful and in control. Now she felt like she was on display—like a freshly captured slavegirl for sale!

Lady Galney explained how the slaves were guided over the large snap-hook in the middle of the duracrete, just where Tenel Ka was standing now. Her guard held her leash, silently keeping her in place. Lady Galney nodded towards Ducha Mi'riam, who was standing behind a control panel, and the hook snapped closed, catching Tenel Ka's ankle chain. With the high-heels on, she was barely able to lift her feet at all.

Lady Galney nodded to Ducha Mi'riam again, and the chain hanging from the ceiling began to descend. Then Tenel Ka saw her guard hand her leash to Lady Galney. The ceiling chain had a snap-hook on the end, which Lady Galney used to attach it to the leash. Another nod towards the Ducha, and Tenel Ka felt the chain, and her leash, being pulled back up.

When the chain stopped, it was taut, but not quite cutting off the Queen's air.

“Now, Your Majesty is ready to be auctioned off to the highest bidder,” Lady Galney said to Tenel Ka, and the others. Before the Queen could respond, she added, “Of course, the Queen should really be naked before she is auctioned off.”

Now Tenel Ka blushed. Then to her horror, Lady Galney produced a small vibroshiv.

“How about it, Your Majesty? I'll cut that cute little dress off you, and we'll see which one of your guards is willing to pay the most for his Queen?” Lady Galney asked as she thumbed the blade on.

Tenel Ka couldn't believe how turned on she was by all this. In an abstract way, the thought of being stripped and auctioned off made her positively drip with arousal. Lady Galney standing there with the vibroshiv made it even worse!

Tenel Ka knew that unlike the tight, tough lizard-hide she usually wore, the thin moth-fiber dress would shred at the slightest contact with the blade. Would she really strip her Queen naked in front of the Royal guardsmen?

“No-No way,” Tenel Ka replied, trying to hide how aroused she was.

“Well, I guess it's back to the Royal chambers then,” Lady Galney said, smiling as she shut off the vibroshiv and tucked it back into her belt. The guards, on the other hand, were obviously disappointed.

They all wanted to help the Queen down from the auction block. Of course they all couldn't help at the same time, even if they tried to. Tenel Ka had to bite her lip when one of their fingers slipped into her wet snatch. Her attendants were no help, they just snickered as the guards groped and molested her while she squirmed in her shackles and chains.

* * * * *

The group finally made it back to the Royal chambers. The guards continued to make up for not seeing their Queen naked on the auction block by repeatedly finding opportunities to grab or slap various parts of her during the entire trip. She knew that she could have stopped them with a forceful word or two—or the Force—any time, but didn't trust herself to open her mouth without moaning in pleasure.

Tenel Ka sighed in relief as her last guard filed out of her chambers. Still, she vaguely wondered what it would have been like to have been stripped naked and auctioned off to them. Or if they would have carried her to their barracks for the night. She was still clenching her legs together from the excitement.

Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam lounged on Tenel Ka's pouf couches while she spent the next half-hour or so walking around her chambers in the shackles. They even challenged their Queen to see how fast she could run in them—which even for a Jedi, wasn't very fast at all.

Eventually Tenel Ka's feet began aching in the high heels, so she plopped down on her couch next to Lady Galney. Her two attendants kept telling her how great she looked in the dress and shackles, and how much everyone would love her when she appeared wearing the Crown Jewels.

Tenel Ka didn't mind wearing the shackles at all. In fact, she was listening to Ducha Mi'riam and Lady Galney so she wouldn't have to take the durasteel off just yet. When Tenel Ka finally asked them to take the shackles off her so she could go to bed, the two exchanged a glance, then Ducha Mi'riam asked if she wanted to wear them to bed, to really get used to them.

Only the thought of them realizing just how much she liked the shackles kept Tenel Ka from happily shouting “Yes!” in reply. Instead she pretended to hesitate a few moments, then with an air of reluctance, replied, “Well, if you think it will help.”

The two noblewomen wasted no time in getting the shackles and pink dress off their Queen. Ducha Mi'riam even accompanied her into the 'fresher, and helped Tenel Ka get ready for bed. Tenel Ka was a bit annoyed by that—she had hoped to spend a few extra minutes trying to calm down from being aroused all day. Once they came out of the 'fresher, and back into the main room, Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam helped Tenel Ka into her bed clothes.

Usually Tenel Ka slept in a simple pair of lizard-hide panties. Tonight she wore a fresh pair of Selab moth-fiber panties, in lavender. Over that was a matching diaphanous baby doll nightie. The baby doll was held in place with string just underneath her breasts; it was split from just below the string, all the way to the hem, which barely came past the panties.

The reason for the open nightie was quickly obvious. Ducha Mi'riam lifted the nightie out of the way so she could wrap the durasteel belt around the Queen's waist. After that the two noblewomen fitted their Queen with the rest of the shackles, and helped her climb into bed.

Once she was settled in comfortably, Lady Galney picked up the leash and locked it onto the D-ring at the front of Tenel Ka's collar. Then she quickly locked the other end to the Queen's bedpost.

“We'll be back in the morning to get you up, Your Majesty,” Ducha Mi'riam told her.

Tenel Ka looked at the leash locked to her bedpost, wondering if she could unlock it with the Force.

“And we'll make sure the guards know not to disturb you while you're shackled, either, Your Majesty,” Lady Galney added with a smile as the two backed towards the door.

“Hey! Why did you chain me to the bed?” Tenel Ka asked before they made it out of her chambers.

The two noblewomen exchanged a glance, then Ducha Mi'riam answered, “It's part of the tradition, Your Majesty.”

The Jedi sensed that even though Ducha Mi'riam wasn't quite telling the truth, there wasn't any danger in her being chained to the bed. She also didn't sense any danger from either of her attendants, or from anywhere else. “Oh, okay then. You can go,” she replied politely, now wanting to be alone.

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Lady Galney replied as the two turned and walked out of the Royal chambers.

Tenel Ka was surprised how easy it was to get comfortable in the shackles. Sure, the soft, warm bed helped. Tenel Ka imagined trying to sleep on the cold hard bunks in the dungeon. It's nice to be the Queen, she thought as she brushed a finger over her still moist labia. As tired as she was from walking most of the day in the heavy shackles, Tenel Ka had to masturbate before she went to bed.

As a young Hapan princess, there was always a throng of gorgeous hunks vying for Tenel Ka's attention. Of course, her parents tried to keep them all away from their only daughter, but still, Tenel Ka didn't have to masturbate very often. When she finally accepted the crown, she was able to pick her lovers as she pleased, including that sexy piece of man meat, Jacen Solo.

Still, every now and then, Tenel Ka had to take care of herself. She had a nice little vibrator in the drawer of her nightstand, less then arms length away. At least it would be if her wrist wasn't shackled to her waist.

Luckily for Tenel Ka, besides being the Queen, she was also a Jedi.

After a couple of deft Force maneuvers, Tenel Ka had her favorite vibrator in her shackled hand. The tiny moth-fiber panties didn't get in the way at all.

Usually Tenel Ka washed herself and her toy off in the 'fresher. Since she was securely shackled, tonight she had to lick the vibrator clean. That proved to be a little difficult with short chain between her waist and wrist, but she managed. Have to do a better job in the morning, Tenel Ka thought as she pushed the vibrator underneath her pillow. Satisfied, the Hapan Queen drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

Tenel Ka awoke the next morning to the sound of her door chime. Reaching out with the Force, she sensed Ducha Mi'riam and Lady Galney waiting outside her chambers.

“Come in,” Tenel Ka called before she was fully awake.

“Good morning, Your Majesty,” Ducha Mi'riam said as the two walked in.

Still groggy, Tenel Ka tried to throw her blanket off her. The heavy durasteel shackle on her wrist stopped the motion short.

With the Force Tenel Ka was awake in an instant. The startled Jedi started to sit up, only to be jerked back down by the leash running from the bedpost to the collar around her neck.

“Kriff!” Tenel Ka yelled in pain as she dropped back to the bed.

“Are you okay, Your Majesty?” a concerned Lady Galney asked, as the two noblewomen rushed to her side.

“Fine,” Tenel Ka replied, annoyed with herself.

Lady Galney quickly unlocked the leash from the bedpost, while Ducha Mi'riam pulled the bed covers off the Queen.

“What’s this?” Ducha Mi'riam asked as she picked up the vibrator sticking out from underneath the pillow.

“Hey!” Tenel Ka said as she reached out to snatch the vibrator from Mi'riam's hand. Once again the chain running from her belt to her wrist shackle stopped her short. “Give me that!” she shouted as the two noblewomen giggled.

“If you needed some companionship, Your Majesty, we could have had one of your guards in to take care of you,” Lady Galney said as she held the Queen's leash.

Tenel Ka blushed with embarrassment. She had always kept her masturbation habits secret, even from her closest advisors.

“Or maybe more than one, Your Majesty,” Ducha Mi'riam added with a smile as she held the black vibrator up.

“Give it to me,” Tenel Ka asked, a note of pleading in her voice.

“Of course, Your Majesty. I'd be happy to give it to you,” Ducha Mi'riam replied. Then she glanced at Lady Galney, and added, “Open wide,” as she dodged the Queen's restrained hand and pushed the vibrator towards her pussy.

Tenel Ka deftly twisted aside as she used the Force to snatch the vibrator out of her hand.

“Cheater,” Ducha Mi'riam said playfully as Tenel Ka gripped the vibrator.

“Now unlock me, so I can go to the refresher,” Tenel Ka instructed them.

The two noblewomen promptly released their Queen, and Tenel Ka headed to the 'fresher.

When Tenel Ka came back into the room, Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam were sitting calmly on the couch. Both smiled slightly when they saw their Queen. Tenel Ka was pretty sure what they were happy about. In the 'fresher, she had stripped off her nightie, and now she was standing before them wearing only the moth-fiber panties.

“So, what should I wear today, Ladies?” Tenel Ka asked them as she posed with her hand on her hip.

Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam wasted no time in getting their Queen into another skimpy moth-fiber dress. First came the half-cup bra, tiny panties, garter-belt and stockings, all in white. Then a bright white moth-fiber dress. Another pair of white platform sandals, with fifteen-centimeter heels, went on her feet. Once the Queen's hair and makeup was complete, the two noblewomen locked the shackles back onto Tenel Ka's limbs.

“Any plans today, Your Majesty?” Lady Galney asked, once Tenel Ka was secure.

“Possibly,” the Queen replied mysteriously.

The Queen, along with her advisors and guards, spent most of the day in the dungeons. Since Tenel Ka had another mid-morning meeting scheduled, a conference table was set up in the slave processing room. Some of the Queen's advisors hadn't seen her in the practice shackles yet. They all applauded her as she shuffled in, and told her how wonderful what she was doing was, as well as how great she looked in the shackles. Once the Queen was comfortably seated, she called the meeting to order. Then the group spent nearly the next two hours discussing the state of the Consortium.

Tenel Ka was surprised at how smoothly the meeting went. They covered more business in one two-hour session than they had in the previous three. Usually her advisors all presented their own ideas and plans, and Tenel Ka had to decide which plan, or combination of plans was best. Then she would have to end their debates, and impose a decision, often leaving her advisors quite upset. This time though, all of her advisors seemed a lot more relaxed and happy during the meeting, and with the results.

That night, no one even asked Tenel Ka if she would be wearing the shackles to bed again. After all, tomorrow was the big day!

The next morning Lady Galney and Ducha Mi'riam woke the Queen up early, to prepare her for her first official appearance in the complete Hapan Crown Jewels. Several hours later, they were ready. Tenel Ka was wearing the most ornate Royal dress, including her Crown.

Carefully, Duchas Mi'riam and Mai'ggi locked the complete set of Crown Jewels onto their Queen. After nearly two straight days wearing the heavier practice shackles, Tenel Ka was surprised at how light the beskar cuffs felt on her limbs. Once the final preparations were made to Tenel Ka, and the last minute details that pop up with any Royal appearance were handled, Lady Galney announced that they were ready.

Nervously, Tenel Ka shuffled into the auditorium. As soon as the spotlights found her the crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

The crowd cheered their Queen for several minutes, then Tenel Ka gave a few words. The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than five or six minutes.

“That was great!” Tenel Ka exclaimed once she was surrounded by her advisors, and out of the public eye. “I can't believe how much everyone loved me!” she added.

“Yes Your Majesty, we knew they would, but not this much,” Lady Galney replied excitedly as they escorted her back to the Royal chambers.

Tenel Ka spent the next several days wearing the practice shackles. Five days after her first public appearance in the complete Hapan Crown Jewels, she made another one, once again to much celebration.

After the Queen's second public appearance, her advisors suggested that she could probably cut back on wearing the practice shackles all the time. Maybe just wear them a few hours a day or something like that. The Queen politely declined, without giving a reason.

During the next few weeks, Tenel Ka also began spending a lot of time in the dungeons. Of course, that meant her advisors and guards had to spend a lot of time there as well. The guards didn't mind at all. Their uniforms kept them warm in the cool dungeons, and we could see the gleam in their eyes as they watched their Queen shuffle around in her shackles.

Nearly a month after her first appearance, the Queen donned the complete set of Hapan Crown Jewels once again. This time we had a surprise ready for her.

Since Tenel Ka had lost her left arm above the elbow, and refused to have an artificial replacement, we had been locking the loose wrist cuff to the belt of the Crown Jewels. That left the stump of her left arm free, which detracted from the appearance of the Queen Mother, and the Crown Jewels.

So this time as we locked the Crown Jewels onto her, there were upper arm shackles for the Queen's biceps. The additions were each attached to the rest of the Crown Jewels by a chain underneath her breasts and locked to the chain going from her collar to her belt. Another chain went around her back, pulling her arms tight against her sides.

We were surprised how much the Queen liked her new shackles, even when we informed her that they were made of a highly polished durasteel alloy, and not beskar, like the rest of the Crown Jewels.

The Hapan people loved the updated Crown Jewels. They loved how the Queen looked wearing them too. Of course Tenel Ka insisted that the practice shackles have the new bicep cuffs as well.

Meetings in the dungeons were a common occurrence now. Within a few days of adding the bicep cuffs, we had to install a computer terminal in her dungeon cell for Tenel Ka. Seems Her Majesty didn't want to waste half-an-hour shuffling to her quarters just to check the Royal email. Soon after that most of the Queen's advisors stopped going to the dungeons except for the meetings.

We all expected the Queen to quickly grow bored, and either start summoning us back down there, or start coming back into the palace proper. Neither happened. Ducha Mi'riam and Lady Galney stopped by to check on her every evening, but otherwise left her in the care of the Royal Guards. Somehow though, none of the female guards were ever assigned to dungeon duty.

With a computer terminal in her cell, the Queen hardly ever left the dungeons. She even took to showering in the slave processing area, while her Guards happily looked on.

Of course by this time rumors were rampant around the Queen's court. Most of us still admired her dedication to the Hapan culture, but we still wondered why she insisted on living in the dungeons. Strangely though, Tenel Ka was as commanding as ever during the meetings, whether the subject was the deployment of the Battle Dragon fleet, or the selection of artwork for the palace.

Not long after the computer terminal was installed in the dungeons, we noticed that the Queen started being very careful when she sat down for the meetings.

“Are you okay, Your Majesty?” several of us asked with concern.

Tenel Ka glanced at the guard that had brought her to the meeting, then replied embarrassingly, “I'm fine, just a little sore is all.”

We all exchanged puzzled glances. We had a pretty good idea how the Queen's bottom got to be sore. Oh well, she wasn't the first Queen Mother to have a little fun with the Royal Guardsmen. When the meeting was over, the guard did pull the Queen's leash a little harshly though.

By the end of the week Ducha Mi'riam had the Queen's servants put dust covers on all her furniture and close the Royal quarters, since Tenel Ka wasn't using them anymore. The same was done for the Queen's Royal gym, dining room and other areas reserved for the Queen Mother.

Nearly a month passed without the Queen leaving the dungeons. The only thing she wore to the meetings was a tiny gray shift, with nothing but strings tying the sides together. It looked like something that could easily be taken off the Queen while she was still shackled.

Finally it all came to an end. One night we all went to sleep knowing that the Queen Mother was securely shackled and safely locked away in the Royal dungeons. The next morning we awoke to the news that Duchas Mai'ggi and Lei'ssa had been killed during an attempt on the Queen Mother's life.

Apparently Tenel Ka had convinced them of her vulnerability by being shackled all the time. The two noblewomen, along with a couple dozen of their loyal guards, stormed the dungeons in a coup attempt.

Instead of a shackled and helpless Queen Mother, they found a Jedi Knight waiting for them. There were also quite a few more Royal guardsmen fighting alongside the Queen than the Duchas had expected.

That day the Queen Mother made another appearance in the complete Hapan Crown Jewels. As we were preparing her, Lady Galney asked Tenel Ka how she knew about Duchas Mai'ggi and Lei'ssa's coup attempt.

“Let's just say that I suspected that something was going on. Of course, if I knew exactly who was involved, I wouldn't have let it go that far,” she replied after a few moments' consideration.

Lady Galney glanced at several of us, then said, “Forgive me, Your Majesty, we thought you were spending your nights in the dungeons shackled and. . . amusing yourself with your guards.”

“That's what I wanted everyone to think,” Tenel Ka said. The she grinned evilly and added, “Although I managed to find some time for that, as well.”

We all laughed at the Queen's wit, and continued the preparations for her official appearance. A few minutes later, as I was locking the collar of the Crown Jewels around her neck, I almost asked her if she knew that it was believed that beskar couldn't even be cut by a lightsaber. As the collar clicked shut I decided not to bring it up. Knowledge is power, after all.

To our disappointment, after the Queen's appearance that day she started dressing in her Dathomir lizard-hide again.

This time Tenel Ka did add a few new items to her wardrobe though. For one, the height of her heels got higher, up to eight to fifteen centimeters on most of her footwear. Another thing was that the Queen still wore the Selab moth-fiber underthings that we had encouraged her to wear for her appearances. Of course most Hapans didn't know this, only her closest advisors, and the servants that did the Royal laundry.

The most noticeable change in the Queen's wardrobe was the gleaming durasteel jewelry that she started wearing. Ten centimeter wide bands were always present around her upper arms. On her wrist she started wearing some combination of a wide durasteel cuff and bangle bracelets. As the Queen only had one hand, we had to assist her in decorating her wrist on a daily basis.

The Queen would also wear durasteel cuffs around her ankles, almost always hidden by her pants legs or the hem of her dress. While in the palace, and occasionally outside of it, she would also wear a gleaming silver durasteel collar locked around her throat. Soon the Queen's jewelry was in several colors, to match any outfit.

Traditionally, the Queen Mother was a trend-setter fashion-wise in the Consortium. Even before her worries about her image, a small minority of Hapans had started to wear some lizard-hide style clothes. After her appearances in the complete set of Hapan Crown Jewels, Tenel Ka was much more popular as a Queen Mother, and hence, much more of a trend-setter.

Faux lizard-hide became all the rage in the Consortium. Most Hapan women caught on to the fact that the Queen's taste in Jewelry was inspired by the Crown Jewels, but gleaming durasteel cuffs, bracelets and collars became popular as well.

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