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Anakin Solo couldn't help it — he knew it was rude to stare, but how could a man keep his eyes off a beautiful woman? And not only was she gorgeous, but she was the source of so much erotic pleasure and the object of too many fantasies.

He'd been a virgin when his aunt Mara first showed him how — and for what — his libido should be used. That very first time was truly amazing, and he was ready to pledge fidelity to her forever as his orgasm blurred out of him!

But she scolded him and said no. She made him promise to seek out other women and learn properly how to please all of them.

In the past year, Anakin obeyed and did as Mara had ordered. There were girls around his own age, there were women closer to his mother's experience, and some aliens, too — but none came close to his first sex with another being. And he was not ashamed to tell this to his aunt, if only she would listen!

"That's depressing, Solo," Mara had first replied upon his confession. Her lips were curled into a bemused smirk. "So you're saying after the first time I let you fuck me, it never got any better? So the one time I fucked you, that was the end and pinnacle of your sexual life?" To his chagrin, she would repeat this admonishment every time he got too close to her ...

He'd flushed red when she responded the first time — but this time, he didn't avert his eyes. Instead, he tried very hard to strike what he thought was a smoldering look of lust at his uncle's wife.

Anakin felt his hormones surge hard when she laughed. And his testicles tightened painfully as he observed the way she tossed back her head ... the way her throat curved smoothly into her shoulder ... the way her large, mature breasts moved with the most casual of shrugs ...

Mara Jade was the most erotic and sensual creature Anakin had ever known. He'd only had her once, but it wasn't for lack of interest or for trying again! Every time he tried to come back for more, she slipped away, leaving him engorged with frustration!

Not this time! Today, Anakin had promised himself that she wouldn't get away this time! And to make sure she understood the intensity of his resolve, he stood before her completely naked ...

Mara Jade Skywalker, of course, was in complete control of her life, and she never did anything she didn't want to. This afternoon, however, she decided that she wanted to feel her nephew's youthful vigor, to see what he'd learned since she rode him to orgasm that first time a year ago. She had nowhere to be, and her husband was away.

She stood up and pulled off the bodysuit she wore, teasing him by undoing the fastenings and revealing herself from the outside — first an arm, then a calf, then her shoulder — as she worked toward the core of her body. He stood, wide-eyed and mesmerized, his mouth agape and dry, until she removed all of her clothing.

She stretched her arms upwards, which had the effect of pulling her body into smooth curves and tucks, and winked at him coquettishly. He kept his eyes on her face as he approached her, afraid to be too eager, and he certainly didn't want her to tease him then disappear from his reach. Not this time, not this time!

Mara didn't move away this time, and she let him bury his face into that amazing curve of her throat, let him grab her hips — still slim, framing a smooth belly despite recently having birthed a child. One hand roughly grabbed her breast, hard enough to make her gasp. She moaned as she entangled her fingers into his hair, encouraging him to explore ...

His rigid, leaking penis touched the side of her thigh as he tried to draw her even closer. He started to panic as he felt the pressure of his ejaculate threaten to surge out!

Quickly, he shoved her down hard onto the bed. Mara's body bounced and her limbs splayed out in an instinctive attempt to stabilize her position. He took advantage of her sudden openness so he could thrust himself into her in one move ... he wanted to feel her wrapped around his penis before he orgasmed!

"Ngh!" Mara grunted as Anakin pushed into her, "The wrong hol—"

"Argh ... too tight! Oh ..." Anakin felt like he was going to pass out! He'd never felt such excruciating hurt, ever before! He tried to pull his penis out of his aunt's anus but the pain of that motion was greater than keeping as still as possible. He saw stars as his frustrated ejaculate was choked back by the sharp interruption.

In response to the unexpected sensation, his orgasm subsided quickly and his penis started to soften. He heard Mara panting beneath him, "You idiot! You want to fuck anyone in the ass, you make sure he or she is lubricated!"

Gingerly, he pulled himself off the bed and tugged his penis out of her nethers before standing up. The bloodrush to his head made him dizzy and tried not to gasp as his cockhead proved to be overly tender. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I missed ..."

"Skywalker, if you want to fuck a girl up the ass, you have some obligations and preparations — that hole is not really originally meant for fucking." Mara had rolled her knees together. "And you don't have to jump in and start banging her, either ... what's the matter with starting with a kiss, boy?"

Anakin found himself mesmerized by her nonchalance, but something was wrong with what she'd just said. "Um ... did you call me by Uncle Luke's name?" He found himself wondering if his uncle enjoyed his aunt this way?

She looked up at him, a smirk on her face. "Ha! ALL you Skywalkers are the same ... must be genetic. None of you do this properly the first time!"

Anakin flushed, "Oh! Uncle Luke didn't know how? But he was lots older than me when you two met ..."

Mara shifted around on the bed in a more comfortable position, flinging back her hair as she rolled over and propped her head up on her upturned arm. "His father didn't know, either."

Anakin's brain froze in shock. It took him a little while to process this information and he finally managed to stammer out, "You ... you fucked my ..."

Mara smirked again. "Yes, I fucked your grandfather, though he was a machine by the time I was with him. I fucked some prosthesis he controlled, but I'd say that qualifies as fucking if he put it into me and otherwise participated, eh? He did enjoy it."

Anakin was surprised to discover his erection was returning at the thought of his aunt being probed by some fucking-machine. "What was it like to ... I mean, he wasn't a man anymore, right? Um, I mean, technically, uh ..."

Mara reached over to pull on Anakin's hardened penis and dangling testicles, forcing him to fall forward onto the bed beside his aunt. She pulled his head down onto the crook of her arm, so his face was right up against her breasts. He didn't resist in the least; in fact, he let out a little moan as he settled against her.

Since he was right next to her now, she whispered softly into his ear, "Since you don't seem to have realized it yet, I'll tell you." The effect of her murmuring in his ear was intoxicating, especially when paired with his face nuzzling into the furrow between her breasts.

Mara continued, "Sex is not just something done for pleasure. It's usually, in fact, done to display power. Darth Vader was all machine, and he raped prisoners and underlings as a matter of course. He got complete mental pleasure from sex, since he couldn't derive physical sensation from it. I'll even bet he fucked your mother while she was on the first Death Star."

"But ... she's his daughter!" Anakin's muffled voice still managed to convey his repulsion at this possibility.

"And you're my nephew, albeit via marriage to your uncle," shrugged Mara. "Cut the old bastard a break, he didn't know Leia was his daughter. Even Luke says he didn't think Vader knew exactly who his daughter was when he died. Your grandfather died simply knowing that he had one."

Anakin remembered a conversation he'd had with his own father years ago, about how the oppression in the galaxy had torn up families, and how he had no idea who his own mother was. So, even now ... if one fell in love, there might be no way of knowing that you were having sex with a close relative?

He frowned, thinking that he was lying on this bed naked, pressed up against this gorgeous older woman because she is related to him. Would he be here smothering in her glorious breasts if this woman had not been married to his uncle? Mara would likely have never looked twice at the young boy, otherwise. In this situation, I'm taking advantage of her closeness to me ... He pressed himself even more closely to his aunt's body.

He felt his hair being pulled and let her lift his face out of her breasts. He was greeted by Mara's half-lidded green eyes, looking him over rather lazily. "I believe I told you to kiss my butt, boy."

She pulled his head downward so it was level with her hip before she let go. She rolled over and he gasped as she pulled one of her buttocks outward so her anus was exposed to him. This was a bit more than he knew how to deal with!

"Don't be shy, Skywalker," Mara smiled at him, enjoying the confusing effect of using his grandfather's surname, "you just had your dick in there ... here, I'll suck on you to show you it's all right ..."

Mara pushed the boy onto his back, then crawled slowly over him. He watched parts of her body passed over his vision as she settled upside down relative to him. Without using her hands, she applied a mouth-hug to Anakin's member. He groaned loudly.

In young Anakin's experience, very few women liked performing oral sex, and even if they did like it, he doubted any would do as wonderful a job sucking his dick as his aunt was doing to him right this very moment! He thought he saw bright lights, like when his father's freighter, the Millennium Falcon, prepared to jump into hyperspace. He breathed in deeply, smelled her scent and grew dizzy. Anakin had to grab onto his aunt's leg to keep from tumbling off the bed, and she shifted her legs and hips in response.

He found his head lying on one of her thighs, facing directly into her crotch. The smell was heady and rich and he groaned again as his senses were completely filled by her aroma and the humidity of her excitement.

Electric prickles were running through him, emanating from his aunt's mouth and tongue, moving into his groin and running upward to his head. He found himself wanting to put his mouth onto his aunt's vagina, which he discovered was hairless ... That's so sexy!

And it was very much like kissing his aunt's lips — the ones on her face — but much wetter and muskier. He felt (rather than heard) his aunt groan without taking her mouth off his penis. The vibration made him twitch and he reciprocated by putting his tongue directly into her. He felt his member throbbing painfully when she shifted her legs higher and rotated her pelvis, forcing his mouth level with her anus ...

He felt Mara tense as he continued his kissing and licking "around the world," and found himself shivering when she started applying finger pressure to his anus. It felt amazing!

But when she put the tip of her index finger into her nephew's sphincter, he howled! He couldn't keep oral contact with her nethers, but his brain was on overload. His ability to think about what she wanted him to do was totally nonexistent. He was panting and crying and screaming as her finger moved deeper into him — in, then out — "Don't - don't - stop - argh!"

"I'm not stopping, Anakin, don't worry," Mara cooed seductively.

"Stop! Oh! Oh! Ow! Don't!" Anakin's brain was trying so hard to process the erotic pain he was suffering that all he could do was gibber.

He had thought he was seeing stars when she had been sucking on him. As two of her slim, strong fingers pushed fully into him, the sensations took away his vision so that all he could see was just bright, non-stop explosions behind his eyelids. He hated it! Hated it!

At first ...

Don't stop ... oh my ... augh!!!

When he became sensible again, his aunt was in the refresher. He was panting and sweaty and his breathing was coming out in wheezes. Mara must have heard him regain consciousness and came out of the room, still naked. "That was a heck of a mess you made, boy. Drink this."

Anakin felt his anus throbbing and his mouth was dry. He took the bottle of liquid she offered him and gulped it down quickly.

"How'd that feel?" Mara took the bottle from him and replaced it with another.

"I ... Aunt Mara ... I thought ..." Anakin was tense in his confusion. He clutched the water bottle in his hand. "Aunt Mara ... am I ... gay?

Mara Jade stretched out on the bed next to her nephew, conscious of the eyes staring intensely over her form. Interesting, his eyes are just like his father's ...

"You know, your father went through the same confusion."

Anakin groaned again, too exhausted to be shocked this time. "Don't tell me ... you slept with my father??"

"Mmmm," replied Mara, "he's pretty good, too!"

The young man couldn't think of anything to say in response.

"Hey, you owe me at least a reach-around, Skywalker." Mara raised her legs up and open. "That's the rule."

He smiled wanly, "I know ... I'm glad. I was afraid you'd think I was gay."

Mara shrugged, "And if you were, you think that absolves you from fucking me?"

Anakin grinned lopsidedly, "Oh, I intend too ... it seems to be a Skywalker family tradition to fuck Mara Jade! Wouldn't want to be left out."

Whatever Mara had given to him to drink, it restored his energy. He was so relieved and excited that she still wanted him to fuck her, but he told himself to be cool. So, he forced himself to crawl slowly over to her and he slipped his penis — carefully, this time — into her warm, wet vagina.

Mara sighed as her nephew entered her. "Mmm ... ooh yes, harder ... yes, Skywalker ... fuck me like you mean it!"

The two grunted like rutting animals for quite a long while. Since Anakin had orgasmed not long ago, he had more control this time. "You like feeling your young nephew, don't you Aunt Mara? Tell me I'm the best Skywalker you've ever had!"

She giggled at his demand, "Oh, I don't know ... I haven't had the whole family in me ... will have to work on Jacen next, don't you think? And let's not forget Jaina ..."

Anakin frowned and pushed himself into her hard enough to make her gasp. "I'll be more than enough for you, Aunt Mara! You don't need to notch another Skywalker or Solo onto your bedpost!"

She giggled again at his display of jealousy. She pulled her hips up and spread her legs outward and down so her toes touched the bed. The inverted position forced Anakin to raise his body erect, which made his penis bend downward to stay within her. It felt really different and he loved watching his penis move almost vertically into her, even though it was a bit painful.

She gasped between strokes as he started fucking her harder and faster. "This is called the pile-driving position ... now, show me why I shouldn't have Jacen in my bed instead ..."

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