Empire Supremacy Building Report Rating: PG
Diana, PlazaQueen

The Empire Supremacy Building remains a symbol of the capitol Imperial City at its best. Its duracrete, transparasteel, and ferrocrete exterior reflects the sunlight as it washes over the busy coruscate skyline at sunset. Its gleaming radio tower soars 1,453 kilometers into the night. The stylish Nabooan Deco lobby with its bas relief picture of the one and only Emperor Palpatine in bronzium, silvern, and aurusta metal radiates history and high style. Gazing over the retaining wall on the observation deck showcases a view like no other.

The shops shower the visitors to the building with miniature models cast in many materials ranging from cheap plasteen to rare Alderaanite and Corusca stone, t-shirts emblazoned with I "heart" IC and a silhouette of the building, plasteen picture frames to flaunt the cherished memories, and snow globes with the ultimate icon of the Empire's rule in glittering snow-capped glory — Darth Vader himself!

The elevators are tastefully decked out in emerald green marble and echo the elegance of the building. The various myths surrounding the building with a cloud of controversy fail to tarnish the building's spotless reputation. This edifice may not survive forever, but its legacy will continue to live on in the people and life of the Empire!

Princess Leia Organa, heir to the rule of Alderaan, submitted her field report to the Imperial Senatorial Junior Legislature, hoping to be chosen for one of the few internship positions at the Galactic Senate. She was only 11 years old, but her father, Bail Organa, insisted that she fulfil her legacy.

He often spoke to her of her legacy, and Leia always felt his unease when he did ... as if he wanted to tell her more, but something was keeping him. Why did he feel this way?

Perhaps if I get an internship position, he'll be able to tell me. He wants me to be grown-up. Leia was a bit embarrassed as she thought this, thinking of the latest prank she had pulled on her Aunt Celly, who was Leia's social tutor. Celly had burst into Leia's suite as the girl had climbed out the window to mount the back of a urusai, a flying wide-winged dactyl!

She thought she heard her Aunt shrieking for someone named Padmé; she'd do that now and again when she was surprised by something Leia was doing (or not doing). Her father had explained that Leia was not to repeat the name, for it was the name of a dead child. Leia understood this to mean it had been Celly's child, who must have died years ago.

Maybe even before the Clone Wars. Leia wondered how old the biddy could be?

Anyway, the datafile had been transferred, and Leia had received a receipt directly from the Imperial Senate. She was surprised at how excited she'd felt as she inspected the time-stamped document, which showed she'd gotten the report into the database on time!

She skipped down the hallway to her father's office, datapad in hand. She was leaping and dancing and waving the electronic device in the air in clumsy loops, and so she didn't see her Aunt coming the other way till she was lying flat on her bottom, looking up at the elderly spinster.

"Padm ...! Leia! Why can't you ever watch where you are going?? And look at what you did with the datapad!" Aunt Celly was distraught, as usual. Especially when I'm on my butt looking up at her, Leia sighed, wondering how she was to get out of this one.

Fortunately, a door down the corridor opened with a hydraulic hiss, and Leia's father stuck his head out. "Celly? What's going on? Leia ...?"

The young girl sprung up, "I was on my way to show you, and I bumped into Celly, and I think we hurt the datapad!" She was on her knees, her arms wrapped around her father's leg, big brown eye looking up and imploring for help in this situation. She had practiced this pose, because it was the one that would success most often in gaining her father's sympathies when she was in a bind.

Bail Organa's eyes went from surprised, to lightly disturbed. He pried his daughter's grip from his leg, and he exchanged a look with Celly. Leia thought he mouthed to his sister, "... mother ..." or perhaps, "father"? Her Aunt's hands covered her mouth in some sort of surprise.

"Father, I submitted my report, for the Imperial Senate internship ..."

"Yes, Leia," whispered Organa. He bent down to pick up the broken device from the floor where it had crash-landed, and pat her head as he handed it to her. ""We'll talk about this later ... take the datapad to R2D2 and have him handle the repair. Do not give it to C3PO, do you understand?"

Leia watched as her father put his arm around Celly's shoulder, comforting her. Had the crash really hurt her so badly? Leia watched as the two went into Bail's office and the door closed quietly.

Leia was very sad, Father will never tell me, now ... And she wondered why he always specified that repairs go to the difficult-to-understand astromech 'droid instead of her prissy but coherent protocol 'droid.

Her father and aunt were now gone from the corridor, so there was no need for Leia to grandstand and limp around to demonstrate that she'd been hurt badly. She hadn't been hurt at all, Except my pride.

Leia scolded herself as she went to find her astromech, very sad for having wasted an opportunity to show her father how grown up she was!

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