"I dream of her and hope she dreams of me ..."
Diana DeRiggs

The light spilling into the cell was blinding; some of the creatures within were blinking, some shied away. The smell of the place and the poor air quality were probably responsible for the dazed state of the residents.

One by one, Captain Horn pulled the sapient beings onto their feet and claws, and got them moving toward the door. Myn Donos covered their shuffling retreat, as he led them toward more commandos and pilots awaiting them down the hall. They would be quickly inspected for injury and disease, and taken into shuttles and transports to New Republic space for treatment and debriefing.

Everyone was quiet, and the operation was going smoothly. The dozen or so creatures understood the need for stealth, and complied.

Myn was on alert, and kept his eyes sweeping the hallways for any indication that their activity was noticed, and was rewarded with the sight of a blaster being aimed in his direction. Timing the gunman's movements, he squeezed out a shot that echoed through the empty mezzanine, and saw the body behind the blaster slump to the floor. He pushed his charges faster, conveyed the code indicating their activities had been detected, then rushed back up to the cell to help Corran carry the remaining few creatures who couldn't walk out of the cell by their own power.

Corran's was carrying a human female in his arms; she had apparently been drugged shortly before Corran and Myn had arrived. He handed the girl to Myn, who threw her over his left shoulder, right arm still clutching the blaster.

Alarms were blaring and klaxons shrieking by the time they reached the hangar, at full run. A transport was already powered up and elevated on repulsorlift engines, but the external ramp was down; Myn and Corran jumped onto it, triggering the emergency closing mechanism. As the door shut to form a part of the wall, they were dumped down onto the deck of the ship. Both had collapsed in fatigue and relief, and Myn found he had placed the girl on the deck beside him, face-down.

Corran removed the fogged-up spec-goggles off his face and sat up against the bulwark, and helped Myn up to the same position. "I counted 12. Weren't there supposed to be 13?"

Myn put his head between his bent knees, still breathing hard, "Were we supposed to pick up the traitor, too?"

"Oh, I guess not. Well, if the packages Kell prepped for us do their job, that ship will be dead in space in about 10 minutes; we destroyed all the other transports, so no one's going anywhere."

Myn breathed out, his head clearing again, "If its Kell's, it'll blow."

"Good slogan."

"Yeah." He noticed the girl again. She hadn't stirred. "Should get the meds here for her. The distress message implied she'd been drugged as a precaution."

Corran put his comlink away, having called for medical backup. "She'll be all right. Wonder who she is? What kind of precaution requires drugging to unconsciousness?" He turned her over and brushed strands of her reddish hair from her face.

Myn looked into the girl's face and felt his brain detach from the rest of him.


Not long ago, Myn had fallen in love with a fellow Wraith Squadron member, a girl named Lara Notsil. Unfortunately, she turned out to have been an Imperial moll, and was directly responsible for the nearly total destruction of Talon Squadron, Myn's former command. He suffered a temporary insanity when his squadron was killed, and again when Lara ran away. It seemed that Gara Petothel, Lara's real name, kept bumping up against Myn, and nearly always to his detriment.

After bolting the squadron almost in mid-mission, Lara offered her services to a former Imperial warlord Zsinj, whom the Wraiths had been hunting. But to everyone's surprise and relief, she functioned under cover, sabotaging his super star destroyer, Iron Fist, and transmitting data packages and messages back to the Wraiths at enormous personal risk. Her efforts were absolutely instrumental in the eventual destruction of the warlord's fleet. She was later reported to have died in combat, having saved the Rogues' Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles from a direct attack by Zsinj's personal squadron of TIE Raptors.

But a holomessage from a Kirney Slane of Corellia, dated a few days after Lara's death, reached Myn. It was obvious that Gara had escaped death again, and she was once again taking a chance by revealing her new identity to her boyfriend. She told Myn she was ready to give their relationship another chance, if he'd have her.

Myn really had wanted to see her again. He never stopped thinking about her and his nights were filled with the girl he knew as Lara. He had not dated anyone since her "death." But he couldn't just fly into Corellia; he was practically a traitor. That core world was Imperial, no matter how "neutral" they desired to be. Having served in the Corellian militia, he was a man wanted for treason.

Maybe it was a test from Gara/Lara/Kirney. He could have asked Corran or Wedge for help, but in dark moments when he forced himself to be honest, he had to admit that he couldn't bring himself to confront his fears. He knew he missed her, knew he wanted her, regretted not doing much more than holding hands, but he knew he was also scared to death that his mind would snap if he saw her.

And now, with Kirney lying beside him on the deck, it was happening again.


Wedge knew who she was as soon as he met the other passengers who were saved from the ship. Included in the group were two Gamorreans, a Talz, an Ewok, and a very familiar and very pretty silver, white and red droid. Attempts to put a restraining bolt on the droid caused it's memory to flush, confirming Wedge's suspicions. The group was most worried about the girl's fate. They explained that she was their employer.

Wedge decided to keep his thoughts about her identity to himself. He wanted this to have a happy ending. After all, he was the one who had officially reported her as dead.

Myn now sat in Wedge's office, looking more miserable than usual. Wedge signaled for the man to remove his boot. This was an old ritual with them, and Wedge found that it got Donos to speak his mind, rather than hiding his feelings behind layers of military etiquette. They each placed their right boot on Wedge's desk and sat in facing chairs with their feet up on the desk between them.

Finally Myn blurted out the problem, "Every time she's around, something terrible happens and my mind goes on hiatus. I nearly collapsed because I just saw her unconscious face! If Captain Horn hadn't been there to help, who knows where I might have ended up? Imagine how helpful I'd be to you and the rest of the squadron if I actually tried to talk to her, too." Donos's voice was shaky, and he sounded like he would hyperventilate. He was careful not to call her by name; only he and Wedge knew who the girl really was. Not even her other squadron mates suspected she was still alive.

Wedge sat in silence for a moment, "Yet, you would still like to see her."

Myn continued to look miserable, but a glimmer of some hope seemed to glow just a bit from inside him, and his voice came out in a trembling whisper, "More than anything, commander." He closed his eyes and let out a slow, nervous breath, "I dream of her every night. I dream of what our reunion might be like, and sometimes I wake up with tears I my eyes because I know its just a dream, and she's far away in Corellia.

"But now she's here. I have to see her - even at the expense of my sanity and mental stability."

Wedge took his legs off the table and looked closely at Donos, "Permission granted. Will you be all right?"

Myn was already putting his boot back on, "I don't know. I never know. But if I don't, who would I be?" He continued with the buckles and ties. He looked up at Wedge, then closed his eyes as he spoke, softly, "Commander... Wedge. If this time, I lose it again, I want you to remove me from service. Let me resign this time. I can't go on with the Rogues knowing that just seeing her hurts me so badly. I can't make you promise, but I will ask you to remember, and to have some compassion for a man who will have lost everything."

Donos saluted quickly, opening his eyes without looking at Wedge.

Wedge nodded and returned the salute. As Donos turned to walk out of the office, Wedge whispered after him, "May the Force be with you, Myn."


Kirney had woken up half an hour before, and was trying to figure out what to do. She recalled her ship had come under attack, and knew she'd been taken prisoner. She'd instructed her crew of biochemically-altered exotic sapients to play dumb, as if they were part of the cargo. Tonin, her droid, had injected her with a mixture of drugs the would mimick the symptoms of some respiratory condition, leading to unconsciousness. This was a plan Tonin and she had devised in the hope that any attackers would not be interested in molesting or torturing for information a diseased or dying woman.

She was both comforted and frightened by her room; she recognized New Republic sick bay facilities. She wasn't in chains; that was good - it meant her cover had not been compromised.

There was a sharp knock on her door. It opened, and a hyper-cheerful medical attendant came around the room screen and greeted her with a smile, "Good to see you up! Your friends have been very concerned about you!"

Kirney smiled back, "I feel so much better! What happened to me?"

"After your ship was captured by those privateers, the Rogues-"

"Rogue Squadron?" Kirney gasped, trying very hard not to jump at the name of the famous squadron, for it was populated with pilots who knew about her and who might recognize her.

The attendant misunderstood her surprise, and smiled again, "Don't worry - the Rogues do this all the time. They and some Intel agents were closest to your location, so they heeded the call. Unfortunately, your ship has been disabled by some well-placed demolitions charges and is being towed to port. Oh, don't look like that - you were really very lucky, you know! You had ryll kor on your manifest - that's incredibly valuable stuff, and a good thing they didn't know you were carrying it."

Kell, Kirney gulped, silently to herself. Kell would have been the one to place those charges. He would certainly recognize her, even if she kept her mouth shut. She closed her eyes, convincing herself that Kell and the others all thought she was dead. Regaining some control, Kirney forced herself to speak again, "Is my crew okay?"

"All eleven on board here, safe and sound. But you might want to ask the debriefing people when they get here - I know Commander Antilles himself has taken an interest in their welfare, so no worrying about them, right? Look, I need to do some simple tests to make sure you're okay - okay? Cooperate with me and it'll be over before you know it!"

Kirney submitted to those tests and was pronounced fit for questioning by the chatty attendant. She braced herself to see her former commander, New Republic guards in tow. But to her surprise, only two men showed up. One stayed behind the curtain by the door, guarding it, and the other sat beside her bed and asked her a series of questions from his datapad. Interesting - they sent someone inexperienced with interrogation. The thought made her relax - they hadn't realized who she might be, after all.

Kirney was able to answer all the questions truthfully - she was a private transport owner carrying a shipment of ryll kor to a world suffering a small outbreak of the Krytos virus - the highly infectious disease that had nearly destroyed Coruscant. Many of the people fleeing the capitol world probably had been carriers of the virus, and had spread it without realizing it. There was a lot of business shipping bacta and bacta-type products and the raw materials needed to make the medicine, both legal and illegal. Kirney was glad her manifests were in order.

She asked him about her crew, and was satisfied that all were well and being treated for their injuries. The man, satisfied with what she told him, concluded quickly, telling her to rest until he returned with more questions the next day.

Kirney had to admit that the brusque session had actually tired her out, and she lay back on the pillows, when she was suddenly aware that the second man - the one who was standing guard - was still in the room.

She tried to keep the raw fear from closing her throat, to not panic, to try and survive. The man represented a threat: he could be New Republic security; an Imperial or Zsinj assassin; or even one of her former squadron mates, since at least some were on the ship. They might have seen her when she was carried in from her ship. It might even be Myn Donos, the man who was almost her lover, and who had tried to kill her when her cover as Lara Notsil had been broken back when she was still with Wraith Squadron. Only the action of her commanding officer, Face Loran, who put himself between them in the direct line of fire, had saved her from Myn's attack then.

Many months ago, she'd sent Myn a holomessage, asking him to come and see her. He'd never answered, and as time went by, she had concluded the he must hate her for the way she inadvertently seemed to ruin his life, and would kill her if he ever saw her again. The thought saddened her more than anything; she feared for her life, but she mourned the life she might have had with Myn if things had worked out differently.

Kirney feigned sleep, while grabbing a bedpan and pulling it under the sheet. If anyone came near her, they'd be very rudely greeted; at the worst, she could use the metal container to try and defend herself to some degree against a silenced and weakened blaster shot.

She heard the man moving slowly, and listened furtively. He spent a long time just getting to the foot of her bed; he had stopped to look at her. She couldn't take him by surprise if she needed to sit up to throw the bedpan at him, so Kirney waited, hoping he would not shoot her.

The pounding of her heart filled her ears, and she lost track of his movements in her fright. After some long minutes, she felt the brush of lips against her hairline, on her eye, then her nose, and his lips softly caressed hers. She felt his breath on her as he continued down her chin and her throat. Kirney was incredibly startled, but covered it by shuffling a little as if tossing in a light sleep. The man stopped, then continued down her clavicle; she felt his hand opening her hospital gown to expose her breast, and she felt kisses trail down to her soft, pink nipple.

All right, that's enough, thought Kirney, and she twisted and with all her force, banged the bedpan onto the man's skull. He yelped and grabbed his head, crashing down onto her body, then sliding off the bed and landing with a thud on the floor. I know that voice! thought Kirney, and she jumped out of the bed and pinned the man to the floor.

"Myn Donos, you son of a nerfhide dealer! What's the idea scaring me like that!" yelled Kirney, her face inches from Myn's.

"Ow! I scared you? Oh, that's rich! I try to wake you up nicely and say hello and you try to split my head open!" roared Myn, before he even knew what had happened.

"You are the least considerate cretin in this whole galaxy! What woman wants to be molested by some anonymous creep!"

"I am not a creep! I was trying to wake you up gently, you paranoid psychotic lunatic!"

"If you had any social skills at all, you'd know what a asinine thing you pulled, you Hutt slime!"

"I have plenty, and that could be called being romantic!"

"You're as romantic as some rim world dungpile!"

"You'd know! I'm not the one on the lam!"

"You jerk!"




All of the frustrations she'd harbored while hiding, every emotion she'd held in check since running from the Wraiths bubbled dangerously throughout the confrontation for Kirney. But Myn's last accusation broke the dam, and her hands, held as tight fists, started pounding at Myn's chest and head. He put his arms up over his face to defend himself, until she wrapped her fingers around his throat. Myn rolled up, gasping for air. Kirney was shaking him as she dug her nails into the back of his neck. Myn grabbed her wrists and pried one hand off of him, when she stomped on his foot and with the other kicked his ankle so viciously that there was an audible snap.

Myn saw stars as he felt the bones and tendons in his ankle collapse. He hadn't wanted to hurt her, but the frustrations he kept bottled within him blew out any semblance of control. He pushed Kirney forcefully so that the upper part of her body snapped away from him, and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her toward him. She lost her balance and her head and legs dangled downwards on the floor.

"Let me go, you nerfherder!" Kirney flailed, scraped and kicked at him as she continued to swear.

His face grim with determination, he grabbed the bedpan he'd been attacked with, now on the floor, and pulled her body forcefully across his lap. He dragged his body upwards against the bed and sat on the edge. She bit his arm as it looped over her head and shoulders to hold her down. He gritted his teeth and pinned her down more firmly. His grip tight on the bedpan, he wound it up over his head and brought it down on her backside - hard.

The blow pushed all the air out of Kirney, silencing her, and the ringing sound as the metal hit her was shocking. Slowly, the pain flowed into her consciousness until Kirney realized that she probably had a huge bruise on her backside. As he slapped her buttocks with the pan again, Kirney started howling and trying to wriggle out of his grip. But no matter where she turned or clawed, Myn held her down and continued spanking her. Unfortunately for Kirney, the force of his blows weren't abating, and her gown had hitched upwards, exposing her bare flesh to his attack.

Eventually, Kirney just stopped moving and hung limp. She was in so much pain that she didn't feel it much anymore when the bedpan made contact with her rear. She had stopped yelling and crying, but sobbed quietly against the bed. Myn had struck her a half-dozen times and she felt the muscles in her butt burning and protesting, feeling as if they'd torn free of her bones and turned into jelly. When he stopped, the burning and the indescribable pains continued and worsened, and she couldn't stop herself.

"You HIT me! You hit me hard, you useless, worthless, glitbaiting ... girl beater!" and she was crying and shaking again.

Myn was now standing over her, and had clinically pulled off her gown to observe the damage. He listened to her sob, and was briefly aware that he wasn't quite in his right mind. He walked over to the supply cabinet to get some ointments and salves, which he applied unceremoniously to her injured flesh.

"Don't you dare touch me!" hissed Kirney into her pillow, but he ignored her. With one hand in the middle of her back, he held her down; with the other, he rubbed the salves into her skin.

He did do quite a bit of damage, and had already regretted his loss of control and the ferocity of his attack. But she'd broken things in his ankle, and the pain had taken over. He barely remembered hitting her. How many times was it? But he knew it didn't make his behavior justifiable. Oh, well, the least he could do was tend to her bruises now. His injury could wait, and besides, he'd need bacta.

As the ointments worked into her skin, the bruises changed color, signifying that the enhanced healing had already begun. He suddenly thought about how surreal this was -- he was rubbing Kirney's bottom as if it was okay to see her naked. In fact, he'd never actually seen her naked in real life. So, this must be a dream again, thought Myn, let's see where this goes before I wake up.

Kirney actually was feeling better, even though she told herself she'd never admit it to the man who had just beaten her into submission, but she stopped struggling. She did have to admit to herself that the spanking and now his ministrations were doing incredible things to her, mentally and physically. She was getting awfully hot and bothered by this; she knew she should be yelling at Myn again, but she found she was enjoying herself.

Myn continued rubbing and was startled when he rubbed the salves onto her thighs that they were already slick and wet. He though he might have broken her skin and she was bleeding, but the wetness was not blood. A smile crept up onto his face and he slowly started working upwards. He noticed she wasn't trying to get away anymore, though her hips seemed to be rolling slowly and rhythmically.

With one hand, he parted the cheeks of her butt, and reveled at how perfectly round and smooth the orbs were. With the other, he took a dollop of salve and worked it between the cheeks. He stopped at her tightly puckered anus, and slowly started massaging it with his fingers.

Kirney bit the pillow to keep from jumping or screaming when Myn placed his thumb into her nether passage. The effect was electric, and her legs parted of their own accord. In and out, Myn massaged the cream, working it into the tight opening.

Kirney stiffened and let out a strong moan as more of Myn's fingers probed her ass, and she pushed her butt upwards into him, when he pulled his hand away. She heard the buckles on Myn's clothing falling to the floor, and she braced herself for what she hoped was coming.

Myn eased Kirney sideways toward the edge of the bed, and positioned her so that her knees stayed on the edge of the bed while her buttocks hung over and off of it. He used some lotion on the head of his enlarged phallus and put it up against Kirney's butt. She arched her back and grabbed her pillow, spreading her legs further apart.

To her surprise, Myn rubbed her butt again with his hand, and inserted his fingers into her puckered hole again. She started panting as he penetrated her with his hand, and rubbed the head of his penis up and down the slick, wet folds of her labia. She squeaked when he pressed it over her clitoris and she reached between her legs to guide his shaft into her. She moved back against him and started rocking back and forth. The feeling of his engorged and rigid penis inside of her and his thumb firmly placed in her butt was incredibly erotic.

Kirney realized that except for what she felt in the cleft between her legs, she actually didn't know how big Myn was or what he looked like naked. They had done no more than kiss and hold hands when they were together as Wraiths, and they hadn't gotten into each other's pants by the time she was compelled to leave.

It was one of the regrets for which she always berated herself. If Myn wouldn't come see her on Corellia to let her make everything up to him, she felt she should at least have had some memories of sharing herself in the most intimate way she knew how.

Myn started pounding against her, becoming more faster and more urgent. Kirney felt herself escalating as her orgasm grew within her. As she reached as high as she could peak, Myn pulled his thumb out of her forcefully, and she felt the universe explode. She felt his hands on her hips, kneading the injured flesh of her butt, pulling at her as he bucked against her, intensifying and prolonging her spasming ecstasy. She heard Myn scream and felt his body arching when his powerful climax filled her, mingling with her cries and gasps.

Her eyes closed, savoring the moment, she eased her body down onto the bed, pulling him with her. Still in her, she felt him rest beside her.

She felt Myn's arm wrap around her and hold her tightly. She heard him weeping, and turned her head toward him to tell him it was all right. Before she could say it, he grabbed her face and kissed her fiercely, mashing his mouth over her lips, breathing heavily. She turned her body around to embrace him, clutching him to her. When they came up for air, Myn was still crying.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to force myself onto you. I was hoping to surprise you in a nice way. I don't know what I was thinking, but I just wanted to see you again." He face was pressed against her throat. He was still holding her, but so tightly that he was shaking.

Kirney ran her fingers through the thick mop of black hair and shushed him, "Don't worry. It's okay. I'm glad you did it. I love you."

Myn looked up at her face. The two of them looked at each other by the glow of the exit light over her door. "All these months, Lara, nearly every night, I dreamed of making love to you, but not like this," he whispered hoarsely, "it was supposed to be romantic... beautiful."

Kirney wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed, "Anything with you is romantic and beautiful. Even what just happened."

Myn cringed, "It wasn't supposed to be like this. Not at all. I'm sorry. I don't deserve you."

"No, you don't," agreed Kirney, kissing him gently, "but I deserve you, so you'll have to learn to live with me loving you anyway."

"I'm sorry I treated you like... some cheap whore. I'm not like that, I swear. Please believe me." Myn couldn't stop shaking.


When Myn woke up, he refused to open his eyes. What if it was another dream, and she isn't here with me? Then again, if that was a dream, it might be best to wake up from it a few scenes ago.

But he knew what he had done had been real, and being the jerk he could be, he'd messed up any chance of reconciliation with her. She was Lara, the woman he loved when he was still with Wraith Squadron. She called herself Kirney now, which caught Myn unawares, and made him wonder whether his relationship to her was real.

He dared to open his eyes, finally, because his leg was throbbing. He recalled how it had come to be that way. That's how he knew what had happened was real, and not a dream.

To his surprise, the leg was dressed and elevated. The emdee droid attending him was making some adjustments to the sling mounted off the end of the bed. Detecting his state of wakefulness, it spoke to him and told him that he'd responded well to surgery and bacta treatment, repairing torn muscle, shredded tendons, bone fracture, and blood loss. As the droid departed, he advised Myn that he could move around if necessary, but keeping the ankle elevated would promote healing, until further notice.

Alone in the room, Myn wondered what was going on. Had it been a dream? Had his mind been gone for so long? Had his feverish imagination and the desire to see Lara again create this situation for him? When I'm up again, I have to tell the Commander that I need him to reconsider my offer to resign. I have thoroughly cracked up. I even broke my ankle --

The door opened again, and a familiar voice called to him, bringing him back firmly to reality, "Myn?"

Her red hair, wrapped in a long braid down her back, was the first thing he saw as she poked her head around the room divider. Myn let out a shout, making her jump, "Lara!"

The woman hopped into the room and shut the door quickly, "You're mistaken. My name is Kirney."

Myn shook his head and held his arms out toward her. She ran to him and jumped onto the bed, straddling his prone body. Their arms entwined and their lips met. Their breathing deepened and accelerated, their tongues battled, and they both started pulling her clothing off of her. He pushed her face away from his. She looked at him, startled and confused.

"No," whispered Myn. "This time, I'll do it properly. Please, let me."

He unhooked the sling elevating his leg, and pulled Kirney/Lara off of the bed. He stood over her and kissed her half-naked body tenderly, caressing her with his tongue and hands.

Kirney spoke to him, worried, "Myn, your leg--"

His whisper was urgent and forceful, "Let me do this for you. Because I need to. Because I want you to know that I'll always love you."

She closed her eyes with a little sigh of surrender and dropped her head back, arching her chest toward Myn. She let him pull the jumpsuit off, taking the rest of her clothing with it. He lifted her in his arms and cradled her to him, enjoying the weight of her, the nearness. He placed her gently on the bed, his lips never leaving her body. He got on the bed, hovering over her, and eased himself onto her carefully. Kirney parted her legs to give him room to put his knees, and wrapped her body around his, drawing him down.

Myn started murmuring softly into her ear. Kirney listened for a few seconds, not understanding what he was saying, then realizing he was reciting poetry! She almost laughed, but she'd heard the phrases and instead found herself nearly in tears.

"...and when she was gone, my soul went with her,
that she should want for nothing while my body could not follow.
I wander now a dead man, knowing nothing, seeing nothing,
Till again she walks with me, giving me my life again."

Kirney melted against him. She recognized it now - an ancient Corellian poem of love and incredible loss, about a god who had lost his mortal lover. The only solace to the god was the hope that in death - denied to him - she would be allowed to visit him in his dreams.

Kirney closed her eyes and breathed in his fragrance. She had come to him, determined to convince him that she had forgiven him, but she found that instead, she was choked up and in awe of the man she absolutely knew loved her. The poem was incredibly sad, and impossibly romantic. I won't let it happen to you, Myn.

"...were it possible to trade my love for metals, flowers, or song,
it would never be possible, for it is no longer mine to trade,
nor would it be possible to stop the flow and ebb
of that which I feel - for her who had left me as she flies.
I dream of her and hope she dreams of me..."

Her tears mingled with his as he pressed his face to hers. Myn Donos, if that's how you feel about me, I don't care how many misunderstandings and injuries we have to suffer through. She couldn't say it, though she knew she should have - she didn't have his surprising way with words - so she settled for returning his kisses. How much more do I not know about you, Myn Donos?

Soon he had licked and nibbled his way around her body, leaving her tingly and dazed. He seemed to not get enough of her, and seemed satisfied with doing nothing but exploring and discovering everything about her body.

Kirney felt somewhat ashamed at herself for feeling so carnally needy, but she did. She needed to make love to Myn, and his exploration of her body was delightful and excruciating at the same time.

But she didn't need to wait much longer; Myn, satisfied that he was at last doing things right, at last put his hands between them and explored Kirney's sex with his fingers, probing and spreading the puffy lips of her vulva, rubbing her clitoris as she clawed at his back. He followed with his mouth, desperate to taste her, and was rewarded with an escalating groan that turned into a shriek as she exploded with a nearly instant orgasm. Her body clenched and grew rigid, and her mind's eye saw an electromagnetic spectrum of colors, visible and invisible, bursting and moving into infinity.

Long ago, in another life as Gara Petothel, Kirney had been taught that sex was a tool only, to be used for advantage, and she learned to be good - but not too good; to appear to enjoy - but not at the expense of control. With Myn, it was completely different. She knew Myn would be happy if she was happy; she could lie flat and frigid - he would still love her, unconditionally. He was content to serve her; his obvious devotion made her feel almost guilty. But, oh, how I love this, she sighed, as she shuddered in another tumbling orgasm. So this is how you wanted it to be. I truly love you, Myn Donos.

They made love for hours after, filling the room with the aroma of musk and the cries of passion and moans of lust. Myn never tired of exploring Kirney, and she felt the anxiety and guilt she'd carried toward him fall away. They spoke sweet nothings, enjoying their vacation from the big, bad universe outside the hospital room. They had a lot of catching up as lovers to do, and they didn't have long.

After the spell was broken, there would be the realities of repairing her ship and getting her crew back to work; of Myn's duties to Rogue Squadron; of figuring out how she could come back with him. She knew she'd have to continue to hide from those she desperately wanted to rejoin, but at least she would no longer have to hide from Myn Donos.

As she slept, she thought she heard Myn finishing the poem for her. She felt him moving within her, cradling her breast and mouthing her neck, murmuring the happy ending:

"...and though apart, we dream to be together.
I dream of her, she holds my soul ransom;
But I lie content, for I know she dreams of me."


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