Rating: PG

I discovered Drabbles recently, and rather like the strange contradiction in the freedom they allow to play with ideas and the constraint they impose in keeping to 100 words exactly.

Here are some Star Wars ponderings expressed in Drabble form.

From TFN: A Drabble is an extremely short work of fiction with exactly one hundred words. The purpose of the drabble is to teach brevity and test author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space. They must be 100 words each. No more, no less.

L E I A                                    

She wonders about the heritage she bestowed on her children. Is it a gift or a curse? And why does that image of her father, wearing the black mantle of the Sith, that has dwelt quietly in the back of her mind for so many years seem suddenly to have grown so large ... so real.

There was a time she felt she had her made her peace with him — that she had openly acknowledged the stains on his dark soul and proclaimed them cleansed.

But now when she thinks of him, she wonders why she is shivering.


She remembers her youngest son, Anakin — recalls his daily struggle with the burden of his name ... relives the fearful, soul-destroying moments when she wondered if she had made a terrible mistake, that her intuitive desire to protect him had somehow gone awry.

But now she realizes that she was right, and what she gave her Anakin was the chance to win his battle with the darkness, with the demons of his inheritance, before he had the chance to fall.

And now he shines — her beacon of hope ... in the dying light. A gift.


She doesn’t remember the specific moment when she noticed the days were darkening ... that dawn began arriving crawling and shuffling like an unwilling worker, still stained with the sweaty imprint of the day before.

All she feels is betrayal — of her love, of her best intentions to train her children to be true to the light. Of what she had hoped her own life would mean to them ... to him — her first-born son, Jacen.

Did she treat him differently? Make things too easy for him?

Did she curse him with the wrong name?

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