Don't Look Back, Part 2 Rating: X (Sexual Violence)
Diana deRiggs

"Come with me, Padmé!" He tied me down tighter and ripped the buttons off my dress, giving him access to my legs. "Follow me ... in here!"

I gasped and cried out as he pushed his fingers into my sex. He shoved hard against that spot that makes me cum so hard I feel like urinating — oh, the humiliation! "No! Anakin, please stop!"

"Or, what? What will you do, Padmé? Will you orgasm? Is that what you mean? 'Stop, or I'll cum'?" I felt his thumb hard up against my clitoris and the stimulation was lauching me out of my mind!

"Oh yes, Padmé! Yes ... you love this. You love me! Say you love me!"

My eyes were glazed as I looked my my husband, driven near-mad by the prospect of losing me.

"Won't tell me? Why, Padmé? Do you not love me anymore?" He looked grim and determined. "Then, lie to me, if you must ... lie to me and tell me you love me! Or you'll die right here, Padmé! What will all those society snobs say when they find your body with a Jedi's hand up your cunt?? She died cumming." He laughed humorlessly at his joke.

"Oh ... oh ... Anakin ..."

"You love me!"

"... yes ..."

"Say it, Padmé!"

" ... yes ...!"

My orgasms were blurring together and I panted my assent and agreement, waves of pain and pleasure rolling over my whole body. Every orifice, every pore was sweating and leaking. The commbined heat from his robe and my sexual release were making me woozy.

He'd kill me before I could leave him!

I was losing this battle.

When I am extremely aroused, I am not only multi-orgasmic, but they get stronger.

As his forceful manipulations welled up into a huge orgasm so rich — so strong — I surrendered to the crushing wave. These sexual releases normally wash over me then subside, but this one was a non-ending pressure, never subsiding! I peaked, just to discovered that I was being launched off another platform into an unknown abyss, to slam violently into another rising orgasm!

Higher ... higher ...

I don't know how long I was insensible, but I woke up on the divan, naked. Anakin was stroking my hair, one arm laying protectively over my ribs. He felt me stir and kissed my lips, tenderly but earnestly. Of course, I responded.

He was naked now too, and stood over me. I could barely focus on his penis, erect right over my eyes. I couldn't deny that I wanted him, and without thinking, I allowed my tongue to poke up and lifting my chin, to make contact with the tip.

He responded by angling his dick into my mouth and pushing into me. I could taste his desperation and needs. I wanted more, and moved my head to accommodate him. He responded again my pushing deeper to my throat, making me gag.

He was saying, Think you'll find one better than this? He knew of the disappointing sex I'd had before, my indifference to the sexual act because of penises that were too small, or simply not used as they could have been. Anakin and his penis were two separate forces, one leading the other, ideal partners in their love for me and my body.

No, I would never find one better.

What was I doing?

As if startled into wakening from a violent dream, I tried to get up, tried to spit out the erection probing my mouth as if it were my genitalia.

He grew angry and shoved me back down with the force of his dick. He growled and pinched my nostrils shut, making me open my mouth to breath, so he could enter again on his terms.

I balled my hands into fists and pounded against him, just to have my hands captured in his hand. He leaned forward to hold my arms over my head, while he fucked my mouth.

"Don't piss me off, cunt!" The strength of his insult rattled me. "What are you without me? Just an unfilled hole!"

He might have been talking about me sexually ... but I felt him talking about our souls.

I'd given up thinking of my body as the betrayer, of displaying my need at a time when I'd wanted to push Anakin away. I remember actually thinking that I could enjoy this now and reject him later, when he was calmer. When I was calmer.

So I let him use me and control my pleasure, knowing the depth of energy and passion required for this sexual assault.

It wasn't rape, no matter what an observer might think. My screaming, crying, struggling — it's pure joy with Anakin ... only with Anakin.

I acquiesced; how could I not? I had given in to him long ago.

He knew it too. He knew I belonged to him, now and forever. So, when he left, he didn't look back; he didn't need to.

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