Star Wars: Decontamination on Duro
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place during the Yuuzhan Vong War, on the planet Duro. It is the seventh Star Wars story I have written, and while it is not a sequel nor prequel to any of the others, all my Star Wars stories do work together. I hope you read all of my stories, and enjoy them. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com

Opening Crawl:
Due to an infestation of Yuuzhan Vong naotebe winglings, the refugees of Settlement 32 on the planet Duro have to be decontaminated before being allowed into Gateway Dome.

Jaina Solo, Rogue Squadron pilot and Jedi, temporarily half-blind after going extra-vehicular during a space battle, has come to Settlement 32 to recover, and has to go through the decontamination process.

Who designed this system? Jaina Solo thought in dismay.

First, back in the hangar, the automated decontamination system had stripped Jaina, along with all the other refugees from Settlement 32, stark naked. Then, while Jaina was struggling not to stumble into anyone with her poor eyesight, a big durasteel clamp had grabbed her around the waist and whisked her away from the other refugees. After that, a medical droid offered her 'something to help her get through the decontamination process,' then gave her a painful shot in her left butt cheek.

Currently Jaina was being suspended about a meter off the floor, hanging in an upright spread-eagle position. Each of her splayed wrists and ankles was held by a durasteel clamp on the end of a robotic arm.

“Please close your eyes, gentlebeing,” the pleasant, androgynous computer voice said just before dumping a thick, foul-smelling liquid over her head.

Then Jaina felt something being sprayed over the rest of her body. She started to panic when she felt a burning sensation on her head, but quickly realized that the liquid was just removing her hair. Then a slightly weaker burning sensation started on the rest of her body, including her crotch, causing Jaina to cringe in pain as her brunette bush fell away.

Intellectually, Jaina had known the decontamination process included total hair removal. Emotionally though . . . Jaina tried to run through a Jedi calming exercise as she imagined what her now-bald mound looked like. She would have tried to take a peek through the foul-smelling liquid, but with her compromised vision, she wouldn't have been able to see anyway.

After a minute or so with the foul-smelling liquid on her, Jaina gasped in shock as dozens of simultaneous blasts of icy-cold water hit her, rinsing the stuff, and the last strands of her hair, away.

“Please close your eyes, gentlebeing,” the pleasant voice said again.

Then, a different, even fouler-smelling liquid was sprayed over her entire body. As soon as the spraying stopped, Jaina felt harsh brushes scrubbing her skin, practically taking off the first layer.

Luckily for the hapless refugees, the shot they received at the beginning of the decontamination process included a strong pain-killer, which Jaina certainly appreciated at this point. Idly, she wondered why there weren't other refugees nearby, being decontaminated.

When the stiff bristles hit her nipples, Jaina flinched, more in shock than pain. The computer responded quickly, closing the durasteel clamp around her waist again, keeping her immobile.

Next a round, softer-bristled brush pushed several centimeters into her freshly smooth pussy, causing Jaina to gasp in shock. She weakly tried to pull out of the waist clamp's grasp. The brush started spinning, and Jaina moaned in pleasure. Even with the pain-killers, the spinning brush got her more than a little aroused. After about thirty seconds, the still spinning brush pulled out with a 'plop,' causing Jaina to gasp in frustration.

The computer went back to the stiffer-bristled brush for the next part.

Even with the pain-killers, the stiff-bristled brush being shoved up her asshole caused Jaina to scream in shock. Still, the durasteel waist clamp held her fast. Fifteen seconds with a stiff bristled brush spinning in her ass felt like hours to the young Human.

Ever since the ordeal had begun, Jaina had tried to use the Force to get control of the situation. But with the speed of the process, the Force-presence of several thousand emotionally-charged refugees interfering with her concentration, her compromised vision, and the general lethargy from the pain-killers, Jedi Solo was unable to perform the feat.

Simultaneously the brush was pulled out of her ass and the waist clamp taken away. As soon as the clamp was clear, another blast of icy-cold water hit her, causing Jaina to let out another gasp of shock.

Once the decontamination liquid was rinsed away, the irradiation lamps swung into place, bathing the Human in their warm reddish light, and ensuring that no moth egg could possibly survive.

Jaina squirmed under the irradiation lamps for five minutes, long after she was dry and warm in spite of her nakedness. Then the lamps swung away and the waist clamp returned. Almost simultaneously, another clamp, this one padded, closed around either side of her bald head.

Strangely, Jaina felt cleaner than she had in a long time, even after a sonic shower. Must be cuz I'm bald, she thought with a silent giggle.

“Please remain calm, gentlebeing, the decontamination process is almost complete,” the computer voice said, as the clamps tilted Jaina's head forwards.

As soon as the clamps got into position, Jaina felt a sharp blast of air across the back of her neck, hard enough to make her yelp in pain again.

Printed across the back of Jaina Solo's neck in ink that only a computer could detect were three lines: SELCORE REFUGEE 4TF658KK72 / DURO SECTOR, DURO, SETTLEMENT 32 / SENATOR VIQI SHESH, and the computer-reproduced signature of the Senator. Underneath the senator's signature line was a bar-code, that once scanned, would report the personal details and location of the refugee to the Senator.

What was that? Jaina wondered as the clamps snapped her head upright. Then the clamp disappeared from around her waist, and Jaina felt some sort of rough cloth land on her shoulders.

In less than a second the poncho settled in place over the Human's shoulders. Heavy durasteel staples closed each side at her belly-button, leaving quite a bit of skin exposed along her flanks. The bottom of the shift stopped a lot closer to her crotch than her knees. Since the only fasteners were above her hips, the bottom part would easily flip up, exposing Jaina's now bald pussy for all to see. Printed in large block letters on the front and back was, REFUGEE 4TF658KK72, PROPERTY OF SELCORE.

Once she was dressed, the waist clamp returned and Jaina's head, wrist, and ankle clamps were released. Before she could react, the computer whisked her away again.

Jaina slumped lethargically in the waist clamp's grip, just along for the ride. Then a bright light hit her eyes, and the waist clamp let go of her. The disoriented Jedi fell to the ground, landing face down in a heap.

Groggily, Jaina climbed to her hands and knees. She could hear, and sense, hundreds of refugees crowding around her. The back of the poncho had gotten pulled up, exposing her toned ass to all.


Since she was still disoriented from the decontamination, Jaina wasn't sure exactly where the Hutt was, other than nearby. For some reason she couldn't seem to climb to her feet. She did manage to pull the rough cloth down over her ass though, mostly.

“Let me take you to safety, ma shag,” Randa Besadii Diori offered, with the last part in Huttese.

Normally Jaina would have been somewhere between repulsed and wary of any offer from a Hutt. Kneeling on the ground, half-blind, and confused, she was strangely accepting. Probably just wants me help him fight the Vong, Jaina thought absentmindedly.

“Tha—Thanks,” she heard herself stammer in reply, then she giggled for some reason. The cool breeze felt odd on her smooth head.

“HO HO HO,” came Randa's booming laugh. “Let me put this on you, ma shag, so we don't get separated,” he said as he reached out with the slave collar.

Jaina's vision was still bad enough that she could barely make out the Hutt himself, never mind see what he held in his outstretched arm. At the time she was wondering what ma shag meant, but couldn't bring herself to worry about it too much. She definitely felt the hard durasteel slave collar close around her neck, but that didn't seem too important either. Randa was going to take her to safety after all.

“Let's go, shag,” Randa said with a chuckle as he pulled on the leash.

The first tug on the still-kneeling Jaina's leash quickly made her decide that walking was better than crawling. The second, harder tug half-lifted her, and she finished the job. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Jaina Solo knew that should be doing something about being led on a leash by a Hutt, but right now, it seemed better to just follow along. To safety ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ EPILOGUE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Senator Viqi Shesh couldn't believe her luck as she re-read the report from Duro. The first time her program had been implemented, and she had snared Jaina Solo! Viqi wished there was a holo-recording of the young Jedi's decontamination. She understood it was quite a humiliating process, especially the special version she had set up for selected refugees! Still, the thought of Jaina Solo, daughter of former Chief of State Leia Organa Solo, having a bar-code and her signature on the back of her neck was delicious!

Soon there would be hundreds of thousands of young, attractive, human and near-human refugees all over the galaxy, labeled and bar-coded! The best part was, the New Republic imbeciles had no idea she was tagging and collecting data on her future slaves.

From now on, every time Jedi Solo passed by a SELCORE computer, her bar-code would be scanned, and her location would be sent straight to Senator Shesh's office. Also, the Senate was interested in how many former refugees joined the New Republic military. So when the Jedi re-joined Rogue Squadron, she would still get regular updates on her future slave's whereabouts.

Of course, Senator Shesh didn't really believe that she could keep a Jedi Knight as a slave — not unless the Vong could somehow get rid of her Force abilities first. Idly, she wondered how the Vong tracked their slaves, and if there was a way to secretly tag Jaina Solo with it. She would have to ask Tsavong Lah about that next time they spoke.

Viqi shut off her computer and leaned back in her form-chair. Normally, Jaina Solo wouldn't really be attractive enough to even be considered as one of her personal servants. But as a former Jedi, and considering who her mother was, Viqi would certainly be willing to give the bar-coded slavegirl an opportunity to prove herself to her new Mistress.

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