Decisions Rating: PG

The decision to leave behind the only life they had ever known in exchange for one of running and fighting began as most decisions do; over selecting the best kind of appetizers. At least Ben Skywalker thought that the most important decisions should be made at that time.

He wasn't certain where exactly he had picked up that particular thought, but he knew that it did one of two things to most people; drove them to distraction or amused them. After all, he was the son of galactic heroes, people expected him to put more thought into his decisions, and actions.

As stated, most people reacted in one of those two ways. Occasionally, Ben had found some beings who reacted differently, but they were few and far between. The only other exception he knew, was the one person who reacted with both distraction and amusement.

Jysella Horn.

So, as the fried krill claws arrived at the table, he tossed his best "Uncle Han" grin at her, and waited for her answer. As he waited, he watched. She was a beautiful girl, just a few years older than himself. Her heart shaped face, was constantly framed by thick, wavy black hair, and intelligent blue eyes flashed with warmth and amusement.

Well, usually, they were filled with warmth and amusement. At this particular moment, they shone with what could only be described as incredulity.

"It really is a big decision," he said as he picked up one of the claws and started removing the shell and pulling out the meat. "It's only fitting that I give you at least until dinner arrives to think it over."

She sighed as she watched him for a moment, the incredulity sliding to something a good deal harder emotion-wise. After a few moments, she rolled her eyes, shook her head and said, "Ben Skywalker, this has got to be the craziest, stupidest, most inane idea ever. What makes you think either or our parents would agree to it?"

He chuckled, and allowed his grin to grow a bit wider. "Why in the Force would we tell them?"

"Well, someone has to tell them when we run off and become pirates, forsaking our Jedi heritage. Otherwise, they'd try and come find us."

"That's the beauty of being pirates," he replied with a shake of his head. "They can't find us."

She raised a hand to her head, and closed her eyes for a moment. "Did you forget who our parents are again? Former assassin? Corsec? Rogues? Generals? A smuggler from a long line of them? And then your dad."

He chuckled, and waved his hand in the air. "Unimportant. We can hide in the Force. Besides, we learned all our tricks from them."

"Exactly!" She replied as the wait droid came by and refilled their wine glasses. "We learned everything we know from them. I doubt for a second that they've taught us everything that they know though."

Ben grinned again and ate another of the krill claws before saying, "I'm counting on it."

"Counting on it?"

"Yep, it's all part of my plan," he said as she took a bite of one of the claws. A comment timed perfectly so that she would cough over it.

She glared at him for a moment, a wry twist appearing on her lips. "A Skywalker with a plan? I do believe this is a first."

"Maybe," Ben said as he grinned mischievously. He leaned back in his seat and watched her for a moment. "So, what's your answer?"

"You're serious? You want us to quit the Jedi and run off and join the Morlick Pirates?"


"The same pirates who are wanted in about forty systems for murder, piracy, and other very non-Jedi like things?"


"You do realize that they are pirates."

He chuckled. "What, you didn't want to be a pirate when you were younger?"

"No, because I knew pirates when we were younger. I learned early, that Pirates tend to not groom themselves very well."

"Well, I'll make sure to continue my grooming habits once we become pirates."

"To be clear, one, your grooming habits could use some sprucing up at their current state and you want us to be pirates rather than Jedi."

Laughing, he nodded his head. "I'll try to remember to take more baths and yes."

"And you don't think that either of our parents will have objections to this?"

"What the baths?"

She barked a laugh. "No, the pirate thing."

"Oh, I think they would, but that's part of the plan you see."

"Ah, yes, this mythical plan. So, tell me Mr. Skywalker, what is this plan of yours?"

Ben glanced from side to side theatrically, before leaning in close; she instinctively moved closer to him, smiling slightly.

"We move to Tatooine," he whispered.

Ben could actually see the vein in the middle of her forehead start to throb. Closing her eyes, she rotated her neck, as if she was under a lot of tension.

"You're giving me a headache Ben," she muttered. "Why do you think that our parents wouldn't be able to find us on Tatooine?"

He grinned. "Well, there's a precedent."

Her eyebrow arched slightly. "A precedent?"

"Yep, a precedent. After Vader killed all the Jedi, Obi-wan took Dad to Tatooine. Once there, did he change Dad's name? Nope. Yet for all those years, no one, not even Vader, ever found Dad."

She laughed as she shook her head. "There's a flaw in your plan."

Ben frowned. "What's that?"

"We'd have to stay on Tatooine. Can't be pirates if we stay on Tatooine. We could be moisture farmers or moisture farmers, but we can't be space pirates."

Ben scratched his chin for a moment, thinking. Then he nodded his head sharply. "I see you're right. It might be time for a new plan then."

A look of incredulousness appeared on her face. "A new plan? Does it still involve us being pirates?"

"No, no, no," Ben replied, waving his hand in the air. "That was the old plan! This is the new plan."

"Then tell me, oh great maker of plans, what is the new plan?"

He grinned and pulled out a small piece of jewelry. A simple ring with a moderate sized precious stone — an item which Mirax had both helped him pick out, and had told him was an appropriate symbol of betrothal for Corellians.

"The new plan is you marry me and we spend the rest of our lives together."

Tears lined her eyes as she took the offered ring and slipped it onto her finger. "I think I like the new plan."

"So, that's a yes?"

She leaned across the table and kissed him. When their kiss ended, she replied, "Of course it's a yes."

The droid rolled up and delivered their entrees, and Ben's grin grew even wider, breaking out into a full-fledged smile. "See, another life-altering decision made over appetizers."

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