The Corsex Chronicles Challenge: Tycho NC-17 / Slash

    The Corsex Chronicles Challenge — laid down by Annallissa. Rules:
  1. Main character must be a Rogue or Wraith or Intel person. Can be more than one at a time, too. Tell us who is in it in the title.
  2. Action must take place at Corsex, the kinkiest sex club on Coruscant. I'm giving you all the keys and the security codes, so don't trash the place! The bar is free, too so drink up me hearties, yo ho!
  3. 500 words: no more, no less. (I have a flogger and I know how to use it.) Thanks to MS Word for the word counter feature.
  4. Can be slashy or not, your choice.
  5. HOT HOT HOT Like those little peppers you avoid in Chinese food.
  6. All entries must be in by June 1st, or no cookie.
  7. Enter as many times as you want.

As Tycho Celchu made his way along the benches in Corsex's locker room, a fair haired young man moved to block him. Tycho's eyes narrowed in annoyance, and he straightening his shoulders before continuing forward until he couldn't go further without shouldering the man out of the way. Opening his mouth to order the young man to move aside, Tycho frowned as the man sank to his knees. Ice blue eyes widened as a feather light kiss was placed on the bulge at the front of his tight black briefs. A quick glance showed they were alone.

When he looked down, large green eyes held a silent plea. Want you. Tycho could feel the heat of the man's breath through the thin fabric. It felt good. His cock twitched in agreement. Tycho's answer was to close the tiny space between them with a slight pump of his hips, so the plump lips were resting on his hardening cock. Permission given, the blonde wasted no time hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and getting to what he wanted, Tycho's cock.


Damn, that's so…fucking… good.

Yes, like that.

Tycho felt heat rising to his cheeks for his shameless moaning. The man's mouth was hot and a perfect fit. The suction was exactly right. Too soon, he let Tycho's erection slide out with a soft `pop', and did something Tycho had no defense for… he used that warm, wet tongue to tease Tycho's balls. Blow jobs were fine, but Tycho's weakness was how sensitive his scrotum was. Focus attention there and any control he had would shatter.

A hand gripped his shaft and pumped a steady rhythm, while the tongue continued to torment him. Tycho could feel his body tightening, preparing for a mind blowing orgasm. He put a hand on one of the lockers to steady himself, and repeated a mantra. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. One of his aching balls was sucked into that wicked mouth and too soon Tycho lost it, shuddering and jerking in the man's hand as he came. When he was completely spent, the young man released him, rising off his knees with a grin.

"Do I know you?" Tycho panted, running a hand through his hair suddenly awkward. The young man popped a sticky finger into his mouth and sucked it clean. "You vaped two eyeballs that had locks on me and my wingman last month." He repeated the sucking with his other fingers and shrugged,"Janson said this might be a way to pay it back."

Tycho opened his mouth, shocked, but couldn't summon any words. He'd never had a `thank you' orgasm before. Trust Wes Janson to invent that. Tycho and Wedge had their hands full with the Major, lately.

The kid patted him on the shoulder, "Thanks for the save, Colonel. See ya' around." With that, he was gone and Tycho was alone with his shorts down around his ankles and a perplexed smile on his face.

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