The Corsex Chronicles Challenge: Bror Jace NC-17 / Slash

The Corsex Chronicles Challenge — laid down by Annallissa. Rules laid out at the start of her tale of Tycho at the notorious Corusant sex club!
In Thyferran society, Bror was at the very top. He was an example to be looked up to, a pinnacle of his people. He could do no wrong.

That, of course, was the problem: he could do no wrong. Not even if he wanted to, not even if he tried. Too many eyes, too many opinions were constantly judging him and his actions. There were always gossips and people who would have loved to bring him down.

He could have anyone he wanted, any species. But his position kept him from exploring his curiosity.

Like the desire to fuck another man

But tonight, he would buy one of the slaves-for-the-night, the beings auctioned for depraved sex of any sort at CorSex of Coruscant!

Bror was an anal virgin, and he wanted to be rid of it. And though any of the men - and indeed some women - would have qualified quite nicely, he held back for casting his bids. Something was telling him to wait wait

Then, he saw him. Though he was masked, Bror knew this was the man he wanted! He was short, had curly brown hair and moustache, and was compactly built. His hands were tied behind him, the better to expose his chest and the tight collar locked around his cock and balls. He reminded Bror of someone he'd known during the war, whom he should have propositioned. But pride had held him back.

The short man was in demand, and Bror had to bid high to procure him for the night.

He took the cock-collar chain offered by the slavewrangler and tugged hard, forcing his purchase to stumble off the auction block. Not making any introduction, he pulled the man quickly to the private room provided to all purchasers

Bror wasted no time, not even bothering with a courtesy kiss. He shoved the man down onto the bed. The slave's tied hands stayed behind him, forcing his hips upward.

Bror undid the latches on the tight cock-and-ball cage and enjoyed watching the blood-deprived member suddenly fill with blood. He was surprised at how erotic the fast-motion erection looked, how sexy the man sounded as the pain of the blood engorging him hit his nerved. "Please give me a minute " the trussed man whimpered.

Stunned, Bror couldn't believe his luck! This man sounded exactly like Corran Horn, his nemesis from the War! Smiling but refusing to speak, he reverse-straddled the man's face and lowered his balls over the man's mouth, and his anus right over the man's nose!

Dipping his balls in and out of the man's willing, wet mouth as one would dip a teabag, he enjoyed the feeling of the man's nose probing his virgin anus, till he couldn't stand it and moved forward. The man's greedy tongue licked Bror's sensitive brown hole.

Oh oh !

Bror's orgasm surprised him, but he didn't mind. He had the rest of the night to work on ridding himself of his virginity!

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