Captured Jedi
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story was was inspired by every sexy TV/movie/book policewoman/soldier/heroine that somehow ends up captured and tied-up/handcuffed ... over and over again just so the hero can rescue them; and provide brief thrills to all of us bondage fans. And yes, having sexy women in bondage is pretty much the basis of all my stories.

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Jedi Knight Alema Rar woke up slowly—and painfully. She was lying on her side, and quickly realized her hands were cuffed behind her back. While that might have automatically alarmed most people, waking up restrained was pretty much normal for her. Then, as she shifted to get into a more comfortable position, Alema Rar realized that she couldn't feel the Force.

Frakkin Ysalamiri! Alema Rar thought as she remembered what had happened. They had been on a mission. Then there were dozens of blasters coming out of the walls, and the Force went blank.

Alema Rar opened her eyes, and saw a dull gray durasteel wall about a meter in front of her. She rolled over, and saw Tahiri lying face down a couple of meters away. As she moved, Alema Rar felt an unfamiliar collar on her neck, and shackles around her bare ankles. She carefully spread her legs apart, to find that the shackles were connected with a chain about forty centimeters long.

Tahiri was cuffed behind her back as well. Another glance revealed a heavy-duty collar around her neck, and shackles on her ankles. Alema Rar also noticed that Tahiri's combat jumpsuit had been stripped off her, but she was still wearing her undertunic and boy-short panties. That made Alema Rar notice that she had been stripped down to her own underwear too, which in her case was a bright red push up bra, and a tiny matching thong.

“Tahiri,” Alema Rar called out to her.

The human Jedi remained motionless. . . and silent.

“Tahiri!” Alema Rar shouted again.

“Alema Rar?” another voice called weakly from the far side of Tahiri.

Jaina. “Yeah,” Alema Rar answered.

“Are you okay?” Jaina asked.

“Yeah,” Alema Rar repeated. She tried to sit up, and discovered that her collar was attached to the floor with a thick chain about thirty centimeters long. “You?” she asked.

“I'm fine,” Jaina replied as she tested out her restraints. “Frakk. Are you chained to the floor too?” she asked with annoyance.

“Yeah,” Alema Ran answered with a sigh. “At least they haven't killed us yet,” she added, trying to be optimistic.

Jaina sighed. “They're probably going to sell us as sex-slaves or something,” she responded half-sarcastically.

“Oh, Alema Rar'd probably like that,” Tahiri commented from between them as she stretched her cuffed hands out behind her back.

“I would not!” Alema Rar protested. “Much,” she added under her breath.

“Sure you wouldn't,” Tahiri replied with a roll of her eyes. “How long have we been out?”

“At least a few hours,” Alema Rar answered, playfully kicking her shackled feet.

None of them spoke of their extraction plan—on the assumption that they were being monitored. Tahiri flexed in her cuffs again. Then she looked over at Jaina. “I don't seem to remember Ysalamiri and getting captured in the mission briefing, Jaina,” she commented dryly.

“How was I supposed to know Cylirr had Ysalamiri waiting for us?” Jaina retorted. “Besides, didn't this happen to you and Alema Rar before?”

“Something like this,” Tahiri admitted, glancing over her shoulder at Alema Rar.

Several seconds passed. “Well?” Jaina asked impatiently.

“Well what?” Tahiri replied in confusion.

“How did you escape!?” Jaina asked in exasperation.

Tahiri glanced back at Alema Rar, who winked at her. They had left out most of the ... racier details from their official report to the Jedi Order.

“Well, Tenel Ka had an agent working undercover that freed me, and some ex-soldiers remembered Alema Rar from the war, and they helped her escape,” she explained.

“Tell her how much fun we had before then, though,” Alema Rar added with a smile.

Jaina leaned up, and peeked over Tahiri at Alema Rar. “Do I really want to know?” she asked the Twi'lek.

“No!” Tahiri stated firmly.

“Well, I whipped her with a power-whip and ate her out. Then we mud-wrestled for the amusement of our captors—which I won—” Alema Rar said with a grin. “Then we were kinky bondage waitresses—which was kind of fun. Then she whipped me with the power-whip, fucked me with a strap-on, and fucked my ass with the strap-on,” Alema Rar told her gleefully. Then she thought a moment. “Actually the stuff she did to me was after we had been rescued,” she added musingly.

Jaina shuddered a moment. That was as bad as she had feared. Then she smiled evilly. “That sounds like a good plan. You two have sex and whip each other, and I'll escape while the guards are distracted. Then, I'll come back and rescue you,” she informed them. “Eventually,” she added with a grin.

Before either of them could respond, Jaina had another idea. “In fact, if your leashes will let you get close enough, why do you two go ahead and get started,” she suggested with a smile.

“No thanks,” Tahiri replied with annoyance.

“If we could have sex with each other whenever we wanted, what would be the point of escaping?” Alema Rar asked with a smile. “Sex with two hot babes, and permanent bondage, what more could a girl want?”

Both humans rolled their eyes in response.

“Seriously though, why do we always end up captured and chained up?” Tahiri asked. “We're like a bunch of holovid heroines,” she complained.

“If we're holovid heroines, where's our dashing hero to rescue us from the clutches of the vile slaver Cylirr?” Alema Rar asked.

Jaina simply shuddered. Tahiri's remark had been closer to the truth that she wanted to admit. “It's Alema Rar's fault. She likes getting captured by sleemo slavers,” she said, smiling. “She was on point, after all,” Jaina added smugly.

“Kriffin Schutta!” Alema Rar replied indignantly. “Just because I'm into bondage doesn't mean I like getting captured by bad guys. I mean the collar and cuffs are comfortable enough, but I don't need to go half-way across the galaxy for that,” she mused. Then she looked pointedly at her friends. “And I believe the two of you enjoy a little BDSM play fairly often,” she reminded them.

Tahiri smiled and shrugged her shoulders slightly. Jaina tried to pretend like she didn't know what the Twi'lek was talking about.

Then Alema Rar remembered her own spiked durasteel collar and cuffs that could only be opened with the Force. The ones that Jaina wouldn't let her—or any of them—wear on the mission.

“Besides, if someone had let us wear the spiked collars and cuffs I brought, then we wouldn't be locked in theirs,” Alema Rar said triumphantly.

“We still couldn't use the Force,” Tahiri replied. “And they'd probably just cut them off us, like Schliebak the Hutt's men did. And this time they might have been careless with the laser torch and killed one of us,” she added emphatically.

Alema Rar was clearly not convinced. “Yeah, well Cylirr and his thugs still might decide to kill us,” she replied. “And another thing; I only went where our great leader—” she rolled her eyes towards Jaina— “told me to ... right into a trap!”

“Unbelievable!” Jaina replied with her own indignation. “Like I wanted to get captured by sleemo slavers!” she shouted as she tugged against her restraints.

“Jaina, calm down,” Tahiri encouraged her. “Alema Rar doesn't really believe that you led us into an ambush.”

“I am calm,” Jaina retorted just below a shout. “And I know that. I was just venting.”

Alema Rar laughed. “Well, if we have to be captured, at least they have some nice, comfortable, high quality cuffs. Remember that pirate gang on Yabol Opa, Jaina? We escaped their cuffs in like two seconds,” she said with derision.

“Yeah, and the cuffs cut into my wrist,” Jaina complained. “But we had the Force that time. They didn't even realize we were Jedi. They thought we were just two drunk chicks,” she said, smiling as she thought back.

“Some guys did a really lousy job of tying me up the other day too,” Alema Rar told them.

Tahirir frowned a moment. “Wasn't that just some guys you met at a club though?” she asked.

Alema Rar grinned back at her. “Yeah, but they still did a lousy job. I had to hold the ropes just so they didn't slip off.”

All three women burst out in laughter.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

An hour or so later ...

“Well well well. Hello ladies,” Jedi Master Kyp Durron said, as he stepped through the cell door he had just cut open. “I see the three of you managed to end up half-naked and shackled ... as usual.”

“It's not our fault!” Jaina protested from the floor. “They had Ysalamiri!”

“I'm aware of that, Jedi Solo,” Kyp replied dryly as he squatted to examine Tahiri's restraints. “It seems that your collars and cuffs are laser welded on. They'll be hard to remove,” he informed them.

“That's okay, Alema Rar likes them,” Jaina replied.

“Look who's talking,” the Twi'lek answered with a sarcastic smile.

“Well, I guess Jedi Zekk and I will have to take care of you, since you'll be cuffed and collared awhile,” Kyp commented as he glanced at Jaina's semi-naked body.

“Ooh, sounds like fun, Master,” Alema Rar responded with an eager grin.

“Why don't you just cut the chains?” Jaina asked in confusion.

“Because Jedi Zekk and I had to kill half-a-dozen slavers, and arrest nearly two dozen more because you three got captured. We deserve to have a little fun on the way home,” Kyp announced with a smug smile as he caressed Alema Rar's thigh. “Don't you all agree?”

“Of course, Master,” Alema Rar answered eagerly as she looked up at him and licked her lips in anticipation.

“As long as someone spanks me,” Tahiri responded.

Jaina considered Kyp's question a few seconds. “I guess so,” she conceded. “But you can still cut the chains, Master Durron.”

Kyp chuckled a moment. “We'll see, Jaina. We'll see.”

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