Boredom Rating: PG

An entry for the Crack Pairing Roulette challenge. The pairing I received this time was Cem Fel / Tendra Calrissian. Oh, the joy.

Cem Fel is bored. He was bored yesterday, and the day before that and chances are he will be bored tomorrow as well.

After all, when you sit in a cell, forgotten by everyone, boredom quickly becomes the only emotion available to you. He once more looks around, the dank walls of the prison that he was tossed into when he was captured, a grimace forming on his face as the realization that there still was nothing there to occupy his mind. He wonders once more about the sanity of his superiors, sending him out here to Federation space to spy, not on a government, not on a military, but on a business. He wonders for the thousandth time why he could not have just told his boss that it was insane.

Then he remembers that he did so. He told them it was lunacy to attempt industrial espionage, as businesses are always much more secure than equivalent governmental organizations, but the Chiss Syndic he answers to refused to believe such things.

With a loud sigh, and a thump as he smacks his head back on the hard pillow of his cot, he gives in to his boredom. What Cem Fel does not know, is that today is going to be different. Today he will have company.

As the locks are retracted, he sits up, surprise painted on his face at someone coming to visit him. The door swings open, and his visitor steps into the cell, waving at the guards to close the door and wait in the hall. Cem looks her up and down, noting the delicate features of her face, barely adorned by age lines, the black hair piled on top of her head, with what appears to be navy highlights and some shoots of grey scattered throughout. She is dressed in a flowing blue gown, which happens to be both alluring and conservative at the same time.

She smiles at him, and he smiles back.

Her voice sounds as silky as her skin appears. "Hello, I'm Tendra, what's your name?"

He is estatic at the chance for human interaction, and as he speaks, he notices how hoarse and dry his voice is due to lack of use. "I'm Cem, Cem Fel."

Belatedly, he realizes that he's not supposed to tell his captures any information about himself. Yet when he looks at her again, he is glad to have done so, for knowing his name has caused her smile to become wider, brighter. "So Mr. Fel, have you decided to cooperate and tell us what you were doing in the weapons research facility?"

He swallows hard, and before he can automatically answer, realizes that he's not supposed to tell her that. So instead he mutely shakes his head. She sighs, and sits down beside him, and he can smell her perfume. It is a light, flowery smell, one that is without the cloyingly sweet overtones of most perfumes. He inhales deeply, closing his eyes while doing so and therefore misses her smile at his inhalation.

The touch of her hand against his causes him to open his eyes, and he looks down, noticing how different her well shaped, manicured fingers look grasped onto his haggard, dirty ones. Feeling a stare, he turns his head towards her, and gasps slightly as her brown eyes stare into his. He feels penetrated by that stare. Then she repeats her earlier question "What were you doing in the weapons research facility?"

Cem doesn't even blink. "I was searching for schematics on the new weapons systems for Tendrando battle droids."

She leans in close, filling his nose once more with her perfume. "See that wasn't so hard, now was it?"

Cem shakes his head. She scoots closer to him, letting go of his hand, and wrapping her arm around him. "So, who do you work for?"

The reply comes without hesitation. "The Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet."

And the smile she gives him in return makes his heart flutter faster. He leans towards her, intent upon kissing her, when she suddenly stands up and away from him. The clanging of the door, draws his attention and he sees a dark-skinned man walk into the room. Cem recognizes the man from his briefing as Lando Calrissian, part owner of Tendrando Arms. Then with a shock, he realizes that the woman is his wife, the other owner of Tendrando Arms. He stares in shock between the two.

Lando spares a single glance for the young Chiss spy, before looking at his wife. "Well it appears the pheromone truth system works perfectly."

Tendra shakes her head. "Not quite, didn't you see in the end, he tried to kiss me."

Lando shrugs. "That's not that bad, especially for how long he's been without human contact."

Tendra nods her understanding as Lando wraps his arm around her and they leave the room. Lando glances one last time over his shoulder, a stern look on his face. "Good-bye Mr. Fel, I hope you enjoy your accommodations."

Then with a final clang, the heavy cell door is shut and locked, the whispered voices of Tendra and Lando fading down the hall, leaving Cem behind with nothing but time and his boredom.

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