At the Oasis: Introduction Rating: PG

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The idea for At The Oasis came to me while listening to a local jazz group's version of "Caravan." Initially I only intended to write the one story -- the first one here. The plan was to delay identifying the speaker, but leave enough clues for the reader to guess. It was meant to be a kind of little vignette. However, after I'd finished that one, another idea for an accompanying piece from the speaker's other half popped into my head -- and so, of course, I wrote that.

Then, as tends to happen a lot here at the Hut, we were talking about some of the funny things that children say and somehow that idea segued into another Oasis story. Now, of course, I have ideas for more!! Is Star Wars addictive? Nah!

Anyway, At The Oasis is a series of individual stories rather than one long story. The common motif is the oasis itself which is a kind of Star Wars "hearth" -- the family home and gathering place. How many stories there will be altogether, I don't know -- I guess I'll just keep writing them until the ideas peter out.

The important thing to note is that all the stories are AU (alternative universe), so, although hopefully the characters are familiar, you'll see that I have chosen to twist or delete events from the "canon" that I don't like, or that simply don't suit my purpose. I haven't written an AU story before -- so this is an experiment. As the series progresses I think you'll find enough glimpses of backstory to understand how I've changed events. AU is kind of fun, I must admit, although it's not everyone's cup of tea.

My Oasis
The Other Woman
Desert Pearl (POEM)
Paddy and the Capon
The Legend of the Abominable Roon Mudman

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