At A Moment's Notice Rating: NC-17, Slash

I wrote this tonight. I was inspired. Thanks.

This story is set during Solo Command, so if you haven't read it, stop reading now spoilers ahead. Also slash and bad language. Not beta'd. Be warned.

It takes place right after the scene where Myn find out Lara is really Gara and tries to shoot her down. Tycho stops him and Lara gets away. Wedge has just finished talking to Myn and Face, and he's retiring to his quarters to drink himself into oblivion.

Wedge couldn't seem to reach the door to his quarters. Something was blocking the way, and the buzzing in his head was getting worse by the second. There was a sense of urgency as he reached out to push the offending body out of his way. "Move. Now. Order."

Tycho smirked, "Don't worry, old friend. I've got you." He pulled a bottle out of his jacket and held up in front of Wedge's face.

" 'Ren's Reserve. Where'd the Sith'd you find that?" The pained frown eased a little. "Been without for almost a month."

"I know. Wes sent me an urgent plea about a week ago. Said he was afraid you'd take to drinking the crap stuff in the officer's lounge and eat away the lining of your gut." Tycho keyed the code in and Wedge's door slid open. He followed Wedge in and lounged casually against the doorframe. "You have no idea the depths your other XO was willing to sink to for this stuff. I'm going to enjoy making him crawl. For now, he just knows that he owes me. Big time." He smiled wickedly and it reached all the way to his eyes.

"It wasn't any trouble, really. I had Corran call Mirax. She also sent a Ryshcate, but it's in my office safe. I don't think tonight is for celebrating."

"No." Wedge lifted his eyes and met Tycho's ice blue gaze. "Thanks. For the cake and for ..." He wince at the memory of Tycho's threat to blow Myn Donos out of space. Wedge didn't think he could actually kill Donos, but he knew Tycho would without hesitation or regret. It was a tremendous relief that the Rogue had stepped in when the mission went to hell.

His closest friend was much colder than he could manage on his best day. Sometimes it was nice to know that the iceman was there if he needed him. "Thanks."

"You said that already. What you haven't said yet is, 'Come in and have a drink with me.' My feelings might be hurt ..."

"What feelings?" The words slipped from Wedge's mouth before he could sensor them and the other man's eyes narrowed.

Tycho pushed off from the doorframe into the darkened room and set the bottle on Wedge's table. Without Tycho's body keeping it propped the door slid closed and the room was pitched into darkness.

"Don't believe everything you hear, my friend." In two steps, he was toe to toe with the other Rogue. "I may not show emotions," he said in whisper, "but I do have them."

Wedge felt the warmth of Tycho's breath on his face. He started to take a step back, bring his arms up to distance himself, but Tycho pushed him and toppled them both backward onto Wedge's bed. "What the ..." It was all he managed to say before Tycho's mouth closed over his.

There were warm hands everywhere. That was the first thought that bubbled to the top of Wedge's consciousness after Tycho started kissing him. The next was how did the man get so damned fantastic with his lips? And when did he put on so much weight?

Tycho chuckled and Wedge realized that he must have voiced that last thought aloud. "Wha ..." A hand pressed over his mouth.

"Shut up. Or I'll gag you," Tycho hissed, and added a belated, "sir." He removed the hand covering Wedge's mouth and tapped the man's lower lip. "That would be a damned shame, because I bet I can bring us both off just with the kisses. You have a luscious mouth."

Even in the nonexistent lighting, he could see that Wedge's brow was furrowed in concern again. "Okay, okay. You can speak, but you have a max of three words for the next hour, unless it happens to be 'fuck me' or 'harder, faster, more'. Begging is also acceptable. In fact, I'm pretty much counting on it."

The smirk in his voice made Wedge's throat go dry. He managed to croak a pathetic sounding, "Why me?"

This time there was a full on laugh from his XO. Tycho sat up and started to strip. The first to go was the boots and socks, then the flight suit. He called for lights on low level and turned to give Wedge a long, steady glare. "One, I've missed you. It's not the same without you. Corny, but true. Two, you have a squadron of young pilots to look out for. If you show up in the mess tomorrow morning looking bleary eyed and cranky from a hang over, it will undermine squad morale, which is already in the crapper. I can fix you and burn off all this excess adrenaline at the same time."

Tycho climbed onto the bed and stripped Wedge from boots to boxers with a quickness and efficiency that reminded Wedge of the rumor that Tycho had seduced an entire Y-Wing squad in less than three days at the Hoth base.

"Now, that's much more like it. What are you thinking, Wedge? You have an odd look on your face."

"Hoth. You and a whole Y-wing squadron."

Tycho shrugged. "Oh, that. What can I say? I like to have sex when I'm stressed. Better to wake up sore than hung over. Don't worry. I'll go easy on you. I know you haven't been laid properly since Palpatine was gleefully plotting our deaths." At Wedge's glare, Tycho smirked. "That is payback for the 'What feelings?' crack earlier."

Wedge's reply was to wrap an arm around Tycho and pull him down for some hot, open mouth kisses. Before he knew it, Tycho was getting his lube out of a pocket and asking softly, "You want this?"

"Fuck me."

"You're sure?"

"Please." It made Wedge smile for the first time to see the little shudder that passed through Tycho as he begged. He repeated the plea a second time and Tycho was lubed up and inside him a heartbeat later.

The going was slow at first, so Wedge could get accustomed to the invasion. But, it was hard not to just pound him into the mattress. Anyone else and he wouldn't have held back. "Sithspit," Tycho moaned between thrusts. Wedge's little whimpers were driving him mad. "Why didn't we do this ages ago?" He picked up the pace, "Force knows I had just about everyone in the base at least once."

"Never knew you were such a slut ..." Wedge panted, and was rewarded with a trio of stinging slaps to his bare ass.

"Oh, that's right my uptight Corellian friend, you were busy banging with Commander Skywalker. If farmboys are your thing, you should try Wes."

At the mention of Wes's name, Wedge came so hard he saw stars. "Aaah. Damn it, Tycho, that wasn't nice," he growled.

Tycho ran his fingers over the warm sticky mess on Wedge's belly and then popped them into his mouth. "I knew it. I could feel the tension in the air between you. That is so hot. If you get him, you need to record it for me."

Tycho came envisioning watching Wedge and Wes all naked and sweaty in the same bed they were currently naked and sweaty in.

For a long time, they lay wrapped in each other's arms.

"I love you, Tycho." Wedge said it first, but they were both feeling it.

"Yeah, I know. You don't sleep with someone if you don't. I admire that about you. I love you, too." He kissed Wedge's damp forehead. "It's going to be alright. The Wraiths will get through this, and so will you."

"Can we have a drink now?"

"Oh all right."

— The End —

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