As Soon As Possible
Rating: NC-17
Diana DeRiggs and Carmen

He had received a coded transmission, ordering him to return to Rogue Squadron at the very first opportunity. That meant things were happening, any or all -- a planned attack, cover blown, conditions changing.

The "ASAP" aspect was kind of loose, though the man understood he was to jump as soon as practical. But, he thought, a day wouldn't make a difference. How wrong he had been!

He had just left her apartment, walked downstairs -- feeling better than he had in months -- and found his speeder surrounded by Imperial City police, and he thought he'd been charged with indecent behavior or exposure. He was worried they'd look up his Imperial military record and find he didn't exist, but that would not have been worse than his present predicament.

But even incarcerated, he discovered he didn't really regret delaying his leaving for that one day. For he'd managed to score a date with a desirable young woman -- fresh, beautiful, innocent. Or, maybe not so innocent. It was the most mind-blowing sex of his life.

* * * * *

Resilla Gamin pulled the old, scoop-necked sundress over her head. It was soft and felt good next to her skin. She opted not to wear underwear -- no bra, no panties. It was a hot, moist day, and she didn't want more clothes than necessary, and anyway she had in mind to seduce the man she was going shopping with.

The sundress had little pinholes all over it, was comfortable and light and showed her breasts well. The fabric was light enough to billow up when a breeze blew upwards. She wanted this handsome, white-blond Imperial officer to see her bald genitalia, kept shaved smooth.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and admired her silhouette. The blue and white dress hid none of her charms, and accentuated her more obvious secondary sexual characteristics.

She'd met the young and handsome Lieutenant Aladar Lonet at a tapcaf for young Imperial officers. Her project was to play the part of a giggly office girl, intent on finding an officer to marry. She saw the man sipping on a synthetic blended drink. He commented to her that though it wasn't like the real thing, it helped dull the edge of the lonely night. They danced and he agreed to take her shopping the next morning.

Lt. Lonet drove right up to the front of her apartment building, where she was staying during this particular Intelligence exercise. He courteously helped her into his late-model speeder and they drove to the old market center. They made small talk, stopping at a meal stand to pick up a snack, opting to wait for the evening meal later, rather than sitting down to a proper mid-day meal. She felt giddy and happy eating on the run. She made sure to spill her drink on her chest, to draw his attention to her breasts. She reached under the dress to sop up the liquid from her braless flesh, and she saw him staring at her bare breast, his mouth gaping.

They parked the speeder in a lot a little distance from the market entrance. A breeze blew through the corridored space, and she waited till he came around her side of the car before getting out. She surreptitiously pulled up the dress hem, and caught the persistent breeze, which billowed up her skirt. She made a move to pull down her skirt and twisted around, making the skirt flip up in the front, exposing her shaved mound. The hapless officer, taken by surprise, fumbled and dropped his sunglasses and she heard a sharp, stuttery intake of breath. His face froze as he stared in wonder at what he had just seen.

There's something familiar about that expression, thought Resilla, surprised at his response to her nakedness. She'd seen that goofy expression before, but she was sure she had never met him previously in person.

In the walkways of the market, Resilla walked before him up stairs and on escalators, so he had a decent view of her backside. She knew he could smell her desire for him. Once, she bent down to put her bag on the step in front of her, and an errant breeze flipped her dress up nearly over her plump, shapely backside. She forced herself to count to three before, apparently absentmindedly, reaching behind and smoothing her skirt down. She continued to bend over, looking for something in the bag, one side of her brain bent on seduction. The other side of her head was trying to figure out where she'd seen him before.

They walked through the bedding stores. She bounced herself on the beds, testing the mattress forms, even lying down on the batting and air constructions. On one bed, she lay stomach down with her legs parted. Her skirt had floated up to her back when she dumped herself onto the bed. She felt the air conditioned breeze on her bareness. She wiggled her hips a little and slid off the bed, exposing herself fully. She stood up and saw Aladar's hardness, outlined by the straining fabric of his trousers.

Sitting on the edge of the mattress, she rubbed his thickened penis firmly through his khakis and slowly looked up at him and licked her lips. He drew in his breath, nearly panting, and barely whispered, "Someone will see ..."

Resilla smiled and walked away from him, toward the home decorations section, and looked at a few items. She enjoyed watching him try to walk with his hardness, ducking behind displays whenever someone came the other way. She made sure she swayed and moved with a provocative wiggle. She knew she had him, and he wouldn't resist.

She selected a hanging display of fabric curtains and quickly hid behind them. She squatted down, so her head was at a standing man's crotch-level and her moist, glistening labia were exposed. She gave Aladar her best hot, lusty look. In a daze, he waddled forward. He dropped the shopping bags and packages when Resilla grabbed his belt, pulling Aladar toward her. She got down on her knees and pulled on his pants and fly. His hands were useless, he was flustered, his breathing was shallow, and his penis was twitching in anticipation.

She pulled his trousers down over his firm buttocks, trapping his genitalia in the fastening. He grimaced, but stayed quiet. She pulled his penis out, roughly, and put it in her hungry mouth. She sucked and licked it ... she nibbled up and down the sides ... she reached in and fondled his testicles in her hand, then licked them, her tongue darting, first one at a time, then both slipped into her slutty looking mouth ...

Lt. Lonet leaned against the wall with one arm, and grabbed a handful of Resilla's loose hair with the other. He pulled her face toward him and started thrusting his hips into her, as she drew his cock down her throat. He could feel her shivering with lust. She breathed slowly and relaxed her throat, dampening her gag reflex as his fully engorged cock worked its way down.

She felt his cock pulsing and Aladar began to moan and gasp as quietly as he could. She looked up at him, then bit down gently on his cock, and she saw his eyes roll back in his head, his hips twitching spasmodically. Resilla quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth as his first spurt hit her in the cheek. A second spurt was aimed in her dark hair. Aladar took hold of his cock and aimed his boiling semen on her swollen, rounded cleavage.

The hot, semen-scented air suddenly cleared and bright light interrupted the moment. A uniformed security guard was staring at the two with wide eyes, not sure of what to say or do.

Aladar came to life, stuffing his still-twitching member into his pants and pulling his trousers up. He grabbed their parcels and Resilla's arm and pulled them all, en masse, toward the nearest egress.

In less than a minute, they were out of the market and heading toward his speeder. Resilla felt the evidence of Aladar's lust dripping down her face, and noticed he had not fastened up his pants. Aliens, humans and animals were turning to stare at the fleeing couple.

As they ran, she remembered -- she'd seen that goofy grin on an Imperial Academy graduation holo.

By remote, Aladar opened the speeder door and, on the run, threw the shopping into the front seat. He pushed Resilla head-first, face-down into the back seat of the vehicle and activated the weather and privacy shield. He crawled in quickly behind her and pulled the door shut. She pulled away from him and parted her sticky thighs and lifted the opening to her vagina to him, presenting it like a bitch in heat. He slid his still rigid penis into her wet cunt and rammed her with quick, hard jerks.

Her head was banging against the opposite door, and she twisted her body so her head hung onto the floor. The man was holding onto the back of her dress to pull her body toward him as he vented his lust. As she slid further forward toward the floor, she heard fabric tearing in several places as he pulled on her dress ... He was riding her like a wild beast! Her vagina felt oddly detached from her as the blood rushed to her head.

But not in an Academy Annual, thought Resilla, more like on a wanted poster --

Still holding the torn dress in one hand, Aladar gripped her hip with the other and heard Resilla's orgasm building. He heard her gasp and mewl at first, and she got louder and louder. She writhed and humped and her voice got stronger as her breathing became labored. He saw her squeezing her breasts ... She was close ... Soon ...

Then her yells and cries filled the contained space. The sound triggered his testicles to let loose into her sloppy hole. Her vaginal muscles were pulsing on him. She was obviously an easy lay, but she had a nice, tight canal, despite this. It was milking his cock, actually sucking his orgasm, drinking it out of his penis and draining it into her. It was all he could do to hold on as her hips bucked and jerked.

It excited Resilla that Aladar couldn't pull himself out of her in that small space, and she gyrated her hips up against him, swallowing his dick with her. The thought of him shooting his white semen in her gave her a sense of power and control. He was helpless, he had to do as her body demanded. Her body convulsed and she heard loud noises, and was surprised to realize she was making them.

She felt a hand over her mouth, as Aladar tried to keep her from drawing even more attention to them. Try as she might, the screams continued, and she resorted to biting down on his hand, drawing blood, so that he yelled for her.

He collapsed over Resilla's body, trapping her as she lay draped over the seat and floor. When their breathing subsided, he pulled her up, and beheld a wet-dream special ... She was still breathing heavily from the position she had been in. Her dress was torn, exposing her body obscenely. His orgasm was leaking out of her, and had plastered her face and hair.

* * * * *

That last image of the beautiful, young Resilla Gamin haunted his mind. Had she been taken, too? Aladar Lonet had driven the landspeeder back to the apartment she shared with other young office girls. Covering her with his coat and jacket, he escorted the messy girl upstairs with her purchases. Once safely in the door, he kissed her one final time and handed her the packages from the store. He promised he'd call in the morning. She stared at him intently, as if hoping he wasn't lying.

But the Imperial officers surrounding his speeder ensured he would not be returning to Resilla's flat. He felt really bad about that -- she would think he stood her up. He knew he had to bolt, and didn't go back to his speeder, or even to his quarters. Instead, he could be seen sneaking out another exit of the building and going straight to the parked TIE fighter he'd flown into the city two weeks before.

He'd posed as part of a convoy of smugglers, for it would have been strange for a lone TIE -- with no hyperdrive or life support -- to return to planet's surface otherwise. Most TIEs resided with a fleet, and would be stowed on a carrier ship. This was something he learned at the Imperial Academy, where he had been an officer in training, but he also knew that these ships could be retro-fitted. Still, knowing the Empire's low tolerance for piracy and smuggling, the young rebel officer knew to lay low, in any case.

It had been captured during the Battle of Bakura, and had been flown by Luke Skywalker and impounded by Admiral Ackbar for undercover missions. He'd volunteered to go because the only other former Imperial candidate who could fly this thing was Hobbie Klivian, and he was in bacta for injuries sustained in a recent battle.

To his surprise and relief, the security lock showed the TIE had been approached, but its pristine condition may have kept most attempted robbers and thieves off of it. He half-expected it to be stolen as a "collector's" item or stripped for parts to create composite ships, known as "uglies," so this was a nice surprise. He gathered up his stowed environment suit and let himself in. He needed to leave as soon as possible, and hurried through the checklist in his effort to get the hell out of Imperial City.

Of course, if members of Imperial Intelligence had been the ones to break in and modify the security log, they could have done so without a trace.

* * * * *

Gara Petothel never really liked her name, so the names she chose for her cover identities were always sweeter, more beautiful, more feminine. Resilla Gamin, she worried, was maybe too holostar-like, but she enjoyed the ingenuous role-playing it afforded.

She'd set her eye on the handsome white-blond Lt. Aladar Lonet, who had made conversation with her and her friends at the tapcaf the night before. He was obviously a pilot of some sort, and was on-planet for some R-and-R. It was a game for her, to see how much she could get a man to pay for the things she wanted. And a man on leave had lots of disposable income!

So it had been a surprise when she realized something was not quite right about him. Her name was too glamorous to be true, but what about a name like Aladar Lonet?? It suited him, but he did not wear the name comfortably. And that white-blond hair couldn't be natural!

Then when she started flashing him, she realized she'd actually seen him before. Or rather, had seen his holo. On a "wanted criminal" poster, describing an Imperial Academy graduate on the run. He remembered how dorky he looked, next to the holo of another wanted man, who had looked so very handsome in comparison.

She'd surreptitiously, while recovering from the intense sex in the back seat, put in a call and discovered no one named Aladar Lonet had graduated any of the Academies.

Gara was a smart girl, and she racked her brains, concentrating on the name. An undercover agent's name often had some meaning which could be used to crack any cover, so it was always advised to choose a randomly generated name and to add hooks to your personality later. But the rebels were not always so sophisticated, and she decided the first name, Aladar, stood for a home planet or system, whether Alzoc III, Aldivy, Alderaan, Almania, Adin, Adega, Adriana, Akrit'tar, Algar, Aralia, Averam -- any place with the letters of his name in any combination.

As for "Lonet" the word "Holonet" popped out, as if he or his family worked for a communications company, or in one of the transmission stations. She called this supposition into Intelligence as soon as she got into her apartment.

* * * * *

The Director of Intelligence felt a little bit like she wanted to go fishing today. Something in her mind tingled, telling her that today would be significant. So she sorted through the Intelligence reports and calls for the day.

A older TIE fighter, in pristine condition, had been discovered earlier that week, hidden in a paid parking port, giving it access to the outer atmosphere in a moment's notice. And not an hour before, a young Intelligence officer trainee sent in information about an Imperial officer whom she suspected of being a rebel sympathizer, adding that his holo had been circulated as being a deserter.

Uncharacteristically, Ysanne Isard clapped her hands with glee. This was a good catch! None other than "Aladar Lonet" was now boarding the mysterious TIE. It was so rare for different pieces of information to come together so neatly or quickly. She'd let Lonet fly a few orbits and try to shoot out into space, then capture him and force his ship down to ground. She'd already received the remote code numbers for the ship, so it was just a matter of pushing a button to put that plan in motion.

She'd reward this Petothel girl, giving her an undercover mission within Rebel Intelligence. Ysanne snorted at the apparent oxymoron, especially in light of this Aladar Lonet's simple attempts at cover. In any case, Petothel would both convey data and slice in bad and deliberately misleading data. Isard sent the order for Petothel to start her training as a slicer, effective immediately.

Finally, she reviewed images of Aladar Lonet being captured. She recognized the TIE as an earlier model, from decades before. She idly realized that this meant the Rebels had hit an older outpost, or had traded with fastidious smugglers for the pristine ship. But more important was the other acquisition. Ysanne quickly ordered he be taken to her secret prison, deep in the bowels of the city itself.

She loved breaking beautiful young men. That he was from Rogue Squadron -- a thorn in the Empire's side -- and a former Imperial made it that much sweeter and more justified. She would wear the heavy gloves for this one.

With a bounce in her step, she ordered her staff to meet her in the prison, bearing the handsome prisoner. He should be prepped and mounted, so that she could start in on him personally, as soon as possible.

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