A Promise is a Promise
Rating: PG-13
Diana deRiggs

"My ... oh, Anakin! Wait ..."

The former Queen of Naboo was panting as her Jedi protector had finished his orgasm outside of her. She cooed and sighed in relief, though she was a little startled at recognizing her feelings toward Anakin Skywalker were changing.

"You have such control ... I really do appreciate that you kept your promise to me."

The Jedi smiled down on her, not showing his boiling passions. "Of course, Padmé. I keep my promises. All of them."

He took the damp cloth R2D2 offered to clean up the mess he'd made when dumping his semen on her smooth, hairless abdomen — instead of where he really wanted to put it: deep up against her womb. But a promise is a promise, and he'd promised not to orgasm inside of her.

He was delighted that he felt her mood change with his fucking — he knew it would, because he knew he was good. The Jedi Temple had insisted all padawans attend seminars (he half-smiled at the apparent double-entendre) concerning sexuality of different species. It was not-so-open acknowledgement that negotiations were often able to be smoothed if one had such facts and knew how to use them.

Having control over his orgasms is a large part of a Jedi's success. It also served to help separate sex from emotion.

Anakin cringed, trained as he was to treat emotions as repellent things, to be controlled and held down. He knew he was a failure; he couldn't control his emotions — he could only hide them. Thank goodness his missions would end, so he could separate himself from his emotional / sexual upheavals! But this mission to protect the Senator from Naboo was entirely different.

With R2D2's help, Padmé had finished to clean herself and was fastening her borrowed clothing to again disguise her lovely form. "Master Obi-wan certainly did a fine job!" She smiled at her Jedi bodyguard, in appreciation.

At the mention of his accomplished master's name, Anakin's mercurial emotions spiked — in jealousy! "Obi-wan ... he'd done you, too?" He struggled not to explode, and not to imagine how lovemaking with Obiwan would have felt to the woman he'd loved for a decade.

Her smile disappeared abruptly, quickly returning as a smirk. "I'm a politician. People don't do me, Anakin. They want things from me, and I only give it to them if it's something I want or need, in return. Sex is a negotiable commodity." The smirk turned into a terse grimace.

Anakin's eyes fell to the floor, in shame. "I'm sorry, Padmé. What I meant is ... how did it ... well, it doesn't matter. I know it means nothing to you."

"You don't know what any of this means to me, Ani." She was coiling her long tresses now. "You're too young. You're male. You may think sex is nothing, but for a woman — at least, to me — sex is about negotiation. Seduction is about investigation, about the transfer of power and the discovery of the lay of the land, so to speak."

Anakin knew this; this is how he was trained, too. "I mean ... I meant, that this is not meant to be serious, not in a normal way. It's ... part of the job, I guess. But this time ... did you feel ... differently ...?"

Padmé smiled at him again, and the dull ache in Anakin's heart became less intense, thought no less painful. "Ani ... I enjoyed the sex, and I gave in to my selfish needs. I'm so sorry to have taken advantage of you, and thank you for your understanding. I should ask... what did you want from mer? What help did you hope for? I have some influence ..."

"Nothing at all, Padmé," Anakin forced himself to smile. "It's pleasant to have sex for enjoyment, don't you think? And not as aggressive negotiations tactics, you know? I enjoyed it, too — immensely."

The look in her eyes seemed thoughtful, and closed.

"Promise me, Ani," Padmé was close to him now, and whispered softly, "promise ... that what we did will stay beautiful and pure. No strings ... not ever." He noticed her eyes brightening and moistening as she looked up at him, her hand gently seeking his.

Anakin smiled, albeit sadly. "Of course, Padmé. I am always at your service, and ... a promise is a promise. And I always keep my promises. And ... thank you, for understanding that his was different ... for me, too."

Padmé kissed him on the cheek, then turned away before he could extract a promise from her, in return.

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