Amateur Night
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: The following story takes place after the Yuuzhan Vong War.  I would recommend reading my story Jaina's Fetish Shopping Trip, as this is sort of a sequel to it, as well as Jaina's Discovery.  Please read and enjoy all of my stories, please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Jaina Solo said as they approached the entrance to the strip club.

"You picked the place," Alema Rar reminded her with a smile.

On the other lek, Alema Rar was a little wary herself.  While she had never been to Strutz, she was familiar with it's reputation.  It was about a step above 'sleazy' and was a few levels above one of the worst slums on Coruscant.

Alema Rar had finally talked Jaina into watching her dance, and almost talked her into joining her on stage.  Jaina didn't want to go to Club Calrissian though, because she thought she would be recognized.  Alema Rar was pretty sure she wouldn't be, but she didn't feel like arguing with her.  Jaina had picked out Strutz, which was nearly six thousand kilometers from the Jedi Temple.  Alema Rar wasn't about to let a mere bad feeling frakk things up.

Jaina was wearing a pair of black synthhide hot pants, with a matching bustier.  She had a stack of bangle bracelets on each wrist, that ranged from red to violet, covering the visible rainbow for humans.  A seven centimeter wide durasteel collar was around her neck.  The collar had one-centimeter wide bands of each color of the rainbow around it, and a leash ring hanging from the front.  Jaina's black knee boots had clear platforms and heels that were fifteen centimeters high.  Her nerfhide belt was also covered with rainbow colored studs.  Alema Rar had helped her pick out the outfit.

Alema Rar was wearing a glossy black synthhide mini-dress that consisted mostly of eight centimeter wide straps.  It had a built-in collar, and left a lot of her blue skin exposed.  She had on a head harness with straps winding over halfway down her lekku.  A pair of strappy sandals with clear platforms and fifteen centimeter heels were on her feet.  The sandals had eight-centimeter-wide ankle straps as well.  The head harness and sandals were also both glossy black synthhide, matching her dress.  A stack of rainbow colored bangle bracelets exactly like Jaina's were on each of Alema Rar's blue wrists.

The bouncer was wearing the vest of the TRUE REBELS, a notorious speeder biker gang, with a couple of patches on it.  He also had a couple of visible tattoos on his arms.  He took one glance at them, and waved them in.  There was a small sign proclaiming 'amateur night' over the doorway.  Alema Rar knew he was leering at them quite a bit as they passed.  She glanced back, and gave him a friendly smile as she sat her hand on Jaina's ass.

There were about forty beings inside, mostly men, and two dancers on stage.  Alema Rar took one look at the dancers, both humans, and knew she was way hotter than them, as was Jaina.  There were two more bikers at a corner table, with a woman that looked to be a dancer as well.  The bartender was an older human woman, perhaps fifty.  Alema Rar pegged her for an ex-dancer.

"Hey ladies, what'll it be?" the bartender asked with friendly enough smile.

"I'm here to dance," Alema Rar replied with her own smile.  "Amateur night."  Then she put her arm around Jaina's shoulders, and pulled her in tight.  "And she's here to watch."

Alema Rar could sense Jaina's embarrassment through the Force.  She didn't let it bother her one bit.

The bartender's smile cracked slightly.  "Great," she responded. "I'll get someone to take you to the back, and you can talk with security."

"Thanks," Alema Rar answered. "Can Tina come too?" she asked, nodding her head towards Jaina.  "Unless you have a cage or something I can leave her in?"

"Hey!" Jaina said indignantly.  "You are not leaving me in a cage!"

Alema Rar winked at her in response.

"Sure," the bartender answered with a smile, looking around for someone to escort them.

A moment later they were being led into the back by a a green skinned Twi'lek dancer, who seemed a bit more nervous than she should have been.  Maybe she's just scared of the competition?  Alema Rar had seen that sort of thing before.  She looked to be on spice or something as well.

As soon as the three women passed through the doors into the back, they were met by two more of the speeder bikers.  Both were wearing nerfhide vests covered with TRUE REBELS gang patches like the bouncer and two in the club, and generally looked like scum.  Both had several visible tattoos on their arms and hands.

"That'll be a hundred credits apiece, ladies," the taller of the two bikers one said.

"For what?" Alema Rar asked curiously as both bikers checked her and Jaina out.  "I thought amateur night was free."

"It cost a hundred credits to get on stage," the taller biker stated.

"Or you can pay us other ways," the shorter one said, openly leering at both Alema Rar and Jaina.  "Although you'll have to work hard to earn your way up on stage."

"You have to pay them," their Twi'lek escort said fearfully, with a wriggle of her lekku.

Alema Rar sensed Jaina about to say something, and quickly glanced at her to keep her quiet.

"A hundred credits," Alema Rar agreed, pulling out the the appropriate chits.  "But I'm the only one dancing."

"Thanks sweety," the shorter biker said as he accepted the chits.

"And if you need anything to feel ... good, just let us know," the taller of the two said.  "We've got everything you need, sexy."

"Thanks," Alema Rar answered.  "But I'm sure I'll be fine."  Then she thought of something she actually did want.  "Are the changing rooms private?" she asked them.

The shorter biker flashed a predatory smile.

"Those are a hundred credits extra," the taller biker informed her.  "Or free, if one of us joins you."

Alema Rar sensed a flash of anger from Jaina, and replied before she could.  "I'll take it," she said, handing over another hundred credits.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I can't believe you paid those guys," Jaina said as they went into the changing room.  "That was a blatant shakedown."

"I know," Alema Rar replied, looking around.

The private changing room was little more than a closet; with a chair, sink, counter, mirror, and another, floor-length mirror.  At least it was private though.

"But what do you think would have happened if we hadn't?" she asked, turning to Jaina.

"We would have kicked their asses," Jaina declared.

"Yes," Alema Rar agreed.  "Then what?"

"Then ... " Jaina began, only to trail off.

"The bikers take it out on the rest of the girls.  Make them pay more, maybe beat the shavit out of a few to teach them a lesson," Alema Rar explained. 

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jaina agreed.

"Sure you don't want to join me?" Alema Rar asked her flirtatiously, setting her hands on Jaina's hips.  "We'd look so sexy up there together."

"Sorry baby," Jaina replied with a smile.  "I don't have another hundred credits to pay the biker boys out there."

Alema Rar leaned in, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  "I'm sure you could earn your way," she suggested.

"Schutta!" Jaina answered, pushing her away playfully.  "Why don't you go out there and earn your way, and give me the hundred credits."

"I don't think they give refunds," Alema Rar responded with a smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alema Rar strutted out onto stage to the beat of one of her favorite pop songs.  It was written just for stripping.  She had changed into a sexy white synthhide nurse's outfit complete with fifteen centimeter heeled ankle boots, a glossy white collar, and white half-finger gloves with wrist cuffs.  The outfit consisted of a skimpy halter top, and flippy miniskirt with a glossy red belt that left her skin bare from just below her tits to her hips.  She was wearing a pair of shimmering white stockings with glossy white synthhide bands at the top, around her thighs.  The boots, cuffs, collar, stocking bands, and halter top had the universal medical red cross emblem on them.  She also had a glossy white synthhide head harness on.

The stage was wide enough for several dancers at the entrance from the back.  A narrower runway went out from the middle, into the crowd.  There was a pole in the middle of the stage, one at each side of it, and one at the end of the runway.

Jaina was sitting to the right of the end of the runway, smiling at her.  She was trying not to make it too obvious though.  Still, Alema Rar could sense that she was getting aroused, as were most of the other patrons, which now numbered a little more than fifty.

Alema Rar began dancing to the music, and after thirty seconds or so, began stripping off her nurse's outfit.  The crop top revealed a thin white bra, with the red cross emblem on both her breasts.  Several tantalizing dance steps later, Alema Rar pulled off her miniskirt, revealing a tiny white g-string, also with the red cross emblem, over her pussy. 

Then Alema Rar pulled off her glossy red belt, and pulled it back and forth across her ass a few times.  Next she folded it in half, and smiled teasingly at the crowd a couple of moments as she swung it back and forth in the air.  Once the anticipation was built, she leaned forward and gave her ass several stiff smacks with the belt.  The crowd cheered, and the credits chits hit the stage.

The blue-skinned Twi'lek looked seductively at several of her adoring fans as she strutted and gyrated around stage and runway.  The two bikers in the corner were definitely watching her.  There was already over a hundred credits in her stocking bands and on the stage.  She danced to an overweight Twi'lek, squatted, and seductively took off her bra, revealing her D-cup tits.

Then she dropped down and laid on the stage with her lower legs flexed under her, arching her back to push her tits up even more.  As the tubby Twi'lek slid a credit chit into her thigh band, Alema Rar arched her back all the way, putting the top of her head on the stage.  She smiled upside down at Jaina, and gave her a wink.

Alema Rar flexed up to a kneeling position without using her hands, drawing cheers from the crowd.  Then she turned and crawled over to Jaina, who was now smiling nervously up at her.  Next she jumped to her feet, and turned away from Jaina.  Alema Rar took several teasing seconds to slowly pull her g-string down, and step out of it as she gyrated her toned ass in front of Jaina's astonished face.

Once the g-string was off, she slowly turned back around, and picked it up as she squatted less than half-a-meter in front of Jaina.  Then Alema Rar leaned forward, and stuffed her panties down the front of her black bustier, drawing raucous cheers from the crowd, and turning Jaina bright red with embarrassment.  Unsympathetic, Alema Rar leaned further in, hooked a finger in her collar's leash ring, pulled her close, and gave her a slow, open-mouthed kiss, drawing even more cheers—and credits from the crowd.

Naked, Alema Rar danced towards the glistening pole at the end of the runway, and spent the rest of her time wrapping various parts of her body around it.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"That was amazing!" Jaina said with admiration as she closed the door to the changing room behind her.

"Thanks," Alema Rar replied with a smile.  "I'm glad you liked it."

Currently Alema Rar was naked except for her glossy white ankle boots, head harness, collar, gloves, and stockings.  Her feet were propped up on the counter, and she was counting her credits—as well as throwing away a few comm codes that were mixed in.  Her top, bra, skirt and belt were in her bag.  She assumed Jaina still had her panties.

Unfortunately, Alema Rar hadn't even made four hundred credits.  She usually pulled down about a thousand or so for a dance like that, but she could only get so much out of fifty people.  She wasn't too upset though.  She didn't need the credits, and the whole point was to dance for Jaina anyway.

"I almost passed out when you kissed me in front of all those people," Jaina said as she leaned back against the door.

"I would have been happy to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," Alema Rar told her with a smile.  "Or maybe one of the biker boys would have."  She paused a moment then added, "I almost gave you my belt, and got you to spank me," while watching her carefully, to gauge her reaction.

Jaina blushed, and brushed back her hair, her rainbow bracelets clinking against each other as they slid down her wrist.  "Maybe later," she replied with a grin.  Then she pulled Alema Rar's white panties out of her bustier.  "I believe these are yours," she said, tossing them at her.

Alema Rar let them land on her stomach.  "Thanks," she answered.  "I didn't even make two hundred credits after paying the speeder bike boys for the privilege of being able to change clothes in private and dance naked on a stage."

"That's all?" Jaina replied in surprise.  "I'm sorry."

Alema Rar chuckled as she tossed the credits, and her panties into her bag.  "Don't worry about it, baby," she told her as she began taking off what was left of her nurse's outfit.

As she did that, Jaina stepped over and sat down in the chair.  Alema Rar took off her white head harness, gloves, ankle boots and stockings, and put them into her bag.  She stepped back into her strappy platform sandals, and slid her rainbow colored bangles back onto each of her wrists.  Less than a minute later, she was wearing her glossy black synthhide mini-dress again, with matching head harness.

They found three True Rebels waiting for them just outside the room.  They quickly moved to block the corridor.  One was the shorter one of the two that had shaken Alema Rar down earlier.  The others looked to be the two that had been at the table in the club.

Alema Rar dropped her hand into her bag, and found her vibroblade.  Jaina simply hooked her thumb inside her rainbow studded belt, where she had her own small vibroblade.  Both Jedi were calm, and ready for trouble.

The middle biker was about fifteen centimeters or so taller than the short biker, and a few years older than him.  He had several more patches on the front of his vest than the other two, including one that read V. PRESIDENT.  The vee-pee also had a few more tattoos on his arms and hands, as well as the side of his neck.  He definitely looked to be the most dangerous of the three.  The third biker, who was on his right, near Jaina, looked a couple of years older than the vice president, and skinny.  He was a couple of centimeters shorter than the vice president, and had a shaggy beard.

"Hey sexy, great dance," the vee-pee began.  "We were hoping you and your friend would give us another one; privately?" he asked casually.

"Thanks, but we can't," Alema Rar replied calmly, exerting a little influence with the Force.  "We need to leave."

The short biker and shaggy beard both looked to be on the verge of agreeing with her.  The vee-pee though, barely even blinked.

"We've got everything you need in our clubhouse," he replied with a confident leer.  "We'll have a great time, I promise."

"We are leaving, step aside," Jaina announced firmly, backing the command up with the Force.

This time the short biker actually took a step to the side, creating a space.  Shaggy beard shifted his foot twenty centimeters or so.  The vee-pee simply kept grinning at them.

"You're coming to our clubhouse with us," he announced just as confidently as Jaina had spoken.  He took a step towards them, then added, "You'll dance, we'll party some, then you can leave in the morning, after we've had a good time."

Alema Rar was confident she and Jaina could beat the three speeder bikers.  She was also confident the gang would exact revenge on the other dancers.

"Look, how about I come in a couple of days, okay?" Alema Rar told the vee-pee, stepping towards him, and influencing him with the Force.  "I'll dance for you and your friends, and stay and party with you all night."

If they wouldn't go for an out right refusal, maybe they would go for a not-today.

"Look ladies," the vee-pee began.  "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.  The easy way involves a ride on the back of our speeders, then good times by everyone.  The hard way involves you being hog shackled in the back of our cargo speeder, then shackled all night while we have a great time."

Alema Rar could enjoy herself either way, and she was pretty sure Jaina could too.  That still didn't mean she wanted to go with them, and she was pretty sure Jaina didn't either.

"I'm tired of this skrag," Jaina said suddenly, stepping forward.  "Look, I don't care if you're running some two-bit shakedown operation on a bunch of strippers.  We're not going anywhere with you."

Alema Rar was going to try to get the vee-pee alone, and seduce him or something.  She supposed kicking their asses would be just as good though.  Jaina stepped to within arm's reach of the bikers.

Shaggy Beard reached out to grab Jaina.  Alema Rar stood still, in pretend shock, as Jaina side-stepped.  Jaina grunted in pain as her ankle rolled on her stiletto heel.  She fell to her knee, then drove her fist into the biker's solar-plexus.

The vee-pee had excellent reflexes, for a human.  He rushed towards Jaina as he pulled out his own vibroblade.

Alema Rar though, had Jedi reflexes.

Before he could take a full step, she had taken two long strides.  She drove her right foot into his ribcage, making sure it was the platform of her shoe, and not the potentially deadly stiletto.  Then she slammed the palm of her hand up into his chin.  He fell to the floor, unmoving.

Jaina put her hand on shaggy beard's head, and put him in a Force nap.

Alema Rar felt a warning through the Force, and ducked as the third biker swung his vibroblade in a horizontal arc where her head had been.  She drove her left elbow into the side of his knee, causing him to scream out in pain.  As he fell, Alema Rar drove her right fist into his stomach, then the heel of her left palm into the side of his head.

Alema Rar took a breath, climbed to her feet, and straighted her mini-dress.  She really had to stop getting into fights dressed like this.

"I think I twisted my ankle," Jaina complained from one knee.

"You need to practice fighting in heels," Alema Rar replied with a smile.  Then she looked down at the three speeder bikers lying on the floor.  "I'm taking my credits back," she told her as she leaned down and began going through the shortest biker's pockets.  He was the same one that had taken her credits earlier.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the credits.  Alema  stepped over to the vee-pee, and leaned down to check his pockets.

Suddenly his eyes popped opened.

"Frakking bitch," he muttered a split second later as he grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled her down, reaching up and grabbing for a better grip.

Alema Rar knocked his hand aside, and dropped her knee into his chest.  She immediately followed that up with a right punch to his face, which he partially deflected.  Then she pressed her thumb into his eye to distract him while she used her left fist to punch him in the temple.  He finally went limp.

"Kriffing schutta," Alema Rar cursed as she began going through his pockets for her credits.

The unconscious vice president had nearly fifteen hundred credits in a pocket hidden in his vest.  Alema Rar took out the two hundred they had taken from her.  She also took his blaster, and vibroblade, while Jaina took a vibroblade from shaggy beard.  After a moment's consideration, Alema Rar decided to leave the rest of the credits the vee-pee had.  They'd probably just go after the other dancers to get them back.  The two Jedi did use the Force to make the bikers forget what had happened.

Less than a minute later, the two Jedi walked out a side door, with Jaina still limping slightly.  They ran into another True Rebel; standing in front of a cargo speeder.  It was the taller of the two that had shaken them down earlier.  Another one had their back to them, leaning into the back of the cargo speeder.  He was wearing a newer looking vest, without a True Rebels patch between the upper and lower patches.  A moment later, he turned around to face them.  He was a few centimeters taller than the first biker, and looked to be quite a bit stronger.  His vest had just a couple of patches on the front, and he had just one visible tattoo on his right bicep.

Since he didn't have the large center patch, Alema Rar assumed the bigger biker was a prospect trying to gain membership into the gang.  The cargo speeder was right in front of the exit.  To Alema Rar and Jaina's left were half-a-dozen speeder bikes.

"Where the hell is Thunder?" the first biker asked menacingly, stepping towards them, and towards the gap between the cargo speeder and bikes.

"That's your sexy vice president?" Alema Rar replied with a friendly smile, using the Force and educated guessing to figure out who he was asking about.

"Yeah," the biker answered, still obviously hostile.

"I'm afraid me and Tina here wore him and the other two guys out," Alema Rar explained seductively, squeezing Jaina's waist to show who Tina was.  She paused a moment, then added, "We're coming to your clubhouse to party tomorrow night."

Both Jedi used the Force to influence them to believe what Alema Rar was saying.  Both Jedi were also reluctantly ready for another fight.

The biker stared at them a couple of moments.  "Okay," he finally replied.  "But before you go, I want you two to kiss for us."

Alema Rar could sense Jaina's shock at the request.  She also knew that the three bikers in the hallway would wake up soon, or be discovered.

"No problem," Alema Rar answered with a smile, stepping towards Jaina.

Alema Rar gave Jaina an encouraging smile, then wrapped her arms around her neck.  Then pulled her in, and gave her a slow, open-mouthed kiss while the two bikers looked on.  Alema Rar sensed Jaina getting into it as they made out.

Nearly thirty seconds later, Alema Rar broke the kiss, leaving both her and Jaina momentarily breathless.  The two bikers were pretty turned on as well.

"See you tomorrow," Alema Rar said flirtatiously as she straighted out her mini-dress again.

"I can't wait," the first biker replied, leering at them.

The biker stepped aside, and allowed the two Jedi to pass.  Alema Rar wrapped her arm around Jaina's waist, letting her lean on her a bit to keep some of her weight off her ankle.  A couple of steps later, Alema Rar let her hand drop down below Jaina's rainbow studded belt, to her toned ass.  Jaina glanced at her curiously, but didn't protest. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"You weren't seriously going to go to their clubhouse?" Jaina asked once they were out of earshot of the two speeder bikers.

"I wasn't planning to," Alema Rar confirmed.

Jaina stared at her puzzlement a moment.  "Well if you do, count me out," she responded firmly.  "Not unless I can bring a couple of squads of space marines or something with me."

"It wouldn't be that bad," Alema Rar said with a grin.  "Just party awhile, probably dance a little, then party some more.  Most of them would get too drunk or high to do anything else except watch." 

Jaina wondered exactly what they would be watching.  "I'll pass," she replied after a couple of heartbeats.  Then she looked around a moment.  She was outside a strip club, wearing a synthhide bustier, hot pants, fifteen centimeter heels, and a collar.  Alema Rar was similarly dressed.  If the Coruscant Security Force saw them, they'd probably try to arrest them for being prostitutes or something.

"So where to now?" Jaina asked.

"How about Club Calrissian?" Alema Rar suggested, glancing back towards the side exit they'd left.

"Cool," Jaina responded with a smile.  "We can take the Maglev."

"Sorry Jaina," Alema Rar replied with her own smile.  "I'd rather not get pulled aside for a security check tonight.  We'll catch an air taxi."

The Maglev Security Force was notorious for pulling attractive women aside and giving them humiliating strip searches.  Alema Rar knew that Jaina knew that, and she had little interest in indulging her ... tonight.

"Okay," Jaina answered, obviously disappointed.  "As long as I can get off my ankle for a while," she added with a slight wince.

"Maybe we should get you a chastity belt before we let you back on the maglev," Alema Rar suggested as she took her hand, and entwined her fingers with hers.

While Jaina didn't say anything, Alema Rar could sense her arousal through the Force.  She wasn't sure if it was more from the anticipation of getting strip searched, or the idea of wearing a chastity belt though.

"When you start dancing, you can save enough money to buy one," Alema Rar told her as she looked for an air taxi.

"Why don't you just give me the money?" Jaina responded as she squeezed her hand.

Alema Rar ignored her as an air taxi came to a stop in front of them.  She wanted to get away from here before the bikers in the hallway woke up, or were discovered.  They climbed in, and she gave the droid pilot their destination.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Some time later, the air taxi dropped them off at Club Calrissian's employee entrance.  During the ride, Jaina had used the Force to heal her ankle.  Alema Rar keyed in her employee code, and they went in.  She took Jaina's hand as they made their way through the crowded club to one of the bars.  After few dozen meters they ran into a couple of friends.

"Hey Talon, Shada," Alema Rar greeted them with a friendly smile.  She quickly stepped forward and gave the retired smuggler a quick hug.

"Hey," he replied as he returned the hug.

"Great to see you," Alema Rar said as she and Talon Karrde's second-in-command touched cheeks.

"You too," Shada D'ukal responded as she squeezed her hand.  "Who's your ... friend?" she asked, eying Jaina.

"Jaina?" Talon asked, staring at her, his eyes wide in surprise.

"Hey Talon," Jaina answered, somewhat embarrassed.

Talon Karrde was wearing a sharp tailored gray pants and vest, with a black long-sleeved shirt under the vest.  Shada was wearing a shimmering blue and green one-shoulder dress, with matching heels.  The hem of the dress was angled about the level of her knees.  A gleaming durasteel wrist chrono was on her left wrist, and a pair of wide blue and green bangle bracelets on her right.

Her hair was held up by several enameled rods each about fifteen centimeters long.  Alema Rar suspected they were very sharp, and could be thrown if necessary, with lethal results.  She was also pretty sure the bodyguard had several more weapons hidden on herself.

Alema Rar watched Talon glance from Jaina's rainbow colored collar, to her belt, bracelets, then to her own rainbow bracelets.  Alema Rar grinned, took a step closer to Jaina, and put her arm around her waist.

"Say, if you don't mind me asking, are you two ... ?" Talon asked curiously.

Alema Rar grinned at Jaina, and waited for her to figure out what Talon was asking.

Jaina stared back at him in confusion a moment.  Alema Rar sensed when she understood what he was asking.

"No!" she replied indignantly, pushing Alema Rar's arm away, and stepping away from her.

"We're still working on it," Alema Rar said cheerfully, reaching out to take Jaina's hand.

"No we're not!" Jaina assured them, pulling her hand away.

"Yes we are, baby," Alema Rar insisted, stepping towards her, and reaching out to wrap both arms around her waist.

Jaina deftly grabbed her left wrist, and twisted away as she twisted her arm.  "We are not working on anything," she stated firmly, twisting her arm some more.

"We'll play later, baby," Alema Rar said with a flirtatious smile, trying to pull her towards her again.

Jaina grunted in annoyance, and flung her wrist away.  "You're impossible," she declared.

"Would you two beautiful ladies care to join us?" Talon asked them after a chuckle.  "I have a table reserved in the VIP lounge."

"Of course," Alema Rar replied with a smile.  "If my cute girlfriend here doesn't mind?"

"Frakk you," Jaina answered without missing a beat.  Then she turned to Talon, and Shada.  "I'd be happy too," she told them with a smile.

Alema Rar knew Club Calrissian's VIP lounges were very expensive, unless you were a close friend of Lando or his wife Tendra.  Talon was, although she knew he could easily afford it anyway.  Alema Rar worked the lounges quite often, and the even more exclusive private rooms.

An attractive blonde woman named Kaite greeted them at the entrance to the VIP lounge.  She cheerfully escorted them to their table.  It was a half-circle booth with room enough for eight.  Talon entered on the left, followed by Shada.  Alema Rar let Jaina go in first on the right, so she would be trapped between her and Talon.  Kaite quickly took their drink orders, and went to fill them.

Alema Rar slid close to Jaina, and snaked her arm around her waist.  Jaina simply rolled her eyes at her in response.

"So what have you two been up to lately?" Talon asked.

"Just hanging out," Alema Rar replied quickly.  She draped her tchin—her right lek—on Jaina's shoulder.  It was a strong sign of affection for a Twi'lek.  "Making new friends with some speeder bikers."

"She did, I didn't," Jaina chimed in.

Alema Rar grinned at her a moment.  "They seemed pretty interested in you, too," Alema Rar said.  "Especially the one with the beard."

"I can't help it if I'm hotter than you," Jaina countered with an innocent smile.

Before Alema Rar could reply, Kaite returned with their drinks, and a complimentary appetizer.

"By the way, Jaina, I like your collar," Shada said after she took a swallow of her drink.  "And your bracelets."  She glanced at Alema Rar's wrists, and added, "both of yours."

"Thanks," Jaina replied, lifting a hand to her collar.

"I picked them out for her," Alema Rar told them, reaching up and giving her leash ring a light tug.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two days earlier, at the All Species Pleasure Boutique ...

"Hey, how about this one?" Alema Rar asked as she picked up a seven-centimeter wide durasteel collar.  It had half centimeter wide bands going around it, from red to violet, each color of the visible rainbow—for humans and several other species, including Twi'leks.

The collar itself obviously symbolized BDSM, specifically submissiveness.  The leash ring emphasized the submissiveness.  The rainbow was a symbol of sexual diversity, particularly the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transexual community.  There were other rainbow colored collars nearby that went into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums that emphasized transpecies sex, particularly for the species that saw into those spectrums.  A small sign above the display proclaimed SHOW YOUR PRIDE!

Jaina stared at the collar a couple of moments.  "I wanted a silver or black one," she told her.

Alema Rar grinned in anticipation.  "This'll look great on you," she said, opening the collar and lifting it towards her neck.

"Okay, I'll try it," Jaina responded, reaching up and lifting her hair out of the way.  She could sense that Alema Rar was hiding something.

The collar had a nearly invisible hinge at each side, and closed in the back with a maglock.  It had a small D-ring on the front, with a leash ring hanging from it.

Alema Rar quickly closed it around her neck.  Jaina let go of her hair, then adjusted the collar as she looked into the nearby mirror.

"You look soooo sexy," Alema Rar said as she wrapped her arms around her waist.  Then she leaned in, and gave her kiss just below her ear.  "Delicious."

"What does show your pride mean?" Jaina asked as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Alema Rar paused a moment before answering.  "It means show your pride in who you are."

Jaina watched her watch her in the mirror.  She could tell she was still hiding something, even if she wasn't exactly lying.  "Okay," she replied, deciding to let it go for now.  She did like the collar after all.

"Great!" Alema Rar said, giving her another hug.  "Maybe we can get you some bracelets or cuffs or something to match?"

Jaina felt a sense of superiority from Alema Rar for some reason.  "Only if you get some too," she responded, partially to see her reaction.

"Sure," Alema Rar answered, leaving her arm wrapped around her waist as they walked.  "I'm proud of who I am."

Nearly thirty minutes later the two Jedi were checking out.  Jaina was still wearing her durasteel rainbow collar.  They were both wearing rainbow colored bangle bracelets on each of their wrists.  Alema Rar had also talked Jaina into getting a thick nerfhide belt covered in rainbow colored studs, although she wasn't wearing it.

A slim brunette was ringing up their purchases.  Actually it was just Jaina, as Alema Rar was a few meters away, looking at a glossy black synthhide mini-dress on display that seemed to be made entirely of straps about eight centimeters or so wide.

As the perky clerk handed her her bag, she also slipped her a small sheet of flimsi.  Jaina glanced down at it in confusion.  Then she realized it was a comm code.

"Comm me sometime," the clerk said with a flirtatious wink.  "If you want to hang out or anything."

Jaina stared at her in shock a moment.  "I'm not ..." she began, only to trail off.  While Jaina didn't consider herself a lesbian, Alema Rar had certainly broadened her horizons in that regard.  "Okay," she conceded, blushing with embarrassment as she slid the flimsi into her pocket.

"Excuse me," Alema Rar said to the clerk as she approached them again.  "Please have that dress sent to my apartment, along with the heels and the head harness," she requested, gesturing towards the display."

"Of course," the clerk replied cheerfully.  "Are you in our computer?"

"Alema Rar," the blue-skinned Twi'lek told her as she wrapped her arm around Jaina's waist.

The clerk tapped a few keys on her terminal.  "Ah, Alema Rar," she said with a smile a moment later.  "Your purchases will be delivered by lunch time tomorrow."

"Great," Alema Rar answered.  Then she took Jaina's bag from her hand.  "Actually, send this to my apartment too," she said, pulling out the belt.

"Absolutely," the clerk responded with a nod.

Jaina watched Alema Rar slip the remote to her collar into her pocket.  She felt a twinge of arousal at the knowledge that no one else could unlock it now.  Jaina put her arm around her waist, and smiled back at her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Now, in one of Club Calrissian's VIP lounges ...

"By the way, Jaina, I like your collar," Shada said after she took a swallow of her drink.  "And your bracelets."  She glanced at Alema Rar's wrists, and added, "both of yours."

"Thanks," Jaina replied, lifting a hand to her collar.

"I picked them out for her," Alema Rar told them, reaching up and giving her leash ring a light tug.

Jaina responded by elbowing her in her ribs.

"Ow!" Alema Rar exclaimed, covering her side with her hand.  "What was that for?"

"Guess," Jaina replied as she took a swallow of her drink.

"And have Han and Leia seen the bracelets and collar you picked out for their daughter?" Talon asked.  "Or Master Skywalker?"

"Not yet," Alema Rar replied cheerfully, grinning.  "She's still a little shy."

"And they're not," Jaina said firmly, locking eyes with both Talon and Shada.  "Not until I decide so."  Then she looked at Alema Rar expectantly.

"Of course," Talon replied with a nod.

"I won't tell," Shada agreed, taking a bite of the appetizer.

"Sure baby," Alema Rar said, squeezing her waist.  "Your secret's safe with me."

Jaina stared at her a couple more moments.  Alema Rar winked back at her.

"So tell me Alema Rar," Talon began, changing the subject.  "Who are these speeder bikers you made friends with, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Some True Rebels," the Twi'lek answered, turning her attention from Jaina to the retired smuggler.  "Jaina and I just came from a strip club called Strutz, where I danced for her."  She paused to give her waist another squeeze, and smile at her.  "They were making all the the dancers pay a hundred credits each to get on stage," she explained.  "Then they invited us to their clubhouse to party with them."

"I've heard of them," Talon replied with nod, after he took a swallow of his drink.  "They're the fourth or maybe third largest speeder bike gang on Coruscant, and probably the best organized.  They have some members spread around this part of the Core and Colonies as well."

"Are you going to their clubhouse?" Shada asked.

"I don't plan on it," Alema Rar responded.  "Unless my girlfriend here wants to go?" she added, grinning towards Jaina.

"I am not your girlfriend," Jaina said, elbowing her again.

This time, Alema Rar blocked the blow, then leaned in and tried to give her kiss.  Jaina leaned away, but was trapped by Talon.  Alema Rar hooked a finger in her leash ring, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"So, Jaina is your collar just decorative?" Shada asked.  "Or is it locked on?"

"It's locked on," Jaina confirmed, somewhat embarrassed.  "Alema Rar talked me into leaving the remote at her apartment."

"Kinky," Shada responded with an amused smile, and a nod of approval.

"We're working on that, too," Alema Rar said with her own smile.

Jaina just blushed, and took a swallow of her drink.

The three women and Talon Karrde spent the next hour or so chatting, and catching up with each other.  Alema Rar continued flirting with Jaina, as well as Shada a little, and Talon a little less.  Finally Talon and Shada were about ready to go.

"Well, we're heading home," Talon said.  "What do you two ladies have planned for the rest of the evening, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I don't know," Alema Rar answered.  "Whatever my girl here wants to do," she explained, squeezing Jaina's waist and nodding towards her.

"How about we go pick up some guys?" Jaina replied.

Talon and Shada smiled in amusement.

"What?" Jaina asked in obvious confusion.

Alema Rar reached up, and ran her finger up her rainbow colored collar.  "Are you sure you want to pick up some guys, baby?" she asked, tugging her leash ring again.

"Yes," Jaina answered, slapping her hand away.

Talon and Shada both chuckled at the exchange.

"Well, good luck," Talon told them as he and Shada slid out of the booth.  "In whatever you end up doing."

"Thanks," Alema Rar replied.  "You too."

"Nice seeing both of you," Jaina added with a wave.

"You too," Shada responded with a smile.

Talon and Shada left, and a couple of minutes later, Alema Rar and Jaina headed down to the main part of Club Calrissian.  As they pressed through the crowd, Alema Rar put her hand on the small of Jaina's back, and guided her.  Several minutes later, they made it to one of the bars.

"I'll have a Chandrilan Blue," Alema Rar told the female human behind the bar.  "And she'll have a Pink Pussy Licker," she added, nodding towards Jaina.

Jaina glanced at her curiously, but didn't protest the fact that she had ordered for her, or her choice of drink for her.  Alema Rar winked back at her, and squeezed her waist again.

"Coming right up," the bartender replied with a harried smile.

Nearly a minute later the bartender returned with their drinks.  Jaina's was pinkish, while Alema Rar's was blueish.  Alema Rar sat her hand on the small of Jaina's back, and guided her again, to find a table.

Quite a few men were checking them out as they made their way through the club.  Alema Rar made sure to flash her rainbow bracelets, and give Jaina a little hug or something though, and the guys just smiled, and moved on.

Jaina however, was doing her best to attractive some male attention.  Alema Rar kept surreptitiously foiling her though, while pretending to try to attract male attention as well.  Most of the guys just looked, saw their rainbow colored jewelry, and turned their attention elsewhere.

Alema Rar did notice quite a few women checking them out though.  She would catch their eye, and take hold of Jaina's hand, or wrap her arm around her or something though, so they would think she and Jaina were a couple.  Jaina continued to flirt with the guys though, oblivious to the female attention.

"What's wrong with these guys?" Jaina complained.  "We're way hotter than any other girls here."

Alema Rar certainly agreed with her on that.  "You sure are sexy," she said, leaning in and giving her a quick kiss on her neck, just above her collar.  She also sat her hand high on her leg, and slid a finger underneath the hem of her hot pants.

"Stop it!" Jaina responded in exasperation, leaning away.

"Sorry sexy," Alema Rar replied with a smile.  She noticed that Jaina hadn't pushed her hand away, and could sense her arousal.  "Why don't we go back to my place?" she suggested.  "And hang out."

"Okay," Jaina responded after a few heartbeats.  Then her eyes lit up.  "Can we take the maglev?" she asked hopefully.

"No," Alema Rar answered firmly as they climbed down from their stools.

Alema Rar could sense Jaina's disappointment.  "Don't worry sexy," she told her as she wrapped her arm around her waist.  "I'll make it up to you when we get to my place."

"You'd better," Jaina said as she wrapped her arm around her waist too.

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