Alema Rar Visits Hapes
Chapter 4
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth Star Wars story I have written. All of my stories (so far) take place between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis. I would like for you to read my other three Star Wars stories first, but I highly recommend that you read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage, as this story is a direct sequel, although my other two Star Wars stories take place in between. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

In only a few minutes, Alema Rar felt the container being lifted, in an uneven manner that suggested humanoids rather than droids, and quickly set back down about a meter high. The cargo container also served to cut off virtually all sound, so she could only get vague impressions about what was happening to her. The Jedi was sure about the whine and slight vibration of the repulsor that came from underneath her, which meant that she was probably on a replulsorsled of some sort. Several minutes into her journey, Alema Rar wondered just why Tenel Ka, or possibly Lady Esoma, had a cargo container that was specially designed for transporting heavily restrained humanoid cargo.

After about fifteen minutes or so, although inside the container it seemed like a lot longer, Alema Rar felt the sled come to a stop, and the container being manhandled onto the ground once again. There Alema Rar, in her cargo container, sat for another twenty minutes, before being manhandled again. This time Alema Rar had the feeling that she was in a ship's cargo hold, although she couldn't be very sure.

To the tightly bound and helpless Twi'lek, it seemed like hours before she detected the vibrations of the ship's engines being activated. Normally Alema Rar had no problem occupying herself for long periods of time, even restrained. All of those involved Force exercises, however, which she was currently unable to perform. Alema Rar had also spent many boring hyperspace flights masturbating, which she was also unable to do at the time. That reminded her once again to get around to writing that instruction manual on females masturbating in an X-wing cockpit.

Finally the engine's hum changed pitch, and Alema Rar felt a slight pressure as the ship took off. After a few minutes, the pressure eased, then disappeared into weightlessness. Her restraints kept her firmly in place, but still, Alema Rar had the distinct impression of floating. The Twi'lek guessed that the Hapans must be trying to save a little energy by turning off the gravity in their cargo hold during spaceflight. I hope they secured my container good, Alema Rar thought as she felt the ship enter hyperspace.

By the time Alema Rar felt the ship exiting hyperspace, it seemed like she had been in the container for days. She hadn't eaten since the dinner orgy the night before, and was starving. At least she had used the refresher before Lady Esoma had packed her for shipment.

Once again Alema Rar guessed what was happening from the subtle vibrations of her container. She felt gravity kick back on, then the ship's sublight thrusters engaging. A few minutes later, the ship entered an atmosphere. There was no mistaking the ship's landing struts hitting the hard permacrete of a landing pad.

It was still some time before anyone came to retrieve her. And why should they? Alema Rar thought with arousal. I'm just another cargo container. The whole trip had turned her on. In her mind, she fantasized about being shipped all over the galaxy tightly restrained in a cargo container. Once she reached her destination, she would be released to execute her mission, the packaged again for shipment. I bet the order could save a ton on transport fees, the Jedi thought as she squeezed her thighs together.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Hello again, my dear Jedi,” Lady Esoma greeted her, as the lid came off the cargo container.

A low moan was all Alema Rar was able to offer in reply.

That seemed not to bother the Hapan noblewoman in the slightest.

“Let's get you out of there, and we'll give you something to eat,” Lady Esoma said enthusiastically, as she activated the small replulsorlift that was underneath the Twi'lek.

Once she was on the floor, Alema Rar felt a hand remove her blindfold. With the harness-gag pulling her head back, Alema Rar was forced to look forwards. She blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the light. What she saw shocked her.

Standing before her was Tenel Ka, Queen mother of the Hapes Consortium. Every single time Alema Rar had seen her outside of her bedroom, Tenel Ka had been wearing tough lizard hide, more suited for a warrior than a Queen.

Instead of the dark Dathomir lizard hide, Tenel Ka was wearing a tiny pink maid’s uniform, complete with a frilly white apron. On her feet were pink sandals that matched her dress, with stiletto heels about fifteen centimeters high. Around her ankles were pink nerfhide anklecuffs, about seven centimeters wide, and locked together with about a thirty-centimeter chain.

Smooth white stockings ran up her toned legs. At the lace tops of the stockings Alema Rar could see matching white garters. Since she was lying on the floor, Alema Rar also caught a flash of Tenel Ka’s bare, and moist, pussy.

Another reason Alema Rar could see so much was the fact that Tenel Ka’s uniform barely came past her crotch. The bottom edge of the maid’s uniform flared out, with several centimeters of white lace around the hem.

Tenel Ka’s apron was tied tightly at her waist, which looked a narrower than normal, leading Alema Rar to think that she was wearing a corset underneath the dress. On top of the apron was a wide pink nerfhide belt, with a D-ring at each side and in front. Tenel Ka’s breasts weren’t huge, but they were straining the low-cut top of the uniform, threatening to spill out.

A shoulder-length white glove was on her right arm, with a strap buckled tightly at the top. A few centimeters below that was a pink nerfhide bicep cuff. On her left half-arm was a matching bicep cuff. Locked around her wrist was a pink nerfhide cuff, about seven centimeters wide.

A pink nerfhide collar was buckled around the Queen’s neck, which matched the wrist and ankle cuffs. A gleaming silver leash ring was dangling from the front of the collar.

Strapped tightly around Tenel Ka's head was a nerfhide harness gag, nearly identical to Alema Rar's, except in pink. On top of the Queen's head was a white maid's cap, completing the image of a subservient fetish maid.

Alema Rar's eyes bulged out of her head as she stared at the Queen of the Hapes Consortium.

Tenel Ka, on the other hand, kept her eyes cast towards the floor, just as her Mistress expected of her.

“I understand your concern, and speechlessness, my dear Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma said, with an amused glance at the Twi'lek's gagged face, “Allow me to introduce you to my maid, Tania.”

Alema Rar had no trouble recognizing Tania as a slave name. She glanced at Tenel Ka’s face and saw the humiliation, with some arousal. I thought the Queen had a submissive side, Alema Rar thought, trying to smirk through her gag.

At Lady Esoma’s instruction, Tenel Ka leaned over and unlocked the small magnetic locks that held the muzzle of Alema Rar’s gag to her harness. The synthrubber cock came out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop.’

“Now, my dear Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma said as her maid stepped to the side. “The Queen mother of the Hapes Consortium is taking a little vacation from her duties.” She teased the edge of Tenel Ka’s skirt with her riding crop. “Since I am providing my home, and suffering without my servants for the duration on her vacation, Taina here has volunteered to be my personal maid while she is here on her ‘vacations.’ Isn’t that right, Taina?”

Alema Rar glanced at Tenel Ka, who meekly nodded her consent.

Lady Esoma squatted down in front of the still hogcuffed Twi’lek. “The truth is, since she is a Jedi, I never know if she really scrubbed the floor, or just made me THINK she scrubbed the floor. It’s most disconcerting.” She shook her head in half-mock disapproval. “As a fellow Jedi, you could know for sure. Perhaps you would like to oversee her for me?” Lady Esoma asked with a gleam in her eye.

Alema Rar hesitated before replying. If Lady Esoma didn’t know about the anti-Force collar, that meant that Tenel Ka was really serious about keeping it a secret. On the other hand, since the collar was blocking her Force abilities, Alema Rar assumed that she was just as susceptible to mind-manipulation as anyone else.

Through various BDSM and sexual experiences with other Jedi, Alema Rar knew that a Force-user could be ... stimulated to the point of being susceptible to mind-manipulation. However, as long as Tenel Ka had her in this kriffing collar, Alema Rar wouldn’t be any better off than Lady Esoma. That’ll have to change, Alema Rar thought with wicked anticipation.

“I’d love to look after Taina,” Alema Rar replied with a smile.

Even through her gag, Alema Rar could tell that Tenel Ka wasn’t pleased with this new development.

On Lady Esoma’s orders Tenel Ka―Tania―released Alema Rar from her bondage. Conveniently, she forgot about the collar. Even when her new mistress reminded her, the Hapan Queen hesitated. Lady Esoma quickly gave her a sharp lick with her riding crop. Tania quickly complied, and pulled the remote from between her tits.

Careful to protect the collar's secret from Lady Esoma, Alema Rar instructed Tenel Ka to unlock it. She hesitated for a moment, then quickly rubbed her gloved thumb over the dial, and hit the release button. For the first time in days, the Twi’lek Jedi felt the familiar surge of the Force as the collar popped open.

Smiling, Alema Rar reached up and pulled the collar off her neck. Now she was back to her old self. She could feel Tenel Ka's trepidation, and arousal, clearly. Casually, she asked Lady Esoma a question.

“Hey, do you mind if I trade out Tania's collar? I know the rest of her restraints are soft pink nerfhide, but I think she'll be especially ... submissive in this one.”

Tenel Ka's eyes nearly popped out of her head. She shook her head violently and all but screamed no, at Alema Rar through the Force.

“You are more that welcome to restrain her as you please,” Lady Esoma replied with a smile.

As Alema Rar took a step forwards, to exchange the collars, she glanced back at Lady Esoma. The handmaiden only had a vague memory of locking the collar on her, and her falling asleep afterwards. Mind trick, Alema Rar realized as she grabbed Tenel Ka by the arm, to stop her from trying to shuffle away.

Alema Rar quickly pulled her in close, “Remember, if people start thinking this isn't just another collar, the secret will be out,” the Twi'lek whispered into her ear.

Alema Rar felt Tenel Ka's muscles relax, and she nodded her agreement. Just to be on the safe side, Alema Rar locked her wrist to the bondage belt around the Queen's waist. Then she unlocked the nerfhide collar, and unwrapped it from around the Tenel Ka's throat, and tossed it aside.

The Twi'lek raised the anti-Force collar to the Hapan Queen's neck with anticipation. Tenel Ka, for her part, only stared at the collar, fighting back the urge to reach out with the Force and hurl it away. When Alema Rar sensed this, she quickly gave her friend a mental reassurance and snapped the collar into place.

Now Tenel Ka reached out with the Force tentatively, like a youngling attempting a simple mind trick for the first time. Alema Rar slowly ran her thumb up the remote's dial, increasing the collar's power, until she sensed Tenel Ka stop trying to use the Force because of the pain.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alema Rar spent the next half-hour or so forcing her new slave to do various humiliating tasks. Nothing she hadn't don't plenty of times herself, but seeing the formerly haughty Hapan Queen on her knees dusting the floor with a duster that was attached to her gag was very satisfying. Lady Esoma had several embarrassing―for the Queen―stories to share as well.

The time allowed Alema Rar to get a good feel for the Hapan noblewoman. She seemed very loyal to Tenel Ka, and very aroused at domming her. Lady Esoma also exhibited a certain amount of ... fascination with Alema Rar. Eventually, after a few subtle hints from Alema Rar, Lady Esoma left to attend to some business, leaving the two Jedi alone.

The Force was very useful for finding hidden spy devices. While ordering Tenel Ka about, and listening to Lady Esoma, Alema Rar had used the Force to search for them. Still, it wasn't a hundred percent reliable.

“Is it safe to talk?” Alema Rar asked, running her fingers over the anti-Force collar to let Tenel Ka know what she planned to discuss.

Tenel Ka looked down, towards the collar, then quickly shook her head: no.

Alema Rar reached up and took the gag out of Tenel Ka's mouth. “About other things?” she asked.

“Yes,” the Hapan replied as she worked her jaw. “And just don't talk about it specifically,” she added, trying to reach up with her cuffed hand.

Alema Rar had no trouble understanding that she was referring to the collar. “So, how often do you do this?” she asked, changing the subject as she ran her fingers down Tenel Ka's flank.

Tenel Ka blushed. “Only every few months, and I think Lady Esoma set this up just because you were here,” she replied breathlessly. “We play some other times though, discreetly,” she added.

“Ever go out in public, in disguise?” Alema Rar asked, picking up the discarded pink collar.

The Hapan Queen shook her head. “Can't. Too many guards and attendants.”

Alema Rar frowned. Those people had slipped her mind. “Oh yeah. Where are they, anyway?” she asked, flexing the nerfhide collar. Tenel Ka flinched as Alema Rar 'snapped' the collar taut.

“When Mistress Esoma and I come here for vacation, they stay on the perimeter of the estate, providing protection,” Tenel Ka responded, looking at the pink collar with apprehension. “And it was almost impossible to get them to stay that far away from me,” she added.

Alema Rar gave her an appraising look. “Well, if you ever want to duck out for some real fun, let me know,” she offered.

“Okay,” Tenel Ka answered after hesitating briefly, still eyeing the pink collar.

Holding it up, Alema Rar asked, “Is this really the only one like this?” but she was looking at Tenel Ka's neck, and the anti-Force collar.

The Hapan Queen understood what she really meant. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she could keep this secret forever. “The only one,” she replied, looking straight at the pink nerfhide collar.

Alema Rar responded by wrapping the collar around her own neck, and activating the magnetic lock. She thought about how to word her next question. After a moment, she decided not to worry about any spy devices.

“How far are our lightsabers?”

“The ship,” Tenel Ka responded without hesitation.

That was still farther away that Alema Rar liked to be, but she could live with that, for now.

“Let's get you licking my pussy,” she instructed her slave with a smile as she led her to a nearby couch.

The shudder of pleasure that Alema Rar felt come from Tenel Ka was unmistakable. Seconds later, as Tenel Ka lowered her mouth to Alema Rar's pussy, her own shudder of pleasure was just as unmistakable. After her first orgasm, Alema Rar pulled Tenel Ka up onto the couch with her, and laid on top of her in a sixty-nine.

Several orgasms each later, the two Jedi finally pulled themselves apart. Lady Esoma still hadn't returned from her business. “So, how long can I play with you?” Alema Rar asked, reaching out to tweak her nipple through the maid's uniform.

“Well, probably just tonight, Mistress,” Tenel Ka replied in resignation, and arousal.

“Guess we'll have to make the most of it, then, won't we?” Alema Rar said, as she pulled Tenel Ka close in by the leash, and kissed her sensually.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two days later, back on Hapes ...

“How do you choose from all of them?” Alema Rar asked Tenel Ka as the they laid on the Queen's bed, recovering from the thorough fucking by the four strapping Hapan men that had just left the room. They had each chosen two, from a pool of several dozen that were available for the Queen's pleasure.

Tenel Ka smiled back at her. “I only have to choose one for as long as I want him in my bed. Then I choose another one,” she said with a superior smirk.

Alema Rar thought about some of the noblemen she had met at the reception the night before. A couple of them had looked better than the Queen's harem. “Do you ever let any of the noblemen into your bed?” she asked.

Tenel Ka frowned slightly before replying. “They all want to be the father of my child, if I were to become pregnant.” Then she glanced around, to double check that they were alone. Some things were Jedi secrets. “You know how to keep that from happening with the Force, right?” Tenel Ka asked.

“Yeah,” Alema Rar answered, somewhat puzzled.

“Well, I have thought about having a child, but whichever of them wasn't the father, they would try to assassinate the child.”

Frakk, Alema Rar thought. She had zero interest in having children, and was well practiced in using the Force to prevent it from happening. “What if you slept with all of them?” she suggested.

Tenel Ka's eyes popped open. Alema Rar could sense her surprise, and excitement at the suggestion.

“That might work,” the Queen replied in awe. “It would certainly be a lot of fun,” she added.

“You'll just have to make sure you sleep with all of them within a week or so of getting pregnant so they would all think they could be the father,” Alema Rar offered.

The Queen frowned slightly. “I don't know if I want any of them to be the father of my child though. Maybe Jacen, when he returns from his travels.”

Alema Rar sat silently for a few moments. “Well, meanwhile you can screw all you want,” she said with a roguish grin.

“I think I will,” Tenel Ka replied with conviction.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Four days later, at the Royal Hangar ...

“Thanks again for the great time, Your Majesty,” Alema Rar replied, as she carefully stepped onto her ship's landing ramp. She had to walk carefully, as she was once again wearing the ballet boots, hobble skirt, and corset that Lady Esoma had tricked her into wearing.

The heavy wrist and ankle cuffs were locked on the appropriate limbs, as well as the bicep cuffs and durasteel belt that Tenel Ka had put on her. The only new thing was the ten-centimeter-wide gleaming durasteel collar around her neck. This one, at least, didn't have the anti-Force features of the one she had worn most of her stay.

Tenel Ka followed her a few steps onto the ramp. “You're welcome, and welcome to come back anytime, Alema Rar,” she said. “And if you do, I'm sure we can find something ... interesting ... to do,” she added with a smile.

Alema Rar was tempted to kiss her, but remembered the guards and attendants that were watching them. “I'm sure we could ... Tania,” she said softly, so only her fellow Jedi could hear her as they continued to ascend the ramp.

Tenel Ka blushed slightly, then replied in the same soft voice. “The magnetic locks on the restraints won't release until you leave Hapan space,” she said with a smile. “And I had your auto-pilot set, but for a little more ... scenic route than you had planned on taking out.”

They had made it into the ship now, and Tenel Ka glanced down to see if anyone else was with in earshot. “The auto-pilot is also set not to engage unless your wristcuffs are securely locked to the belt.” She paused before adding, “Of course, if you want, you can just take off, and fly home however you like.”

Alema Rar smiled back at her in anticipation. There was no way she could resist a game like that, and Tenel Ka knew it. “Thanks,” she replied breathlessly.

“Oh, one more thing,” Tenel Ka said as she took a step back down the ramp. “I had some surveillance holocameras installed on board. Everything they record will be sent directly to my private com code, until you leave Hapan space.” Then, with an evil grin, she added, “But they will start recording and transmitting again any time you lock the collar back on while on board, wherever you are in the galaxy.”

The Twi'lek clenched her legs together in arousal. “Ye—yes, Your Majesty,” she stammered as Tenel Ka descended the ramp.

Alema Rar could barely contain herself as she got clearance for takeoff. Luckily Tenel Ka had the ship prepped already. As soon as she cleared the atmosphere, Alema Rar turned on the auto-pilot. A message flashed on the console, MAGNETIC RESTRAINT LOCKS NOT DETECTED ... MAGNETIC RESTRAINT LOCKS NOT DETECTED ...

With a satisfied smile, Alema Rar pressed the heavy wristcuffs to the belt, and the auto-pilot engaged.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

EPILOGUE ... A few months later ...

“I promise, Jedi Solo, the Queen Mother particularly wanted you wear this collar,” Lady Esoma patiently explained to the nervous Jedi. She didn't know exactly what it was about this collar that the Queen Mother liked so much. It was the same one that she had locked onto Alema Rar, who had passed out seconds after the collar clicked shut—a matter that the Queen had ordered her to absolute secrecy about.

Still, when the Queen found out that her friend Jaina Solo was coming for a visit, Lady Esoma was summoned immediately. The Queen told her of the visit, and that they would be having a dinner celebration after her arrival. By the next day the Queen had gotten Jedi Solo's sizes, and ordered the same dinner outfit for her as she had for Alema Rar.

Jedi Solo was a lot more difficult to persuade to wear it however, but a brief comm call with the Queen set her at ease. Now the beautiful young human—and even though she enjoyed Jedi Alema Rar's visit, she preferred dressing a human to a blue-skinned Twi'lek—was almost ready.

The outfit consisted of seventeen centimeter stiletto heels, nerfhide hobble skirt and corset. Lady Esoma remembered how easily the Twi'lek had walked in her taller ballet-heeled ankle boots. Then the same heavy wrist and ankle cuffs, and durasteel belt, which all locked magnetically. The only item left was the collar that Lady Esoma held in her hands.

“Fine,” Jaina Solo said, giving in.

“Excellent,” Lady Esoma replied, happy to be obeying her Queen as she raised the collar to the Jedi's throat. The gleaming silver durasteel snapped shut with a distinct 'click.'

Oh Frakk,” the Hapan noblewoman said in dismay, “Not again!

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