Alema Rar Visits Hapes
Chapter 3
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth Star Wars story I have written. All of my stories (so far) take place between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis. I would like for you to read my other three Star Wars stories first, but I highly recommend that you read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage, as this story is a direct sequel, although my other two Star Wars stories take place in between. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Some unknown time later, Alema Rar started to wake up. Instinctively, she tried to use the Force to awaken faster. She let out a gasp of pain, and slipped into unconsciousness.

Eventually, Alema Rar began to awaken, this time to someone gently stroking her lekku. Once again, she instinctively tapped into the Force. This time, she felt a sharp pain, and quickly shut down her use of the Force. Groggily, she awoke, and remembered the anti-Force collar, and that she was half-naked, caged, and in Tenel Ka's room on Hapes. Safe.

“Good morning, my pet,” Tenel Ka greeted her, still stroking her lekku through the bars of the cage.

Alema Rar stuck her arms through the bars to stretch, and noticed that the corset had tightened a few more centimeters during the night. “Good morning, Mistress,” she replied automatically. Then she was hit with the urge to pee. “Mistress, any chance of you letting me out to use the 'fresher?” she asked.

The Hapan Queen smiled. “Sure,” she replied as she unlocked the cage door. Her bracelets jingled as she slid the door open.

The Twi'lek quickly crawled out of the cage, and scampered towards the 'fresher. She though briefly about trying for a quick twat-tap while she was alone, but didn't quite feel the urge enough to risk it at the moment. Instead, she finished her business, and returned to the Royal bedroom.

Tenel Ka was sitting at her computer terminal, and informed Alema Rar that they were going to spend the day on a tour of the palace and its grounds. Then she summoned Ladies Avyla, Ni'mi, and―to Alema Rar's surprise―Esoma, to assist them in preparing for the day.

Alema Rar hadn't really thought about how she felt about Lady Esoma, who had tricked her into wearing the anti-Force collar. Come to think of it, she hadn't learned just how Lady Esoma had tricked her. As a Jedi, she should have sensed the deception.

“I've turned down the intensity of the collar,” Tenel Ka said, interrupting her thoughts. “Last night, when you woke up and tried to use the Force, I felt the pain it caused you. It scared the Frakk out of me.”

Alema Rar hadn't been fully awoke when that had happened, but definitely remembered the brief but intense burst of pain that had knocked her out. “Thank you, Mistress,” she replied as she gave Tenel Ka an affectionate hug.

Tenel Ka held her close and added, “Also, I want you to know, everything Lady Esoma did was on my orders. So please don't hold a grudge, okay?”

Alema Rar had pretty much figured that out already, so it was no problem to smile and reply, “As you wish, Mistress.”

The Hapan Queen gave her a firm slap on the ass with her one hand. “Oh, and when other people are around, call me Tenel Ka. We're supposed to be friends, remember. There are enough rumors about my personal life as it is.” She paused a moment, then added, “Although the sludgenews puts out so many lies that no one would recognize the truth if it were in there.”

The Twi'lek's reply was cut off by the sound of the door chime. Tenel Ka opened the large, elaborately-carved doors, and Ladies Esoma, Avyla, and Ni'mi entered. The trio curtsied their Queen, and Lady Esoma asked how they could serve her.

“You'll prepare Jedi Alema Rar for our tour, per the instructions I sent you earlier. Ni'mi and Avyla, you two will assist me,” Tenel Ka instructed them.

“At once, your Majesty,” the trio replied almost simultaneously, and got to their respective tasks.

As Lady Esoma guided Alema Rar to the refresher, she wondered just what kind of 'instructions' Tenel Ka had given regarding how she was to be prepared for the tour.

Alema Rar found out about the instructions, one detail at a time. First Lady Esoma removed everything she was wearing, except for the anti-Force collar and self-tightening corset. Alema Rar had very much hoped that she would remove the last item, but the Queen's instructions were firm. Lady Esoma did help her slid on a fresh pair of Selab moth fiber panties, in pink this time.

Next came the purple-black mid-thigh-high lizard-hide boots, with about eighteen centimeter heels. There were discreet locks at the top of each boot, which Lady Esoma snapped shut.

The sleeveless bodice of the dress that Tenel Ka had chosen matched the boots, in color and material. The skirt part came to just past the top of the boots, and was made of a traditional fabric, although one that didn't feel quite familiar to the Twi'lek. The dress concealed the corset very well. Then Lady Esoma picked up the chrome belt that Tenel Ka had given Alema Rar the night before, and locked it around the Twi'lek's slim waist.

The last items of jewelry Lady Esoma decorated Alema Rar with weren't the bicep, wrist, and ankle cuffs she had been expecting. Instead, the Hapan noblewoman closed a black, bangle-style bracelet around Alema Rar's wrist. It was too small to slide off, but big enough to slide up and down freely. The black bracelet was followed by a silver one, then ten more, alternating black and silver.

The process was repeated on Alema Rar's other wrist. When she asked, Lady Esoma informed her that the bracelets each closed with a small magnetic lock.

The Queen was dressed in another lizard-hide bodysuit, this one more of a reddish-green color. Her magnetic belt was around her waist, and when she moved her arm Alema Rar noticed that she was wearing about a dozen bangle bracelets on her wrist as well. With the Queen and her guest ready, the women left.

In the corridor, the five ladies were joined by two guards, both female. A few minutes later, two more female guards joined the group. At the Royal Hangar, there were eight more guards, half men and half women, awaiting them on speeder bikes. Tenel Ka led Alema Rar, along with Lady Esoma and one of the original guards, to a large armored landspeeder. Avyla, Ni'mi, and the other three guards climbed into a matching one. The eight speeder bikes surrounded the two landspeeders, and the entire group exited the hangar.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“That was the best shopping trip I've had in a long time,” Alema Rar said as they arrived back at the palace.

“Yeah, I haven't had the chance to unwind like that in awhile either,” Tenel Ka replied as the two, along with the Queen's entourage, entered the Royal chambers.

Their “tour” of the city had turned into a shopping expedition when they passed by the most exclusive shopping district in the entire Consortium. Alema Rar had only gotten a few things, and Tenel Ka had insisted on buying them for her. The Hapan Queen hadn't bought much more for herself, but the two had enjoyed the experience.

Ladies Esoma, Avyla, and Ni'mi busied themselves putting away the Queen's purchases, including what she had bought for Alema Rar. While the three attendants completed that task, Tenel Ka casually informed Alema Rar that they would be attending a dinner that evening.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As the two made the long, slow walk to the Royal dinning room, Alema Rar wondered why Tenel Ka had insisted on her wearing most of the bondage outfit that Lady Esoma had tricked her into wearing upon her arrival. The combination of the long hobble skirt and ballet-heeled ankle boots was what made the walk so long and slow. The nerfhide skirt covered the locked ankle straps of the ballet boots, and hugged her legs up to her waist.

The corset was still keeping Alema Rar's waist constricted, and served as the top half of the outfit. Tenel Ka's durasteel belt was locked firmly around her waist, at the top of the hobble skirt. To her relief, Tenel Ka hadn't replaced the bangle bracelets Alema Rar was wearing with the two-and-half kilo cuffs that were part of the original outfit. She had also left off the matching anklecuffs, making it slightly easier for the Twi'lek to walk. Also missing were the fingerless nerfhide bondage mittens. New, shiny durasteel cuffs were locked around her biceps. The anti-Force collar was still secured around her neck.

Once they arrived at the dining hall, the Queen took the time to introduce Alema Rar to the other guests, leaving out the part about Alema Rar being a Jedi Knight. As a slave, Alema Rar had been expected to remember the names of everyone that her owner introduced her to. As a Jedi she had learned how to use the Force to enhance her memory. It was no problem to keep track of the various Duchas and Ladies that were in attendance. Most of them seemed very polite to her, although Alema Rar got the impression they were stretching the point out of respect for the Queen.

Dinner was a lavish affair, as befitting the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. Besides Alema Rar, there were nine guests, all women, and all dressed impressively. Once Tenel Ka took her place at the head of the table, the other guests―Hapan nobles, Alema Rar assumed―were seated. Alema Rar's place was directly to Tenel Ka's right. Half-a-dozen strapping Hapan men served the meal, under the direction of Lady Ni'mi.

Afterwards, Alema Rar and the Hapans went into a large adjacent sitting room. This one had several oversized couches scattered about, as well as the thick carpeting that was standard for the Hapan palace. Strangely, Alema Rar didn't see any servants around. The next thing that the Twi'lek noticed was the abrupt change in the demeanors of the Hapans, even Tenel Ka.

Alema Rar turned to look at a couple of the noblewomen and was genuinely shocked to see the pair undressing each other. A glance around the room revealed the rest of the formerly haughty Hapans stripping each other out of their clothes, often between passionate kisses and strokes of the flesh.

It wasn't that she'd never seen naked women before, it was that she'd never seen a group of such respectable women strip down so fast.

“Here, let me help you with that,” a gorgeous blonde said as she unfastened Alema Rar's nerfhide hobble skirt.

“Thanks,” Alema Rar replied as she felt the smooth nerfhide slide down her legs.

“I've never been with a Twi'lek before,” the blonde added as she ran her hand up Alema Rar's bare thighs.

Minutes later, Alema Rar was lying on her back, legs spread while Ducha ... something or another ... licked her bare snatch. The Twi'lek arched her back in ecstasy, as much as the corset would let her. Alema Rar was still mostly dressed. Besides the hobble skirt, the human had only bothered to pull off her tiny thong, leaving her ballet heels, durasteel belt, corset, bangles, bicep cuffs and collar.

Not that Alema Rar was really worried about what she was wearing. Currently, she had her tongue buried in Tenel Ka's pussy. The Queen was kneeling over her face, with her shins tight against either side of the Twi'lek's head.

A few more licks of the Ducha's tongue and Alema Rar was almost there. Suddenly, the blonde stopped licking her clit.

“Oh!” Alema Rar moaned loudly as she reached for the Ducha, to pull her back to her waiting, and soaking, pussy. Kriffing bitch, she thought when she couldn't find her with her outstretched hands.

“Na-nah,” the Ducha said softly, now from Alema Rar's side. “No one can orgasm before the Queen,” she added soothingly as she reached between Tenel Ka's legs to stroke her pussy. Long used to putting others' pleasure before her own, Alema Rar continued her newly invigorated tongue licking. A few minutes later the Twi'lek felt Tenel Ka's thighs clench her head, not to mention sensitive lekku, as she rocketed to orgasm.

Almost as soon as Tenel Ka climbed off Alema Rar's face, she was replaced by another Hapan, while the Ducha returned to the Twi'lek's pussy. Before Alema Rar made it to orgasm, she heard several other women scream out in their own climax.

The tongue between Alema Rar's legs was quickly replaced by another one. The Twi'lek brought the pussy sitting on her to orgasm, and it too was quickly replaced by another one.

Vaguely, she heard someone yell, “Frag! That Twi'lek can lick some pussy!”

Several pussies later, Alema Rar figured out that she was the most popular girl in the room. Probably the first time they've had a Twi'lek, she thought as she brought her fifth or sixth Hapan noblewoman to orgasm. Just as many had licked her own pussy, although she hadn't cum quite as many times.

As her latest orgasmee climbed off her, Alema Rar raised her head to glance around the room. She had just enough time to see that several women, Tenel Ka included, were fucking their fellow Hapans with strap-ons. She even spotted a few noblewomen in various stages of bondage before another Human knelt down over her face.

Since men always seemed to be more into group sex than women, it had been a while since Alema Rar had licked so many pussies in a row. Still, even after the tenth ― or was it eleventh? ― Hapan pussy she had eaten out, Alema Rar felt ready for more.

Tenel Ka obliged her, not that Alema Rar had the chance to say anything. She barely had time to take a breath before the Queen was shoving her snatch onto Alema Rar’s pussy-juice-soaked face. Another tongue was busy between her own legs, getting “a taste of Twi’lek,” as she had heard someone comment.

Alema Rar always aimed to please when it came to sex. Still, after about ten minutes, she still hadn’t gotten the Hapan Queen to Cum. In the back of her mind, Alema Rar wondered how many orgasms her friend had had that evening. Finally, she felt the human tense, and scream out in orgasm as she squeezed the Twi'lek's head with her thighs.

“Oh,” Alema Rar heard Tenel Ka groan as she slid off her face.

Alema Rar spread her own legs a little wider―she felt another cum on the way.

“Alright ladies, that's it for tonight,” Tenel Ka said absently, as someone helped her climb to her feet.

Just like that, Alema Rar felt the tongue pull away, leaving her on the cusp of cumming.

“Hey!” the Twi'lek said in annoyance, as she looked up at the Hapan noblewoman who had left her on the edge.

Before the Hapan could respond, Tenel Ka got Alema Rar's attention by gently tapping her shoulder with her boot.

“It's a Royal privilege. The Queen is the first AND the last to cum,” Tenel Ka told the supine Twi'lek. “And it's great to be the Queen,” she added with a smug smile.

After about twenty minutes of getting dressed, which included searching the room for various items of clothing, the ten Hapan noblewomen and one Twi'lek made their way back into the dining room, where they had wine and some decadent cakes as a desert. The servants, both male and female, acted like the Queen and her guests had just stepped out for a moment of fresh air. As a former servant―well, slave―Alema Rar was confident that the servants knew all about what had went on in the sitting room.

After wine and desert, the Queen called an end to the dinner. Alema Rar followed her back to the Royal quarters, where Lady Esoma was waiting at the door. Tenel Ka had her handmaiden retrieve a set of wrist shackles from the chest that was at the foot of the Queen's bed, and secure Alema Rar's hands behind her back. Then Tenel Ka had Lady Esoma guide the cuffed Twi’lek to one of the comfortable nerfhide couches, then the Queen instructed her to stay put, much to the Twi'lek’s annoyance.

Lady Esoma and Tenel Ka spent the next three-quarters of an hour getting the Queen ready for bed, which included Tenel Ka changing into a plain white cotton t-shirt and Selab moth fiber panties. Only after she was ready for a comfortable night's sleep did she allow Lady Esoma to help Alema Rar prepare for bed.

That turned out to be a lot easier than Alema Rar thought it would be, at least for Lady Esoma anyway. Once the Hapan handmaiden took off Alema Rar's nerfhide hobble skirt and put another set of durasteel shackles on her ankles, Tenel Ka instructed Lady Esoma to chain her to the bed post.

“Hey!” Alema Rar said incredulously.

“Come now, my dear. It is quite a privilege to sleep leashed to the Royal bed,” Tenel Ka said lazily from the soft pillow. “You could spend another night in my cage, or even my dungeon, if you prefer?” the Hapan Queen added haughtily.

Alema Rar bit back a grimace. Even without the Force, she knew that Tenel Ka wouldn't be too cruel to her. She wouldn't even mind another night in the cage, it was one of the more comfortable ones she'd ever been in. The dungeon might even be fun, but if she had a choice, Alema Rar wanted to spend the night in the Queen's bed, not leashed to it. Oh, Tenel Ka was expecting a properly submissive response.

“Yes, your Majesty,” she replied, remembering not to call her Mistress even though Lady Esoma appeared to have full knowledge of Tenel Ka's kinkiness.

“Wise decision,” Tenel Ka replied as Lady Esoma locked Alema Rar’s leash to the bedpost at the foot of the bed. “Lady Esoma, do get a pillow for my guest’s comfort,” she added sweetly.

My comfort! Alema Rar thought incredulously. Even for an experienced bondage aficionado such as herself, the corset and ballet heels precluded her having very much comfort. As Lady Esoma helped her to the floor, Alema Rar idly wondered just how often Tenel Ka did stuff like this. She seemed altogether to good to be a novice Domme.

Finally Lady Esoma returned with a pillow, which she had to put under Alema Rar’s head, since the Twi'lek's hands were still shackled behind her back. Alema Rar thanked her, as a good slave should.

Tenel Ka dismissed Lady Esoma, and Alema Rar attempted to get some sleep. The thick carpeting helped. She was also very used to wearing shackles and a collar while sleeping; so those didn’t bother her. However, the constricting corset and painful heels made getting comfortable almost impossible. Her biggest problem was that the anti-Force collar was still cutting off her ability to use the Force to help herself get to sleep.

Eventually Alema Rar did fall into a fitful sleep, awaking several times throughout the night.

By the time the sunlight first began shining through the large windows, the corset won out, and Alema Rar couldn’t get back to sleep. Unfortunately for her, Tenel Ka had no such problem; she was sleeping soundly in her bed.

Alema Rar thought about trying to climb into the bed with her, but her leash was only a little over a meter long. She looked around, but there was nothing within reach that she could get to.

Then Alema Rar realized that her feet were asleep in the ballet-heeled boots. She began flexing her toes, as much as she could anyway, to wake them up. After several unsuccessful minutes, Alema Rar decided that the boots had to come off.

While she was sure that Tenel Ka would take them off if she woke her and explained the situation, that wasn’t Alema Rar’s style. Instead she attempted to free herself, while staying quiet enough not to awake Tenel Ka.

First Alema Rar tried to slide her cuffed hands past her ass, and underneath her legs, something she had done plenty of time before. However, she had never attempted it while wearing a full, and stiff, corset. She couldn’t flex her torso enough to get her hands past her toned cheeks.

Next she rolled over onto her stomach and brought her boots up to her cuffed hands. Then, while looking over one shoulder to see what she was doing, Alema Rar tried to unfasten the ankle straps of the boots.

This quickly proved impossible. The ankle straps seemed to have magnetic locks built into the layers of nerfhide. Sighing in frustration, the bound Twi’lek dropped her feet back to the carpet.

The only other option Alema Rar could think of besides waking up Tenel Ka was trying to use the Force with the collar activated. She hadn’t attempted to feel the Force since the previous night, when she awoke and instinctively tried to reach out with her Jedi senses. Tenel Ka had felt the pain the collar had caused, and turned down the collar’s power.

Thinking back to the night before, Alema Rar did seem to half-remember a few attempts to reach out with the Force, only to stop when she felt the pain of the collar. Now however, she was fully awake, and determined to overcome the collar’s power.

With a deep―well, shallow, she was still wearing the corset―breath, Alema Rar reached out with the Force towards the magnetic locks on her ballet heeled ankle boots.

Almost as quick as she started, she felt pain from the collar. Within a couple of seconds the pain became unbearable. Just as she felt herself begin to lose consciousness, the Jedi shut down her use of the Force.

Well, Kriff. I guess I'm really stuck, Alema Rar thought as she pulled vainly against her ankle cuffs. An absurdly perky, and fake-sounding, yawn from the Queen’s bed interrupted her musings.

“Good morning my dear Alema Rar,” Tenel Ka said happily as she climbed out of the bed. “Did you sleep well?” she added as she walked towards the foot of the bed. “Me? I slept great. Like a Hutt.”

Alema Rar rolled back over to her side, so she could look up at her friend. “Frakk You,” she replied conversationally.

Tenel Ka chuckled, then asked. “Is it the boots or the corset?”

“Both,” she replied, after a moment's consideration.

“Hhmmm. Well, I have some Queenly duties to attend to do this morning, so I guess I can release you, and let you get a few hours of unrestrained sleep,” Tenel Ka told her with the air of someone granting a great concession.

As it turned out, the Corset had magnetic locks built into it as well. Alema Rar let out a deep sigh of relief once she was released from the ultra-tight nerfhide. Her feet felt almost as good free of the ballet boots. Once Tenel Ka had unlocked her leash and wristcuffs, Alema Rar thanked her and spent a few seconds stretching. She was completely naked except for the collar and wristcuffs, and Alema Rar wore restraints so habitually she didn't even notice them―other than the unique properties of the collar, that is.

After using the 'fresher, Alema Rar walked back to Tenel Ka's warm bed. The Queen was busy at her computer terminal. Before Alema Rar crawled into the bed, she picked up the short chain, just a few links long, that Lady Esoma had used to lock her hands behind her back the night before.

Once her hands were out of sight underneath the thin blanket, the Twi'lek brought her hands, and the chain, behind her back. Unfortunately for her the magnetic locks on the ends of the chain were still turned off. Oh well, Alema Rar thought with a shrug, she would have found out anyway.

“Hey, Mistress. Can you do me a little favor?” Alema Rar asked in her best sweet friend voice.

Tenel Ka looked back at her with a smile―she liked hearing her call her Mistress. “Possibly, my little slave,” she replied, still smiling.

Alema Rar held up the mag-chain she had picked up. “Can you activate this for me?”

The Queen was momentarily taken aback. She knew that Alema Rar was into bondage, and submissive, but not to the degree that she preferred sleeping with her hands cuffed. “Sure thing,” she replied as she reached over to the remote lying on her desk and activated the mag-locks on the chain.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Alema Rar said with a wink as she put her hand back behind her back and locked them together with the short chain.

Now Tenel Ka was really puzzled. Even with the blanket covering her, Tenel Ka could tell what Alema Rar had done.

“Did you cuff your hands behind your back to go to sleep?” Tenel Ka asked, confirming her suspicion.

“Yes Mistress,” Alema Rar answered, wondering why Tenel Ka looked confused.

“So you prefer to have your arms restrained behind your back when you sleep?

Now Alema Rar started to understand. Even with other submissive bondage enthusiasts, not a lot chose behind-the-back restraints for sleep. “Oh yes Mistress. I can sleep with them cuffed in front, or to something, but I usually prefer to sleep with my hands shackled behind my back,” she answered, then stifled a yawn.

The Hapan Queen shook her head in disbelief. “Well, by all means, don't let me stop you,” she said to the restrained Jedi.

“Thanks, Goodnight Mistress,” Alema Rar replied contently.

“Goodnight,” Tenel Ka answer absently.

Soon after Alema Rar went to sleep, Tenel Ka summoned Lady Esoma, who assisted the Queen in getting completely dressed for her public duties. Tenel Ka instructed the guards posted outside her room not to disturb her guest, then the two Hapan women left the sleeping Twi'lek alone.

Alema Rar slept for several hours, then spent a few minutes lying lazily in the bed. It was still strange to wake up without the Force. When she finally got up she took a few moments to stretch, as best she could while still shackled. When Alema Rar came out of the 'fresher, Lady Esoma was sitting on one of the Queen's pouf couches.

The two exchanged greetings, and Lady Esoma informed Alema Rar, who was still naked and cuffed, that the Queen had to make a visit to Chosper, and wanted the two of them to accompany her. The names meant nothing to Alema Rar. Lady Esoma explained that they were simply worlds in the Hapes Cluster, and the Queen needed to handle some minor bureaucratic details that couldn't be done via comlink.

The Hapan handmaiden told Alema Rar that the Queen had left specific instructions on how she was to prepare Alema Rar. With a sigh that was half anticipation, half resignation, Alema Rar agreed.

The first thing that Lady Esoma did was lock a harness gag around the Twi'lek's head. The gag part was shaped like a human cock, but it was so thick that Alema Rar couldn't even move her tongue to lick it. She had to content herself with sucking. A nerfhide muzzle covered the lower half of Alema Rar's face.

Lady Esoma didn't bother to remove Alema Rar's wrist shackles when she put the nerfhide corset back onto the Twi'lek. Neither did she unlock them when she strapped the ballet boots back onto her feet. Alema Rar obediently lifted her shackled wrists out of the way as Lady Esoma locked the Queen's durasteel belt around her waist. Strangely though, instead of some kind of lower body covering, next Lady Esoma picked up a pair of bicep cuffs.

Since her wrists were still shackled, Alema Rar didn't have a problem pulling her elbows together until they touched. Lady Esoma easily snapped the shackles onto her upper arms. The Twi'lek grunted through the gag as the durasteel thighcuffs went on, as well as the ankle shackles. There was no chain connecting any of the cuffs: the bicep, wrist, thigh, and ankle cuffs were all locked directly together. When Lady Esoma locked the twin bands of durasteel around her legs just below her knees, Alema Rar wondered how she was supposed to travel at all.

Now Lady Esoma did remove Alema Rar's wrist shackles, only to pull a pair of thick nerfhide bondage mittens onto her hands. She quickly replaced the wrist shackles, locking the fist-shaped mittens tightly into place.

Next Lady Esoma helped Alema Rar lie down on her stomach. Then the Hapan handmaiden selected a stout chain from the Queen's toy chest and locked one end to the back of the harness that was strapped around Alema Rar's head. Lady Esoma then folded the Twi'lek's legs into a strict hogtie position and locked the opposite end of the chain to her ankle shackles, harshly pulling her head up and back. The chain was also locked to her bicep and wristcuffs.

It had been too long since Alema Rar had been in a good, tight hogtie. At least a couple of months. And that sexy Falleen Thrann Mithric had done it, Alema Rar remembered with a shudder of pleasure. At this point she could barely move. Tenel Ka on the other hand, or possibly Lady Esoma, thought that the Jedi needed some more restraint.

This had to have been why Lady Esoma picked out a wide nerfhide belt and wrapped it around the bound Twi'lek's torso, pinning her arms tightly to her back. The last item of restraint that Lady Esoma put on the helpless Alema Rar was a thick nerfhide blindfold.

Alema Rar tugged against the durasteel and nerfhide of her restraints as she listened for clues as to what Lady Esoma was doing. She also tested the anti-Force collar once again. It was hopeless. She was completely at Lady Esoma's mercy.

Suddenly Alema Rar heard the distinctive whine of a repulsorlift from underneath her, and felt herself being lifted off the ground. After a few minutes of moving horizontally, the repulsorlift changed pitch and Alema Rar was gently lowered back down. Even blind and Forceless, Alema Rar could sense that she was in some kind of enclosed space. Probably a box or cargo container, she thought with some trepidation. Next Alema Rar felt a hand, mostly likely Lady Esoma's, softly stroking her left lek, tchun.

“Ah, now you are secure and ready for travel, my dear Jedi,” Lady Esoma said as she stroked the Twi'lek's braintail. “All of the Queen's restraints―” she stopped to chuckle at her unintended pun―“are designed for Humans, so I don't have anything to bind these lekku without hurting you.”

Alema Rar tried to thank her for her concern, but of course all that came out was a unintelligible grunt. Still, it was a good sign that Lady Esoma was concerned for her safety. Unless she's planning on ransoming me, the Jedi thought half-seriously.

“Now, this specially designed cargo container has sensors monitoring all your vital functions, which I can monitor on my personal comlink, so you will be perfectly safe for our trip. The Queen and I will be traveling a bit more comfortably I believe,” Lady Esoma said with a laugh as she closed the lid, sealing Alema Rar inside.

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