Alema Rar Visits Hapes
Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth Star Wars story I have written. All of my stories (so far) take place between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis. I would like for you to read my other three Star Wars stories first, but I highly recommend that you read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage, as this story is a direct sequel, although my other two Star Wars stories take place in between. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Some unknown time later, Alema Rar began to regain consciousness lying face down on something soft. Instinctively, she tried to use the Force to awaken faster. A much milder pain than the one that had knocked her out shot through her, but she fought through it and stayed alert.

Almost the first lesson taught to any Jedi trainee was Force awareness. Even though it hurt, Alema Rar reached with the Force to get a sense of her surroundings. She had barely begun when she found a Force presence that shocked her.

“Good morning, Alema Rar,” the presence said in a friendly manner.

“Tenel Ka, What the frakk is going on?” Alema Rar nearly shouted back at her. As she took a breath, she also realized that she was still wearing the corset, which had gotten several centimeters tighter, and that her arms were still locked behind her back.

“Please forgive me, I had to conduct a little test is all,” Tenel Ka replied soothingly.

Alema Rar tried to roll over on the bed she was on, to sit up, and felt the nerfhide hobble skirt tight around her legs, not to mention the heavy anklecuffs. “What?” she asked, obvious confusion showing on her face.

Tenel Ka hit a button on the remote in her hand and the magnetic lock securing Alema Rar's hands released. “I had to see if the collar would still work,” Tenel Ka said, as Alema Rar's heavy wrists fell to the bed.

“What?” Alema Rar repeated as she pushed herself up and swung her legs off the bed. Only when her feet hit the carpet did she realize that she was still wearing the ballet boots. She must have been wearing them long enough for her feet to adjust. She barely felt any pain from them. “How long was I out?” she asked, before Tenel Ka could answer the first question.

“About ten hours,” Tenel Ka answered. “Now, as for the collar, I'll start from the beginning. But first, you have to absolutely promise me not to discuss this with anyone, including Master Luke, or any of the other Masters?”

Alema Rar paused a moment. She could feel how serious Tenel Ka was about keeping this quiet. “Okay,” she replied as she slipped a hand behind her back to see if her lightsaber was still in its hidden compartment.

“It's still there,” Tenel Ka said as her fingers found the hilt.

Embarrassed at being read so easily, Alema Rar quickly moved her hand back to her lap.

“I'm serious though,” Tenel Ka reiterated. “Not even Tahiri, okay?”

“Not even Tahiri,” Alema Rar replied, now more curious than anything else.

Tenel Ka took a breath. “Okay, did Tahiri tell you about what happened when she came to visit me a few months ago?”

Alema Rar frowned slight before answering. Tahiri had told her about some wild―by her standards anyway―sex that she and Tenel Ka had had with some guys, and had mentioned a collar that Alema Rar thought was the one she was wearing now, but that was it. “A little,” she said after a moment.

“Alright, to make a complicated story short, Tahiri walked into a coup attempt organized by two of my distant cousins and some supporters. The key to the coup was an anti-Force collar that they had had engineered.”

Without conscious thought, Alema Rar raised a hand to the collar locked around her throat.

“Yes, that collar,” Tenel Ka informed her as her thumb turned down the dial on the switch.

Alema Rar immediately felt the Force perfectly clear, but felt the weight of the bracelet after only a couple of seconds. She dropped her hand back to her lap, convinced of the collar's power.

“I was tricked into trying the collar on, and was unable to use the Force without passing out from the pain. However, I refused to give up the throne without a fight, as they had hoped. Luckily―well, not for Tahiri, but for a lot of innocent people―Tahiri showed up.”

Alema Rar listened as her eyes followed the lines of the form-fitting purplish-gray lizard hide bodysuit that Tenel Ka wore. A dozen-or-so purple-black bracelets were on her right wrist. They clinked against each other every time she moved her hand; and since Tenel Ka only had one arm, that was quite a bit.

The lines on the bodysuit were actually seams that joined two slightly different shades of hide. One seam came from behind the neck of the bodysuit, passed between her breasts, around her back, and came out just below her belly button. Alema Rar followed it until it disappeared again under her ass.

“Tahiri was also tricked into wearing the collar, almost the same way you were, as matter of fact. The conspirators attempted to use the threat of her death to further their aims, and I again refused.”

Alema Rar thought that the Hapan Queen would look better wearing some higher heels, but the blocky eight centimeter ones on her boots weren't bad. After a moment, she turned her attention back to Tenel Ka's left arm―at least what was left of it after being amputated by a lightsaber years ago. The lizard hide had been cut to cover the stump exactly, and without a seam that was visible to Alema Rar.

Tenel Ka flexed the shortened arm as she continued. “Soon afterwards, Tahiri regained consciousness, and due to her torture at the hands of the Vong, she was able to fight through the pain, escape, and rescue me. I dealt with the traitors, and the scientist that engineered the collar.” She leaned forward to emphasize the next part. “I ruthlessly hunted down every trace of the technology. The only remaining example is locked around your neck.”

Alema Rar wasn't having any trouble with her Force abilities now. “That still doesn't explain why you put it on me,” she said impatiently.

“I needed to see if the remote control for the collar would still work. Sorry about that, by the way,” Tenel Ka responded dismissively.

Alema Rar processed that for a moment. She had been used as an experiment. “And what if it didn't!?” she shouted.

Tenel Ka allowed a slight smile to cross her lips as she replied, “Then, for your safety, you would have to remain in my chambers as a Royal Guest, naked, shackled, and collared, for the pleasure of the Queen Mother.”

“Naked, shackled, and collared?” Alema Rar asked, half-hiding her smile.

Tenel Ka nodded as she replied, “Naked, shackled, and collared,” with a smirk on her own face.

“I hope that can still be arranged,” Alema Rar said, running a few ideas through her mind.

Tenel Ka seemed to mull that over a few seconds. “Well, I guess I could be persuaded to keep a certain young, sexy, Twi'lek naked, shackled, and collared for my pleasure,” she decided reluctantly. “Nela Che, for instance,” she added with a bright smile, naming a famous Twi'lek holo-actress.

Alema Rar's jaw dropped in mock-anger as she looked for something to throw. There was nothing within arm's reach.

“If you would accompany me to my quarters, we can begin,” Tenel Ka said as she rose from her chair.

Alema Rar begin to rise as well. “Hey, you do have the key to these blasted ballet boots, right?” she asked as she took a tiny step.

“Well, I think so, but it doesn't matter, since the boots aren't coming off anytime soon,” Tenel Ka replied with an evil smirk.

Alema Rar started to reply, but was swiftly interrupted by Tenel Ka. “Not right now,” she said in a suddenly serious tone as the doors opened.

The two Jedi were greeted by a handful of the Queen's bodyguards and handmaidens. Alema Rar wondered why Lady Esoma was not among them. Tenel Ka quickly informed them that everything was fine, and that Alema Rar had simply had a fainting spell, probably from the corset, and had been recovering. Without missing a beat, Alema Rar nodded and held a hand over her stomach, simultaneously plastering a queasy look on her face. Cover story in place, the entire group headed slowly towards the Royal Suite.

They had to move slowly because of the ballet heels and hobble skirt Alema Rar was wearing. She also felt the eyes of a few of the party watching her intently, and lustfully. To make matters worse, Tenel Ka told the whole group that Alema Rar insisted on wearing the outfit, in spite of the inconvenience it caused. The Twi'lek gave her an annoyed look but went along with the story, and apologized to everyone.

After a short distance and several long minutes, one of the handmaidens suggested that a guard could carry the hobbled Jedi to the Queen's chambers.

“What an excellent idea!” Tenel Ka replied with a quick nod to a trailing guard.

Before Alema Rar could even think of voicing a protest, the strapping guard had literally swept her off her feet and was cradling her in his muscular arms. She managed to get out a startled “Hey!” before noticing just how easily he had man handled her. “Hey,” Alema Rar said again, much slower as she ran a hand across his chiseled chest.

The trip went much faster with Alema Rar being carried. Not that Alema Rar was paying much attention. She was busy whispering into the sexy guard's ear about wanting to see more of his chest before she left. When they finally arrived at the Queen's suite, he responded with a wink and gently set her back on her ballet-heeled feet. Alema Rar gave him a playful swat on his toned behind as the group left. Her eyes lingered on his ass as the door closed, leaving Alema Rar and Tenel Ka alone.

“Now, What's this I hear about you refusing to wear the gloves and belt that I left for you?” Tenel Ka asked her in her most regal voice.

At the time Alema Rar had wanted to be able to use her lightsaber, if she had to. Since Tenel Ka was actually here now, she didn't think it would be necessary to cut anything off anybody.

“I'm really sorry about that, Tenel Ka,” Alema Rar said apologetically. “I wasn't one hundred percent sure that it was you who had left them,” she added as she turned to face her.

“Well, as you can see, I have them right here, so we can correct that,” Tenel Ka replied as she gestured towards the gloves lying on the nearest caftable.

Alema Rar still wasn't exactly enthusiastic about wearing the fingerless mittens. “Great!” she replied with a fake smile as she carefully walked over to the caftable and sat down on the nearby purple Hapan nerfhide poufcouch.

Tenel Ka used the remote to release the heavy durasteel from Alema Rar's wrists. The Hapan Queen watched impatiently as Alema Rar pulled one of the gloves on. She had to ball her hand into a fist so it would fit properly into place. Alema Rar had little trouble buckling the strap at her armpit with one hand, thanks to long practice with self bondage, both willing and un-willing.

The Hapan amputee proved even defter with her one hand at pulling the other bondage mitten up Alema Rar's free arm, and buckling the straps into place. The bangle bracelets sounded like some sort of metal as they slid up and down her arm. Instead of putting the heavy bracelets back on her, Tenel Ka produced two six-centimeter-wide, highly polished durasteel wrist shackles.

“Ankles,” Tenel Ka simply ordered her next.

Alema Rar leaned back on the couch and obediently lifted her feet. The heavy ankle bracelets hit the thick carpet with a thud. Tenel Ka wasted no time in locking six centimeter wide shackles onto to her ankles as well. Only after Alema Rar set her feet down did she realize that the anklecuffs were locked together with a short chain, about twenty centimeters long.

“Don't go anywhere,” Tenel Ka commanded her as she walked over to a doorway. Alema Rar figured that it was a closet, and a big one, since it belonged to Tenel Ka. Her suspicion was confirmed when she caught a glimpse of racks of clothing.

Tenel Ka returned with a pair of durasteel bars, each about forty centimeters long, and a few wide. She connected the end of one with the side of Alema Rar's collar, with the bar pointing out to the side horizontally. Alema Rar passively let her lift her hand to connect her wristcuff with the other end of the bar. Then Tenel Ka repeated the process with her other arm, and Alema Rar was magnetically locked into a yoke, with both wrists trapped to either side, even with her collar.

“Now, how's that?” Tenel Ka asked, as she stood back to get a better look at the tightly bound Twi'lek.

“Well, you seem to have the shackled and collared part down, but what about the naked part?” Alema Rar replied.

“All in good time my dear. But first, I need to ask you a little favor,” Tenel Ka said sweetly.

“Sure,” the bound Twi’lek answered, now puzzled. “I’m not sure what I can do like this, though,” she added, lifting the neck stock slightly.

Tenel Ka walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. She slowly ran her hand over Alema Rar’s nerfhide skirt, and up the stiff corset.

“You see, I need to find out if a Jedi can eventually overcome the affects of the collar.” Now her finger traced a line from one of the yoke bars to the collar she was speaking of. “So what I’m gonna do is, turn the power all the way up, and leave it on ... until I decide to turn it off, okay?”

Alema Rar really didn’t want to do this. The pain from the collar had been enough to knock her out almost instantly. She didn’t even know if she could stop herself from using the Force, but she supposed that if she were unconscious, then she wouldn’t. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Tenel Ka, it was just that she really didn’t want to do this.

“Um, maybe I could lick your pussy awhile instead?” she offered hopefully.

“You’re gonna do that anyway,” Tenel Ka replied with a leering smile.

Alema Rar thought another moment, desperately trying to derail her friend’s plan. “Maybe I could get Tahiri back here, and get her to do it?”

Tenel Ka laughed again, tauntingly. “She’s already proven that she can fight through it,” she said. “But then again, she’s a pain slut,” she added as she got a firm grip on the leash ring of Alema Rar’s collar.

“What about Jaina then,” Alema Rar said quickly as she tried vainly to squirm away.

“Maybe next time,” Tenel Ka said after barely a moment's thought, keeping the struggling Twi’lek close with the lead ring.

Since Tenel Ka only had one arm, she used the leash ring to hold Alema Rar still as she twisted and swung one leg over her, ending up on her knees straddling the helpless Twi'lek. Then Tenel Ka held her down with her amputated arm while she plucked the remote off her own magnetic belt and held it up in front of her captive's face, taunting her.

“See, I’ll just slide this little dial right here, and you’ll be my helpless, Forceless, little playtoy for as long as I want,” Tenel Ka said as she slowly slid her thumb up the dial, turning on, and up, the anti-Force power of the collar.

Alema Rar watched desperately as her captress's manicured thumb slide up the dial, and felt first an unpleasantness, then stronger and stronger pain, seeming to come from inside her, not from the collar at all. As the pain became more intense, Alema Rar stopped the nearly automatic use of the Force that was second nature for any Jedi. Finally, Tenel Ka’s thumb completed its slide across the remote.

Still willing herself not to touch the Force, Alema Rar let out the breath that she had been holding. Then she took another one. Then another. She could do this. Alema Rar had been naked or nearly naked in front of countless people, countless times. Having sex with twenty or more partners, and countless other humiliating situations. Still, she felt far more exposed now than ever before.

Alema Rar watched Tenel Ka put the remote back onto its place on her belt. “Um, Tenel Ka,” she said tentatively, “Please don't lose that, okay?”

Tenel Ka reached up and gripped the bar running from Alema Rar's collar to her left wrist cuff. “Mistress,” she stressed as she pulled the bar forwards and down, twisting Alema Rar's upper body the same direction.

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress,” she said quickly, feeling a spike of pain before she shut down a flittering use of the Force.

“And don't forget it either, slave,” Tenel Ka said as she stood up off the tightly bound Twi'lek.

The Hapan Queen walked over to an elaborately carved chest with a padded top at the foot of her bed. The lid stayed open on its on as she pulled out a chain a little less than two meters long. Alema Rar knew the look of a leash when she saw one.

Tenel Ka deftly clipped one end of the leash onto the ring at the front of Alema Rar's collar. “Let's go,” she said as she pulled on the chain leash.

With Tenel Ka helping by pulling on her leash, Alema Rar was able to lift herself off the poufcouch. Since Alema Rar was forced by the ballet boots and hobble skirt to take tiny steps, and her cuffed arms made it harder to balance, she didn't move very fast. Tenel Ka amused herself by tugging on the leash almost every step, making it even harder for her to keep her balance.

Alema Rar was puzzled when they stopped in an empty part of the massive room, several meters from anything. With barely a glance upwards, Tenel Ka threw the end of the long leash she was holding towards the ceiling. To Alema Rar's surprise, the magnetic coupling stuck firmly in place.

“Tahiri said that you had your own durasteel belt made,” Tenel Ka said as she walked slowly around her captive. “How do you take it off?”

“The Force, Mistress,” Alema Rar responded submissively, with the sudden realization that she was trapped in the belt until Tenel Ka turned off the collar, or removed the belt for her.

After a few moments, Alema Rar felt her belt snap open, and heard it fall to the carpet. Then she watched helplessly as Tenel Ka floated it up, and to her waiting hand. The Hapan Queen spent a minute getting a good look at the inside of the belt, and the hidden compartments for Alema Rar's ID-chip, vibroblade, credit chip, and lightsaber, while her new slave watched helplessly. Then, Tenel Ka set it in the carved chest, out of sight. When her hand came out, she was holding another gleaming durasteel belt.

“Unfortunately this one doesn't have all those fancy secret compartments in it like yours does, but it has something even better,” Tenel Ka said as she approached the helpless Twi'lek.

Alema Rar doubted that what ever Tenel Ka was referring to would turn out to be better for her. Still, the anticipation was making her wet. “Really, like what, Mistress?” she asked, feigning a lot more enthusiasm than she felt.

“Well, for starters, it can only be taken off my me,” The Hapan Queen said as she secured the ten centimeter wide belt around her waist.

“Oh, that's good,” Alema Rar replied, humoring her.

Tenel Ka reached up and gripped her chin tightly, locking eyes with her. “If I didn't have plans for that tongue of yours I would lock it behind one of my nerfhide gags for such an obvious lie,” she said firmly.

I guess I'll have to make my lies less obvious, Alema Rar thought. “Sorry Mistress,” she replied with Tenel Ka still gripping her chin.

Suddenly Tenel Ka released her chin, all business. “Now that IS interesting. I can sense your emotions like any normal human. Well, normal Twi'lek,” she corrected herself as she began slowly circling the bound girl.

“That means that the collar doesn't so much as shut down the Force as encourage the wearer not to use the Force.”

The bound Twi'lek sensed the Human stop directly behind her. “I should have realized that from what Tahiri said afterwards.”

Alema Rar felt Tenel Ka's breath on her neck just above the collar. “Eventually a Jedi should be able to fight through the pain, and use the Force, although possibly in a diminished capacity.” She gripped the stock bar with her right hand and laid her left arm over the other bar. “Perhaps I should inflict pain on you, so you can get used to it, and regain the use of the Force,” Tenel Ka suggested as she pressed down on the stock.

It wasn't that Alema Rar didn't sometimes enjoy pain―admittedly nowhere near as much as Tahiri―it's just that she much preferred secure bondage.

In spite of Tenel Ka's added weight, the chain leash stayed firmly anchored to the ceiling. “Um, maybe I could lick your pussy awhile instead, Mistress?” she offered again, even more hopefully.

Laughing, Tenel Ka released the stock, allowing Alema Rar to stand completely upright again. “I already told you that you're going to do that anyway,” Tenel Ka replied.

“As matter of fact...” she trailed off as she stepped up to Alema Rar, then continued, “Let's get rid of that skirt,” as she quickly unfastened the nerfhide hobble skirt and pulled it to the floor.

Startled, Alema Rar looked down towards her now naked lower body. Between the collar and corset, she couldn't see much.

“I think we're done with that stock for now,” Tenel Ka said, ignoring her reaction as she used the remote to release the magnetic locks holding the bars in place. They fell to the carpet with a pair of thuds.

The Twi'lek's partial freedom was short-lived. Almost as fast as she realized that her arms weren't being supported by the stock, Tenel Ka had grabbed her right wrist and planted it at the small of her back against the durasteel belt. By the time she recovered enough to figure out that her right arm was magnetically locked to the belt, Tenel Ka had pushed her left arm into place as well.

She heard Tenel Ka fiddle with the remote again, and suddenly, her hands were free. Free of the belt anyway―the magnetic cuffs were still locked firmly together behind her back. Then she heard soft footsteps as Tenel Ka returned to the still open chest.

In spite of Alema Rar's curiosity about exactly what Tenel Ka was getting out of the chest this time, she stayed just how she had left her, facing away, just like a submissive should.

Just like any good submissive, the first inkling as to what her Mistress had gotten out of the chest came when Alema Rar felt the cold durasteel cuff around her upper arm. The it was quickly joined by a second one on her other arm. Alema Rar guessed that her new bicep cuffs were a slightly-larger match to her wristcuffs. She felt Tenel Ka press something against the inside of her right cuff, and heard it snap into place with a click.

“Elbows together,” Tenel Ka instructed her, as Alema Rar felt her pull inwards to the middle of her back with one cuff, while pushing the other one towards it with her arm stump. Once her elbows touched, she felt another “click” and Tenel Ka let go, leaving her new bicep cuffs securely fastened together.

While Alema Rar was busy adjusting to her new restraints, Tenel Ka released the chain leash from the ceiling and used the Force to direct it to her waiting hand.

“Now, I believe you twice offered to lick my pussy,” Tenel Ka said as she wrapped the leash around her hand.

“Ye-Yes Mistress,” Alema Rar managed to get out in spite of the slowly tightening corset and her newly restrained arms.

“Then I expect you to put forth twice the effort,” Queen Tenel Ka replied smoothly.

“Of course, Mistress,” Alema Rar replied quickly, worried about just how just was supposed to give twice the pussy licking she normally gave without being able to use the Force to sense her lover's emotions.

Tenel Ka led her captive slowly, since she still was wearing ballet heels and anklecuffs connected with a twenty centimeter chain, towards a form-chair in a far corner. Alema Rar didn't mind at all, since she was getting a great view of the Queen's lizard-hide ass as they walked. Still, she wasn't a hundred percent sure that the form-chair was where they were heading, but it looked like the best place for Tenel Ka to relax while she licked her pussy with “twice the effort.”

The form-chair had a molded contour for Tenel Ka's body, right down to her amputated left arm. Alema Rar wondered if there were straps hidden away, as it looked similar to some of the bondage devices she had seen, not to mention been in.

Just as Alema Rar had guessed, Tenel Ka stopped at the form-chair. Then she dropped the leash, reached down to her crotch, and removed a piece of the lizard-hide, revealing her pink, hairless, moist pussy lips. She set the piece of lizard-hide on a nearby table and grabbed the leash that was now hanging from Alema Rar's collar.

The Queen sat down, and commanded her slave to kneel, emphasizing the order with a tug on her leash. Even though Alema Rar had performed the maneuver countless times bound, this time she was without the Force to assist her. Half-way down she lost her balance, and fell forward, landing just above Tenel Ka's crotch.

Laughing, Tenel Ka reached down and helped Alema Rar into the right position, and unlocked the leash from her collar as well. As the kneeling Twi'lek looked up to thank her, she felt two more clicks on her collar. She looked down to see two short chains, maybe fifteen centimeters each and separated by the same distance, coming out of the chair and to her collar. Now her head was locked in the perfect position for oral sex.

“You look much better down there,” Tenel Ka said, as she pressed a button on a control panel embedded in the armrest.

The front of the chair suddenly split, with two padded leg rests separating from the middle section, where the attachment points for the chains were. The two padded leg rests rose up, spreading Tenel Ka’s legs apart and up, leaving her pussy even more accessible to the bound Twi'lek.

“Remember, my little Jedi slave, I want twice the effort,” Tenel Ka said as she leaned back, getting comfortable in the form-chair.

Alema Rar didn’t need any more encouragement. With a lick of her lips, she eagerly plunged into Tenel Ka’s moist snatch.

Even without the Force, Alema Rar was such an experienced pussy licker that she had Tenel Ka cumming in just a few minutes. She also didn't need the Force to tell that Tenel Ka showed no signs of letting her stop.

Several more minutes of enthusiastic pussy eating later Alema Rar didn’t think Tenel Ka was close to orgasm again. Apparently, neither did Tenel Ka. Abruptly, she sat up, closing the leg rests as she did. Alema Rar quickly pulled her head back, jerking hard against the short chains. Then Tenel Ka swung one leg over her head, got up and walked away, leaving her pussy licking Twi’lek kneeling, shackled, and her face dripping with pussy juice.

Puzzled, Alema Rar turned her head, trying to see just where her lover had disappeared. The slightest tingle from the collar reminded her not to reach out with the Force. All she saw was Tenel Ka walking into another closest with several outfits of what looked like either lizard or nerf hide. A few seconds later Alema Rar quickly turned her head back towards the chair, so the returning Tenel Ka didn’t catch her peeking.

Even with the Queen’s high heeled boots, Alema Rar could barely detect her footsteps on the thick carpet. Even without the Force, she still sensed that Tenel Ka had returned, and stopped right behind her.

“Open wide,” she commanded the shackled Twi’lek.

Alema Rar obeyed, and was somewhat surprised when Tenel Ka shoved a double ended dildo gag into her waiting mouth. The part that was in her mouth was smaller than most cock gags she had worn, only about eight or nine centimeters long, and four or five across. Another, much bigger dildo was pointing straight out of Alema Rar’s mouth. It took the one armed Tenel Ka only a few seconds to securely strap the gag into place.

The smug Hapan Queen sat back down and spread her legs apart once again. Alema Rar didn't have to be told what to do next. As soon as Tenel Ka's legs were spread enough, she plunged the dildo gag into her soaking snatch. Armed with a twenty centimeter dildo, Alema Rar brought the Queen screaming to her second orgasm within ten minutes.

Several minutes later, Tenel Ka got up, and went to the refresher. Alema Rar had been left restrained after sex so many times, it seemed normal now. Today she needed the time to let her neck muscles relax from shoving the dildo in and out of her lover's pussy for so long.

Finally Tenel Ka returned, and replaced the lizard-hide that was covering her crotch. Once that was done, she freed Alema Rar from the chair. Then she removed the dildo gag, and much to Alema Rar's relief, the ballet-heeled boots. She had been wearing them for so long, she was having some trouble standing flat footed. Tenel Ka allowed her to set down on the edge of her bed, and unlocked her wrist and bicep cuffs, although she did leave them on.

While Alema Rar was getting the circulation back into her arms, Tenel Ka tossed her a pair of glossy black fifteen centimeter platform heels. These also had a thick nerfhide anklestrap, which Tenel Ka instructed her to lock.

That done, Alema Rar meekly asked her Mistress if she would release her from the now very tight corset.

“Not tonight dear. Now go get cleaned up, we have plenty to do before bed,” Tenel Ka replied with a slap on her ass.

Alema Rar scampered off to the Queen's refresher, which was nearly twice the size of the main cabin of the ship she had flown here.

Once Alema Rar was clean and refreshed, she returned to the Royal bedroom. Tenel Ka was standing next to a meter high durasteel cage, waiting for her.

“All clean, baby?” Tenel Ka asked sweetly.

“Oh, yes,” Alema Rar replied as she looked over the cage. It was just under a meter high, wide, and long. The bars were a few centimeters in diameter. The bottom of the cage looked to be comfortably padded, suitable for long-term occupancy.

Just as that last part occurred to her, Tenel Ka spoke. “Get down on your hands and knees, my pet.”

After the barest moment of hesitation, Alema Rar sank to her knees, and without further prodding, crawled into the cage. Only after Tenel Ka had slid the door down, and Alema Rar heard the 'click' of the lock, did she remember that Tenel Ka had said that they had plenty to do before bed.

When she mentioned this, Tenel Ka looked down at her smugly. “We do, my pet. You are going to sit there quietly in my cage while I take care of some Royal duties.” Then she leaned down, and added, “We are granting you the privilege of not having your hands restrained. Don't abuse my generosity by playing with that little blue twat of yours.”

When did we start using the Royal we, Alema Rar wondered. “Yes Mistress,” was what came out of her mouth.

“Good,” Tenel Ka replied as she stood and walked away, to an expansive computer terminal in the corner.

Alema Rar was a good judge of cages. The thick padding on the floor was nearly as comfortable as some beds, and the cage was just large enough for her to sit up in, or lay on her side. She kept looking over at Tenel Ka, wondering if she could get away with a quickie hand-job. Every time she was about to start, the Jedi Knight and Hapan Queen would turn her head and look at Alema Rar with a raised eyebrow, as if she knew what her caged pet was up to. Eventually, Alema Rar curled up on her side, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

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