Alema Rar Visits Hapes
Chapter 1
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the fourth Star Wars story I have written. All of my stories (so far) take place between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis. I would like for you to read my other three Star Wars stories first, but I highly recommend that you read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage, as this story is a direct sequel, although my other two Star Wars stories take place in between. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Jedi Knight Alema Rar was still puzzled that the young Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka, hadn't met her as she landed. Not that they were the best of friends, but her fellow Jedi could have at least answered her comm call as she entered orbit. The Queen Mother had invited her here, after all. Instead she had been told by the comm officer on duty that the Queen was unavailable.

A couple of nice, relaxing days as a Hapan Royal Guest was just what Alema Rar needed after killing Schliebak the Hutt, and freeing the slaves he and Darb had been holding captive. As she shut down the ship, Alema Rar looked at the screen showing the external holocams. On her starboard side, about a hundred and fifty meters away, several techs appeared to be doing maintenance on a fancy looking yacht. Much closer, a trio of Hapans with the look of a greeting party was approaching her ship's exit ramp. As the Twi'lek went to meet them, she glanced down at her outfit, to make sure she was still presentable.

Since Alema Rar was on vacation, she could freely ignore Master Skywalker's recent admonitions about dressing more Jedi-like. Encircling her slender neck was her favorite collar. A double row of needle-sharp three centimeter spikes went around the entire circumference. Matching cuffs were on each wrist.

The skintight bodysuit she had chosen had a silver top, which displayed plenty of cleavage, and silver sleeves. A few centimeters below her breasts, the silver material changed to blue. The silver on the sleeves ended even with the silver on the top, leaving the rest of her arms bare, except for the spiked cuffs. The shade of blue that stretched from her chest to hips matched Alema Rar's skin perfectly, giving the illusion that she was wearing even less than she was.

The blue changed back to silver several centimeters below her waist, although the exact line was hidden by the gleaming silver belt on her hips. The tight hot-pants ended just past the bottom of her ass.

While not a huge fan of thigh-high boots, these were just impossible not to wear with this outfit. They were the same shade of blue as her skin, just like the material covering her tummy, all the way from the tops to the bottom of the soles. It almost seemed like the Twi'lek had fifteen centimeter heels instead of normal feet.

The three Hapans were all wearing tight-fitting tunics and pants, probably a uniform of some sort, Alema Rar figured. The clothing of the woman in the middle was a bit more fancy than that of the two men following a step behind her. All three of them were stunning. The only blemish that the Jedi could see was a thin vertical scar about seven or eight centimeters long, running down the taller man's right cheek.

“Welcome to Hapes, Jedi Alema,” the woman announced. “I am Lady Esoma, and will be acting as your assistant, tour guide, or anything else that you require while visiting the Queen Mother,” she added with a professional smile.

“Thanks―Lady Esoma,” Alema Rar replied as she stepped off the ramp, and onto Hapes. She had long gotten used to Humans not pronouncing her name correctly. However, since it looked like she would be spending a lot of time around Lady Esoma, she decided to point the matter out. “And it's Alema Rar, please, Lady Esoma.”

Growing up, Alema Rar and her sister, not to mention nearly every other slave she had known, had been expected to learn the names and correct pronunciations of every one of their Master's friends, business partners, and even casual acquaintances, the first time they heard them. They also had to remember the information for years, probably forever, not that that part mattered to the Twi'lek any more.

“I am sooooo sorry about that, Jedi Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma replied. “I didn't mean anything by it.”

She felt genuinely mortified at the mistake. “Don't worry about it,” Alema Rar said soothingly. “It happens all the time.” Pushing the distraction aside, and closing the ramp, she asked, “Where is Tenel Ka anyway? I can't wait to see her.”

Alema Rar sensed her hesitate a moment before she spoke. “The Queen Mother is currently away on urgent business. I don't know exactly when she will return. I'm very sorry,” she replied.

“I see,” the Jedi answered slowly. She couldn't sense any deception from the human. Nor could she sense Tenel Ka anywhere on Hapes, not that that necessarily meant anything. A planet was a big place to hide, even for a Jedi concealing herself from another one. Tahiri had mentioned that Tenel Ka hadn't been around when she first landed either, but didn't go into details. The two Hapan men were discreetly getting a good look at Alema Rar's body.

“Well, perhaps I can speak to her over a comm, just to say hi and all,” the Jedi said, adding a little Force pressure to the suggestion.

The Lady Esoma smiled broadly before replying. “The Queen Mother has left a message for you in your quarters, explaining things, Jedi Alema Rar.”

“Well, lead the way then,” she replied after a momentary pause.

“Of course, Jedi Alema Rar. If you would allow the guards to collect your luggage, we can go?” She asked.

“I don't think I'll need any for a few days at least,” Alema Rar replied with a suggestive smile.

One of the guards' jaw dropped for a second, the other one's eyebrows raised. Lady Esoma gasped slightly. She recovered quickly, however, and said, “Well Jedi Alema Rar, if you would be so kind as to follow me, I'll take you to take you your quarters.”

Growing up as a slave, Alema Rar had been in plenty of lavish palaces. The Queen Mother's palace easily topped them all. Most of the other mansions were garishly expensive, emphasizing the owner's wealth, but not this one. This one seemed to state the owner's wealth as a simple fact. Alema Rar made mental note to ask Tenel Ka what she really thought about it. The polished marble floors had delicate scroll work along each wall. When Lady Esoma noticed her looking at them, she informed the Jedi that the scroll work was actually a story in the ancient Hapan language.

The Queen Mother's guest room was the rival of any Alema Rar had stayed in. Sure most of the Hutts' rooms were bigger, but Hutts were a lot bigger too. This bed looked big enough for a Hutt, though, and almost strong enough, as well. Lady Esoma gave Alema Rar a brief tour of the suite, including the refresher and closet.

“Jedi Alema Rar, while the Queen Mother is away, Ducha Ta'i Shume would like for you to attend a special dinner with her,” Lady Esoma said after showing the Twi'lek how to operate the three-meter holoscreen.

“Of course,” she replied. “But what about the holomessage from the Queen Mother?”

“Oh, it is on the holoscreen, Jedi Alema Rar. I just assumed that you wanted to watch it in privacy, that's all,” Lady Esoma replied, slightly embarrassed.

“Ah, of course. Well, how long do I have to relax and get ready before dinner?” Alema Rar asked, sitting down on the edge of the soft bed, next to one of the thick posts.

“Well, about five hours, but I'll need to stop bye about an hour or so before to help you get dressed.”

That sounds like fun, Alema Rar thought, smiling up at the human. “What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?” she asked, feigning innocence as she leaned back a little, to give her a better look.

Lady Esoma pointedly eyed Alema Rar's lithe body in the skintight bodysuit. “Nothing at all, Jedi Alema Rar,” she replied breathlessly.

“Well then, why do I have to wear something else? Or do you just want to get me out of my clothes?” the Twi'lek asked seductively.

“N-Not at all, Jedi Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma stammered. “It's just that the Queen Mother left an outfit especially for you to wear, that's all.”

Especially for me, Alema Rar thought. Beings were always making clothes and things especially for her. And an outfit from the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium? She would definitely have to see this. “Well, okay then,” the Twi'lek replied smoothly. She lowered her eyes a second, then looked back up at Lady Esoma. “Hey, want to help me get out of this before you go?” she asked with a suggestive smile, as she waved a hand over her silver and blue bodysuit.

“Um, I-I'm sorry Jedi Alema Rar. But I can't right now. I've got to go, um, the Ducha is expecting me!” Lady Esoma said as she all but fled from the room.

Amused with herself, Alema Rar wondered how long it would take the horny Human to find some lucky guy to kriff. Or lucky girl for that matter, as she was obviously attracted to women. Actually, Alema Rar hadn't seen any evidence that Lady Esoma was attracted to men at all. With a shrug, she put it out of her mind and picked up the remote control for the holoscreen, to see what message Tenel Ka had left for her.

After a touch of a few buttons, the one-armed Queen's message appeared:

Greetings Alema Rar,
I'm very sorry that I couldn't be there when you arrived. There is an urgent problem on Olanjii that requires my immediate attention. I should be back sometime tomorrow, at the latest. Until then, Ducha Ta'i Shume and Lady Esoma will take care of you. I had planned on having a special dinner tonight, to celebrate your arrival. Ducha Ta'i Shume will be hosting it instead. I have left a special outfit that I would like for you to wear to the dinner. Especially the collar, as it is a valuable Hapan antique, dating back to the time of the Lorell Raiders.

See You Soon,
Tenl Ka Djo
Queen Mother, Hapes Consortium

Alema Rar read the message over again. Something about it didn't feel quite right. She hadn't felt any deception from Lady Esoma, and the message felt like it had come from Tenel Ka. Still, there was something else; something elusive about it. Since she didn't feel any immediate danger, Alema Rar decided to relax awhile in the refresher.

With the Force, Alema Rar released the locks hidden inside the durasteel of her collar, wristcuffs, and belt. It took a minute for her to strip out of the tight bodysuit and thigh high boots. She was about to toss the bodysuit into the laundry chute when she remembered that it was the only clothing she had at the time. With an evil smile, the Twi'lek tossed the bodysuit in the automatic laundry chute, to be taken away, cleaned, and returned, who knew when. She hoped it would be returned anyway. She liked that bodysuit.

Alema Rar spent the next hour luxuriating in the warm 'fresher. She kept her magnetic belt nearby, with her lightsaber in it's hidden compartment. Afterwards, the Twi'lek laid on the bed, wearing nothing but her thigh high boots, collar, and cuffs, and watched a holodrama on the giant holoscreen on the wall. Alema Rar must have dozed off mid-way through another show, as she was awakened by the door chime.

Without conscious thought, she reached out with the Force and opened the door. By the time Lady Esoma had entered, Alema Rar had turned over onto her stomach and partially covered her breasts with her arms. She came to a stop with her knees bent and her ankles crossed over her bare ass.

“Hey there,” the Twi'lek said with a friendly smile, as she eyed the small container that the Human was carrying.

Lady Esoma barely noticed that Alema Rar was naked. At least, Alema Rar thought that she had barely noticed. “Oh, good, you're already undressed, Jedi Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma said as the door closed behind her.

“I didn't mean to be. What happened was, I accidentally dropped my bodysuit down the laundry chute,” the Twi'lek responded, feigning embarrassment. Alema Rar reached out with the Force to get a better feel of Lady Esoma, and her reaction. She didn't seem as unbalanced by her flirting this time, and had that freshly-kriffed glow about her.

“Well, the palace laundry will send it back after they clean it, probably tomorrow,” Lady Esoma said as she came to a stop about two meters in front of Alema Rar. “It doesn't matter right now anyway,” she stated authoritatively. “Let's get you dressed for dinner.”

“Sounds like fun,” the smiling Twi'lek replied. “Oh, and just call me Alema Rar, not Jedi, please,” she added.

“Oh, of course, Alema Rar. I wasn't sure, and didn't want to be disrespectful to a Jedi,” Lady Esoma said with a slight frown.

Jedi Alema Rar easily sensed that that last part was a blatant lie. While there weren't any obvious ill-feelings coming from Esoma, she definitely didn't mind disrespecting a Jedi. Alema Rar made a mental note to mention that to Tenel Ka when she finally got to see her friend. “None taken,” she responded with a easy-going smile.

“Thank you. I need you to finish getting undressed now, please,” Lady Esoma instructed her as she set the container on a dresser by the wall.

Alema Rar took advantage of the distraction to unlock her collar and wristcuffs with the Force. When Lady Esoma glanced back at her, Alema Rar was laying on the bed, slowly peeling off the thigh-high boots.

The first thing that Lady Esoma pulled out of the container was a teeny-tiny g-string. Alema Rar didn't normally wear underwear, but when she did, she tended to pick out things like this one. A tiny triangle of silk barely covered her snatch. The silk was black, but it was so thin that it was transparent.

With the scintillating panties that Tenel Ka had sent her, Alema Rar was curious to see the rest of the outfit. “When I saw these shoes, I had to check with Ducha Ta'i Shume to see if there was a mistake,” Lady Esoma said as she set the aforementioned heels on the bed. “I didn't think it was possible for anyone, any humanoid anyway, to walk in them.”

The shoes in question were glossy black ankle boots. Alema Rar had seen shoes like them, and even worn some similar, although she didn't spend a long time walking in them. These particular boots had a thin stiletto heel at least twenty centimeters long. From the ankle the boot descended strait down, forcing the wearer to walk directly on the tips of their toes. The boots ended just above the ankle, with a thick strap.

Alema Rar knew from experience that the. . . ballet shoes, yes, that's what they're called, she thought, would be painful to wear for any significant length of time. Not to mention very hard to walk in. I wonder if I could get Tahiri in them, Alema Rar thought briefly.

Still, she loved a challenge, and this was definitely her kind of challenge. “Oh, they're easy to walk in, once you get the hang of it,” Alema Rar said easily, checking out Esoma in her palace uniform. “Maybe we could get you a pair to try on too,” the Twi'lek added as she picked the nearest boot. She frowned slightly as she noticed that the thick straps at the top of the boots had a lock built into them on the outside, and a strong-looking D-ring on the inside. She took another moment to feel for danger through the Force, or deception from the good Lady Esoma. Sensing neither, she slid her left foot into the ankle boot.

Lady Esoma was quick to pull the laces tight, not to mention the ankle strap, which covered the top few centimeters of the laces. Alema Rar felt the lock click shut as she pulled it tight. The right boot followed quickly, also locked on.

“So, what kind of hostess makes her guests wear boots that are so hard to walk in?” Alema Rar asked as she took a few steps in her new footwear.

“The Queen Mother chose them especially for you, Jedi Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma said with a pained expression. “If you insist, then I could contact Ducha Ta'i Shume to see if something else could be arranged?” she added.

That didn't exactly answer the question that Alema Rar was really asking. She decided to be blunt. “So you have the keys to the boots then?” She asked, gesturing towards one of the thick ankle straps at the top of the boot.

“Um, no I don't. But I'm sure Ducha Ta'i Shume has them, Jedi Alema Rar,” she replied, hesitatingly.

That was an easy lie to catch. Esoma had no idea if Ducha Ta'i Shume had the keys or not, although Alema Rar could sense that Esoma hoped that she did. “Actually, I kind of like them,” Alema Rar said, almost truthfully.

“Great then. Ready for your corset?” Lady Esoma asked, obviously relieved that Alema Rar hadn't asked for the keys.

“I'm always ready for a corset,” Alema Rar said with a suggestive smile.

“Hapan nerfhide,” Lady Esoma commented as she wrapped the thick black corset around Alema Rar's torso. It covered her from hips to breasts, barely concealing her nipples. There were cups built in, displaying her tits more than anything else. At least this doesn't have any D-rings on it, Alema Rar thought as she looked down at the Hapan nerfhide corset. She sucked in her tummy without being asked as Lady Esoma pulled the corset tight. Just like with the boots, Alema Rar felt the click of a lock at the small of her back, followed by two more above the first.

“As you get used it, the corset will automatically tighten,” Lady Esoma said, as she backed away to get a better look at the corseted Twi'lek.

Alema Rar had worn corsets with that particular feature before, once for a few months. She would definitely have to make sure she got out of this one before then. “And does the Ducha have the keys for this too?” she asked, her hands on the bottom of the corset, over her hips.

“I'm not sure about the corset, Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma responded slowly. “Actually, I'm not sure if she has the keys to the ankle boots either,” she admitted. “But if it were really necessary, we could probably cut them off.”

Alema Rar had no doubt that the boots and corset could be cut off. Very carefully, and as long as she was very still while it was done. So no-one could be shooting at her, or otherwise trying to kill her if she wanted to cut either of them off. “I'm sure it won't come to that,” Alema Rar said with a condescending smile, carefully maintaining her balance in the ballet ankle boots.

The next item that Lady Esoma pulled out was another piece of long, thick black Hapan nerfhide. The skirt wasn't quite as thick as the corset, nor quite as constricting. But Alema Rar definitely needed Lady Esoma's help in pulling it on, as the corset prevented her from bending over very much.

The bottom of the corset flared out a little, just enough to tuck the top of the skirt underneath it. From there the skirt hugged her hips and legs all the way down to her ankles, stopping just above the strap on the ankle boots. The hem was thicker than the rest of the skirt, consisting of several layers of nerfhide sewn together. It limited Alema Rar to tiny steps of about twenty-five centimeters.

Lady Esoma stood back, getting a good look as Alema Rar took a few small steps in the boots and skirt. “Wow! You look great!” the Human said as Alema Rar strutted about.

“Thanks,” the Twi'lek replied with a wink. Alema Rar mostly preferred her skirts much, much shorter, but the feel of nerfhide on her legs was a nice change. She was well aware that the skirt hobbled her considerably, but a quick slash with her lightsaber would take care of that.

“Ready for the gloves?” Lady Esoma asked as she approached her holding up a pair of armpit length black nerfhide gloves.

Alema Rar took a good look at the gloves, and noticed that the hands were thick mittens, not traditional gloves with fingers and thumbs. Still, she sensed no danger, or deception from Lady Esoma. “No way,” she replied forcefully.

Now Alema Rar sensed genuine anxiety from her, along with some confusion.

“But the Queen Mother left them for you, specifically to go with the rest of your outfit, Alema Rar,” Lady Esoma said nervously.

There was no way Alema Rar was going to allow the bondage mittens to take away the use of her hands. Her lightsaber was only a dive across the bed away, and a quick cut would free her legs from the skirt, and a couple of more careful cuts would take care of the painful ballet boots. With the mittens locked on however―and there were straps for that purpose at the tops of the gloves―she would be greatly hampered.

“Forget it, it's not gonna happen,” Alema Rar replied, while carefully searching with the Force for a “dead” space indicating a ysalamir.

Lady Esoma's increased anxiety was obvious. “I promise nothing will happen to you, Alema Rar,” she assured the Jedi. “Queen Mother Tenel Ka really wants you to wear them.”

Alema Rar ignored Lady Esoma's plea until she was satisfied that she there weren't any yslamiri that she could sense. That done, she turned her attention back to the human.

“I said no,” she stated forcefully, adding the power of the Force to the statement.

Alema Rar watched Lady Esoma's disappointment that she wouldn't be wearing the gloves. After a several moments, the human turned back to the container on the dresser, and pulled out a gleaming durasteel belt, much like the one that Alema Rar had.

The Twi'lek felt a twinge of regret at disappointing Lady Esoma again. “No thanks, I have my own,” Alema Rar said as she brought her belt to herself with the Force.

Lady Esoma looked at Alema Rar's belt, then back at the one Tenel Ka had left for her. They were nearly identical. “Well, alright then,” she said as she set the belt back in the container.

That was easy, Alema Rar thought as she frowned suspiciously. Pushing the suspicion aside, she closed the belt around her waist. She felt much better with her lightsaber hidden at the small of her back.

“If you would please hold out your wrists, Alema Rar, the Queen Mother has also left some bracelets for you to wear,” Lady Esoma said with a slight grunt as she lifted the two heavy pieces of durasteel. Fresh off her triumphs with the gloves and belt, Alema Rar obediently held her hands out.

Alema Rar could tell by looking at them that they were heavy. More of a restraint than jewelry. Still, she was surprised at their heft. Each probably weighed at least two and a half kilograms. She traced a finger along the outer surface of one. Plenty hard enough to knock an opponent unconscious, but definitely too heavy to swing more than eight or nine times with any speed. Carefully, she touched the two bracelets together, to see if they were magnetized. They weren't.

“What's next?” Alema Rar asked with a smile.

“Ankle bracelets,” Lady Esoma replied with her own smile.

The ankle bracelets had to be at least twice as heavy as the heavy bracelets that were locked onto Alema Rar's wrists. She didn't quite understand why they were necessary, what with the hobble skirt and ballet boots. Since the outfit Tenel Ka had chosen for her was seriously fetish oriented, and Alema Rar's neck was still bare, she was pretty sure what was coming next.

“So, got a collar in there?” Alema Rar asked, thinking of the collar that Tahiri had mentioned she'd worn while visiting Hapes.

“Of course,” Lady Esoma replied as she pulled out the bright silver durasteel collar.

This time Alema Rar definitely felt a. . . malevolence. There was no question of its source either. The collar. Lady Esoma was oblivious to it of course. Still, it was a strong feeling.

“I think I'll wear my own as well,” Alema Rar said politely as she brought her spiked collar to herself with the Force.

“But this piece is a priceless Hapan antique,” Lady Esoma replied. “It dates back to the Lorell Raiders, nearly four thousand years ago.”

The message from Tenel Ka had specifically mentioned that she wanted her to wear the collar. Tahiri had also suggested that she try out a specific collar. She still wasn't convinced. In fact, this might not even be the collar that Tahiri was talking about.

“I like mine better,” she said, trying to get a better feeling for the collar Lady Esoma was holding.

“This collar has been worn by thousands of slaves in the past. That is why Queen Mother Tenel Ka has decreed that it be worn only by the most honored of guests,” the Human stated matter-of-factly.

The Force was telling Alema Rar that the collar was a danger to her. But she also sensed that Esoma was telling the truth about it. There was also the fact that the message from Tenel Ka had specifically mentioned the collar. . . although it could have been faked. Even so, that made Tahiri, Tenel Ka, and a truthful Lady Esoma for Alema Rar submitting to the collar, and only her own instincts against it.

“Alright then,” Alema Rar said reluctantly. “I'll wear it.”

“Great,” Lady Esoma replied with a grin. “If you'll turn around, I'll put it on you.”

Smiling back at her, Alema Rar turned on the ballet heels to face away from her. Almost unconsciously, she crossed her arms behind her back. She sensed Lady Esoma take a step towards her, and lift the collar to her neck. As the two ends closed, Alema Rar felt an imminent danger and tried to reach up and yank the collar off. Suddenly, her heavy bracelets clanked together, magnetically locked. The collar clicked into place and the hidden anti-Force circuitry came on. Alema Rar felt an intense pain shoot through her, and she fell into unconsciousness.

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