Star Wars: Alema Rar Visits a Bondage Club
Rating: X (Slash F/F, and M/F)

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This scene was originally supposed to be between chapters one and two of Jedi Adventures. However, since this story is over 7,300 words long, and that story ended up over 40k, I decided to delete this scene. This story takes place soon (less than a year) after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. I hope you read all of my stories anyway, and enjoy them. Please leave me feedback, public or via email: ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Jedi Knight Alema Rar had just returned to Coruscant and wanted to have some fun for the evening. After some thought, she left the tapcafe where she was eating and hailed an air taxi. Once she got in, a destination occurred to her. “Clubb Binder please,” she told the droid driver. Then she glanced down at the skin tight black jumpsuit she was wearing and had second thoughts. “Actually, I need to go to All Species Pleasure Boutique first. I'll get another taxi to take me to Clubb Binder.”

The droid acknowledged the new destination and Alema Rar pulled out her comlink to find out if Thann or Tahiri were at the Temple. The Padawan on duty at the communications center told her that both were on assignment, and offered to take a message. Alema Rar declined and thought about seeing if Jaina, Sannah, or Valin were on Coruscant, but decided against it. Nah. She would just have to make do on her own tonight.

Nearly forty standard minutes later, the air taxi came to a stop in front of the ASPB. Alema Rar ran her credit chip through the scanner to pay for the ride and got out.

The All Species Pleasure Boutique was better than Alema Rar remembered it. For one, they had expanded, taking over the two levels below the three they already had. A human female that Alema Rar didn't recognize was at the front desk.

“Good afternoon gentle being, welcome to the All Species Pleasure Boutique, how may I serve you?”

“Fine, thanks. Is Neena working today?” Alema Rar asked for her favorite assistant.

The girl smiled, “Yes she is, but she is with a customer right now. She can see you when she is finished, if that is OK?”

“That will be fine. Just tell her that Alema Rar is here. She'll find me.”

“Of course, and thank you for visiting the All Species. . . “

“Thanks,” Alema Rar said as she walked off, missing whatever else the human said. She was much more interested in shopping.

She felt like wearing black today, like most days, maybe some silver with it. Definitely tight, she mused. After about ten minutes of searching, she found what she didn't know she was looking for. A shiny red dress, probably made out of some kind of PVC material. She held it up to her torso. It would cover from just below her armpits to just past her pussy. It had a flame pattern around the top and bottom. Alema Rar was checking the size when she sensed someone approaching her from behind.

“Hello Alema Rar. Welcome back. I haven't seen you in months!”

The Jedi smiled as she turned to face the Rodian. She stepped forward to give her a hug and replied, “Thank you so much. It's great to be back.”

Neena looked down at the dress Alema Rar was holding. “Ah, that's a great choice. But before you try it on, I've something else to show you. It will match your collar and cuffs.”

“Good. I'm going to Clubb Binder tonight. I haven't been in months, so I want to have a good time.” Alema Rar replied as she followed Neena to the new bottom floor of the ASPB. On the way she realized that the store also went farther back from the street than before. Neena led Alema Rar to a large collection of shiny durasteel bondage gear. Out of it she picked up a corset.

“Wow!” Alema Rar exclaimed. “It's beautiful.” They quickly went to a changing room and Alema Rar stripped off her jumpsuit. As soon as she was naked except for the collar, cuffs, and boots, Neena helped the Twi'lek put the gleaming silver durasteel corset on.

After a minute or so of squeezing and sucking her stomach in, Neena was able to lock the corset onto the lithe Jedi. It felt wonderful. The top came up to just below her tits, with two cups that rose to cover them, making it barely legal on Coruscant. The bottom of the corset came down to the top of her hips. There was a D-ring attached to each side of it.

With her waist down to an extra slim fifty centimeters, Alema Rar, with Neena at her side, found a pair of platform shoes that were made out of durasteel, just like the corset. Alema Rar loved their eighteen-centimeter high heels. The ankle straps each closed with a discreet lock, which could be opened with a remote. The Twi'lek made a mental note to get some made with magnetic locks, and maybe a corset too.

A half hour later Alema Rar was ready to go. All her old things had been sent to her apartment. She was wearing the durasteel heels, a gleaming corset, and durasteel thigh cuffs. Since she had already switched her spiked cuffs and collar for the slave ones, she just had to add matching upper arm cuffs. Over this she had selected a tight black polyvinyl chloride coat that was open down to about the middle of the corset and barely covered the thigh cuffs. A glossy black polyvinyl chloride thong completed the ensemble.

She was admiring herself in the mirror, and making sure everything looked right, when Neena brought her a surprise.

“Alema Rar, since you are going with black and silver tonight, you have to try this on.” Neena said as she held up one last glossy black item.

“Ooh,” Alema Rar said happily as she took the headdress from the Rodian. Alema Rar usually wore a black nerfhide headdress, which she quickly took off and replaced with the black polyvinyl chloride one. The widest strap went around the top part of her head, while slightly narrower straps went around each of her lekku and under her chin. It was virtually seamless, and matched the coat perfectly.

Her old headdress went in the container to be sent to her room with the rest of her things. Neena reprogrammed the remote to be able to open the sandals, cuffs and corset. Alema Rar knew that none of them would be coming off tonight. She put it in the container with her other things. Alema Rar even took off her custom made durasteel belt and put it, lightsaber and all, into the container. Once the container was sealed and addressed properly, she left for Clubb Binder.

Alema Rar had just stepped out onto the curb when an air taxi cut across several opposing lanes of traffic and barely managed to come to a stop in front of her. Amused at the display, she did remember to turn her laughter into a coy smile when the human driver jumped out to open the door for her, stammering a greeting while trying to hide the fact that he was checking her out.

Once he got back into the pilot's seat Alema Rar said, “Clubb Binder,” please, as she tried unsuccessfully to get the tight fitting polyvinyl chloride coat to cover her essentials.

“Hey, you're a Twil'lek, right?” The driver asked her.

“Twi'lek,” She corrected him.

“Oh, a Twi'leek,” he said, coming a little closer to pronouncing in correctly. Alema Rar briefly closed her eyes in annoyance. This is why I like droids to fly my taxis, she thought. She felt danger through the Force and opened her eyes an instant before he suddenly slammed on the brakes. A large cargo speeder flew by just a couple of meters in front of them, warning horn blaring. “Sithspit!” He swore. He then apologized to his passenger.

Alema Rar just started back at him. She knew he was looking at her tits instead of the traffic corridor. “Maybe I should walk the rest of the way?” she suggested.

“No!” He replied instantly. “I'll be more careful, I promise.” He glanced down at the navicomputer display. “Besides, it's nearly 70 klicks to Clubb Binder. That's too far to walk.”

What an imbecile, Alema Rar thought. It took her about half a second to get this taxi, how long would it take to get another one? “Alright, please pay more attention to where you are going though,” she replied, and to his disappointment, turned the taxi's privacy screen on.

Blocks away from Clubb Binder, Alema Rar could already feel the strange mix of pleasure, pain and other emotions emanating from the thousands of sentients enjoying themselves in the depths of the club. Several minutes later the taxi pulled up to the main entrance. Unlike most popular clubs Alema Rar had been to, this one didn't have a line outside. There was an impressive looking bouncer, and a pair of even more impressive―although in a different way―looking hostesses working the entrance.

“Good afternoon gentle being,” one of the hostesses greeted Alema Rar as she approached the entrance. The bouncer openly checked her out. “Welcome to Clubb Binder. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of our staff members, who will all be wearing a bright white coverall.”

Alema Rar had visited the club several times in the past. “Thank you, I'll be fine,” she replied as she paid the cover and went in, dropping off her black polyvinyl chloride coat with the garment check girl on the way.

Inside there was a bar across one wall and part of another. The rest of the space was taken up with various couches, booths and tables. Scattered in between them were dozens of implements of bondage and discipline. Large crosses, tables, suspension harnesses, cages, and many more things, some that she didn't even know the name of, or purpose. All had nerfhide straps or durasteel binders attached to them, or strong restraining points. Starting a few levels down there were floors dedicated to various humanoid and non-humanoid species.

This one was manly for humans and their companions. Alema Rar was by no means the most scantily clad sentient, of any gender. Only a few steps into the club proper a human male offered to buy her a drink. She declined, only to find a male Durosian asking her if she would spank him. Alema Rar also declined that offer and surveyed the floor as she slowly strutted around the various displays.

The first thing that Alema Rar found that she was really interested in trying was a small cage suspended about a meter and a half off the floor. It was currently occupied by a human woman. There were quite a few sentients surrounding the cage. Most were just observing, but a few were giving her mild shocks with electric prods. One was fingering her twat. Alema Rar imagined herself in the cage. With the Force she could practically experience it from where she was. Absentmindedly, she brushed one hand over her tight thong.

Quite a few attendants were on duty around the floor, noticeable in their pure white jumpsuits. One that was nearby noticed Alema Rar watching the caged woman. “Hello. I noticed you admiring the woman in the cage. I can put you on the list to try it out, if you would like?”

Smiling, Alema Rar looked away from the cage. “Well, it depends. How long is the list?”

The attendant consulted her datapad. “There are five people in front of you, but often we will skip people because they are. . . tied up, somewhere else.”

That didn't sound so bad. “How long should it take for each one?”

“Well, you can try it for as little or as long as you want, or let the audience decide for you.”

Alema Rar was puzzled. “How does that work?” She asked.

“Well, it's a fairly new system. You see, people can pay to keep you in the cage, or one of the other devices. Conversely, people can pay to get you out.” She looked back at her datapad. “As matter of fact, you already have several people that have paid to see you in any type of bondage.”

Alema Rar was flattered. “Really?” She asked. The attendant nodded and Alema Rar added, “How do I get people to pay my way out?”

She smiled devilishly, “That's entirely up to you. Practically anything goes at Clubb Binder, as long as the sentients involved agree to it. We do have maximum time limits for safety reasons, depending on the difficulty of the bondage.”

That's a brilliant system, Alema Rar thought. The club would make a killing off it. “How long is the time limit for the cage?”

“Ten hours,” she responded easily.

Alema Rar was impressed. Ten hours would seem like an eternity in such a small cage; for someone else anyway. It even had binders laser welded in place on the inside for the victim's wrists and ankles. Still, she didn't want to spend all night in a cage. Not just one anyway. Alema Rar thanked the attendant and moved on.

A few minutes later Alema Rar found what looked like a durasteel statue of a woman on her hands and knees. The back end was open so someone could crawl into it. Several humans were nearby relaxing on a couch. After a brief conversation with them, Alema Rar decided to try it out. She pulled off her thin thong and crawled in, placing her head and limbs into the proper places. There were automatic restraints that held her wrists, ankles, and head still. The rear end closed and Alema Rar was sealed in until she convinced enough people to pay her way out.

To help earn her freedom, the durasteel had openings at the mouth and crotch. Barely a second passed before a cock presented itself to her waiting lips. Alema Rar couldn't see who it belonged to since there were no eye holes in the durasteel, but that was the whole point. She opened wide and started sucking as she felt a tongue on her pussy lips.

Sex for a Jedi was just about the greatest thing Alema Rar had ever experienced. Through the Force, she could feel her partners pleasure as she felt her own. This durasteel statue was designed for a human however, and was currently squeezing her lekku painfully. She ignored the pain and concentrated on sucking the cock in her mouth. A few minutes later another cock replaced the tongue in her pussy.

The cock in her mouth reached orgasm and Alema Rar struggled to swallow all the cum. She felt it overflow her mouth and dribble down her chin, which she was helpless to wipe away. The spent cock pulled out and was just a quickly replaced by another. Alema Rar wondered how much time had passed, and how much she had left before she was released.

Sure she could escape with the Force, probably, but this was the great thing about nice, secure bondage. Alema Rar had no idea when she would be free. She didn't even know what the safety time limit was for this thing.

The dick in her pussy shot its load, nearly propelling Alema Rar to her own orgasm. Before she or the dick in her mouth came, she heard the locks on the statue click open and the restraints on her limbs loosened. Ugh! She was so close. Just like with Shada on the Wild Runner. The dick in her mouth added it's cum to what she had already swallowed, but the one in her pussy pulled out, leaving her hanging.

The rear end of the statue opened and an attendant told Alema Rar that it was time to come out. “I'm not done though!” She exclaimed.

“I'm sorry, but some of our guests have paid your way out. Apparently they want you to be seen.”

Now Alema Rar was annoyed. “So? I was having a good time.” Her lekku did feel much better, but Lara, as she read the name tag on the attendant's jumpsuit, didn't need to know that.

“I'm very sorry, but the rules for the pay in/ pay out system are clear.” Lara glanced at her datapad. “I see that there is a lot of interest in you being bound spread eagle, or in a suspension of some sort.”

Alema Rar half snorted. “Hey, I'm here for me! What do I get out of making other people happy?”

“Well, if enough people pay to keep you restrained that you make the safety limit, we will split the profit with you,” she replied. Then she added, “My name is Lara, by the way.”

Now that was interesting. Alema Rar nodded her head as she pulled her thong back on. “Well, where does my public want me?” She asked.

Lara smiled. The pay for play system was a huge credit maker. When they found a gorgeous female that a large number of customers would pay to have restrained the profits were almost limitless. This Twi'lek was very popular. According to the datapad she was a repeat customer, although she hadn't visited in awhile. As much as she loved bondage, she would be a big credit maker for Clubb Binder. There was also a note to find out her name.

The most credits were currently on an inverted suspension. She led the strutting Twi'lek to one of the appropriate areas, both of their heels clicking on the floor. “Everyone wants to see you in this,” Lara said to her.

Alema Rar looked at the two thick nerfhide cuffs connected by a meter long spreader bar hanging from the ceiling. A small crowd had gathered to watch. “Ready?” Lara asked her. Alema Rar knew the cuffs were for her ankles, not her wrists. She had done inverted suspensions before, and they were a lot of fun. On top of that keeping the blood from draining into her head and lekku was a great Force exercise.

“Oh yes,” Alema Rar replied, smiling with anticipation.

“May I have your name, for our records please?” Lara asked.

Alema Rar thought for a couple of seconds. She sometimes used phony names when she was having fun that Master Luke and the Jedi Council wouldn't approve of. However, she planned on many more trips to Clubb Binder. “Alema Rar,” she told Lara, then spelled it for her.

“Great. If you would take off your panties please, we'll get started?” Lara offered to keep the tiny thong safe for her. Several people offered to help strap her feet into the nerfhide restraints. Once that was done Lara produced a strong lock and pulled her wrist cuffs behind her back and secured them. Alema Rar thought she was done, but Lara pressed her elbows together and secured Alema Rar's upper arm cuffs together with another lock. Then she keyed a button on her datapad and Alema Rar's feet started slowly rising off the floor.

A minute later Jedi Alema Rar was hanging upside down about a meter off the floor. Her head was just the right height to give head, a situation that a human man wasted no time in taking advantage of.

Alema Rar started sucking his cock as soon as it appeared in front of her. Every stroke he took pushed her farther back. He grabbed both of her shoulders to hold her steady. Keeping the blood from rushing to her head while sucking dick was as challenging as ever. A couple of minutes later the unknown man shot his load into her mouth. Swallowing was even more difficult upside down. The cum that she missed ran down her face into her eyes.

Before the next man could step up Lara attached a chain from the back of her collar to an anchor point directly under her on the floor. “Now you can really have some fun,” Lara told her as she stepped away.

“Thanks,” Alema Rar replied, looking up at her with one eye, since the other was covered with cum.

The next man stepped up and shoved his cock into her waiting mouth. Now Alema Rar had to keep the collar from choking her on top of keeping the blood from rushing to her head. Pleasuring her man was also important. This one was pinching her tits and pulling on her nipples while she sucked him off. Minutes later he came too, savagely pulling on her nipples as he did. More cum ran down her face.

He pulled out and wiped his cock off on her face. As soon as he stepped back another man stepped up. Alema Rar glanced up and noticed that he was a short, dark skinned, fat man. He shoved his cock in and she started sucking him. A few seconds into it he put both hands on the sides of her head, holding her steady.

With so many intense sensations distracting her, Alema Rar didn't sense another person approaching her from behind. When the cold vibrator touched her clit she jumped with surprise. The collar bit into her throat. She felt a sense of satisfaction from the fat man as he held her head still so he could continue his blow job. The woman who had the vibe on her clit giggled, and pushed it into her dripping pussy.

It was wonderful! Alema Rar strained against the collar, suspension cuffs, and wrist cuffs as hard as she could. He shoved his cock into her mouth to the hilt. Alema Rar greedily sucked it all in, and wanted more. The woman pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy and pumped it up and down. She was getting close to her own orgasm now.

The man shot his load down her throat, holding her head still as he did. The vibe continued to pump up and down in her sopping cunt, driving her further towards the brink. She thrashed in her bonds as the cock pulled out and was replaced by another one. This one was huge! Now her collar and the cock were both trying to strangle her.

The woman that was fucking her with the vibe started finger fucking her ass as well. The cock in her mouth was already rock hard. It took her less than a minute to get it gushing. Now both her eyes were covered as the salty jism ran out of her mouth. He pulled out, and Alema Rar screamed in pleasure, rocketing to a long orgasm, pulling even harder against the unforgiving durasteel and nerfhide.

The vibe was humming. She was making sure Alema Rar got the maximum amount of pleasure out of it. Alema Rar had barely finished cumming when she felt herself being lowered to the ground. The vibe kept humming away, following her down. Once her upper body reached the floor hands started removing the suspension cuffs. To her disappointment, the vibe was pulled out of her still spasming pussy.

Alema Rar peeked out from under her cum-covered eyelids to see Lara leaning over her and disconnecting the chain from the back of her collar and reattaching it to the lead ring on the front. Before she could even begin to ask why, Lara said, “Time to get you into something else constricting, my dear,” as she pulled the shackled Jedi to her feet by the leash.

What? Alema Rar wondered as she struggled to stand up in the towering heels and with out the use of her hands. To make matters worse, when she orgasmed, it had broken her concentration and allowed the blood to rush into her head and lekku, both of which made her lightheaded. She was still trying to work the pain out of her jaw as Lara began walking away, Alema Rar in tow.

After she let her clean up some, Lara took her to a familiar site, a nerfhide covered bench with securing rings attached to it at various places. An attractive red head was being released from it. It was pretty much just like the one that Tahiri and she had used in Schliebak the Hutt's dungeon. Several people were watching, and Alema Rar sensed that several more had followed Lara and her.

“Are you ready to make some more credits?” Lara whispered into her ear.

At least with this one she wouldn't have to use the Force to keep the blood from rushing to her head. Alema Rar nodded weakly and Lara pulled her to the waiting bench.

Quickly and efficiently, Lara and a couple of guests had the still shaking Twi'lek straddling the bench, with her wrists cuffed with nerfhide cuffs to one end, and her ankles to the other. Nerfhide straps also held her knees and elbows tight against the bench, and a wide strap went over the small of her back, keeping her virtually immobile. As she added a thick nerfhide blindfold, Lara asked if she was ready to make some serious credits.

“How?” Alema Rar asked, testing the restraints on her wrists, arms, neck, waist, thighs, and ankles.

“This is an S&M station. If it's OK with you, our guests can pay extra to spank you. Depending on what they use, the safety limit goes down, and you can have even more fun. Not to mention earn even more credits.”

Alema Rar loved getting spanked almost as much as Tahiri. “Sure,” she replied.

With the Force Alema Rar could sense pretty much everything going on around her. A woman picked up a nearby wooden paddle and took a few practice swings. A Twi'lek woman pressed her moist pussy into Alema Rar's face. As she started licking, the first blow landed on her exposed ass.

Even though she could sense it coming, the smack of the paddle on her ass sent her tongue deeper into the twat in front of her. Another blow landed. The pain was exquisite. A third blow. The paddle was just right. Four. And the paddler really knew what she was doing. Five. Alema Rar idly wondered if she could play with her again later. The Twi'lek grabbed her lekku and shoved her pussy tight against Alema Rar's mouth.

After nearly a dozen more blows the Twi'lek she was eating out orgasmed. Alema Rar swallowed as much as she could. She was so distracted that she failed to notice that the paddler had taken a break and a male Devaronian with a nerfhide whip had stepped up.

The first blow caught her completely by surprise. She screamed out in pain. A dozen or more of the guests turned to watch. Another scorching blow landed. Alema Rar was somewhat prepared for this one, her scream wasn't quite as piercing this time.

Someone shoved a cock gag into her mouth and strapped it tightly into place. The third blow was even more savage than the first two, but with the cock gag in place her scream came out as muffled howl. Thankfully Lara stopped the whipping after just ten licks. Next a male human walked up to her and started fucking her from behind. Someone unstrapped the cock gag and shoved his dick into her open mouth.

Alema Rar loved getting fucked from both ends. Especially while bound. Two women started spanking her thighs and back with nerfhide paddles. The combination was exquisite! Bare minutes later, Alema Rar roared to her second orgasm of the evening. The two men just kept stroking. The one fucking her came into her, and then the one she was sucking off. Both were quickly replaced.

For the next two hours there was a steady stream of paddles, whips, crops, cunts, and cocks on and in the helpless Jedi. She loved every minute of it. Someone had gotten an electrical prod and started giving her mild shocks. Finally Alema Rar reached the safety limit. She had cum four times on the bench. When she asked, Lara explained that the computer would adjust the safety limit depending on the amount of punishment the submissive was taking. If she was only shackled to the bench, then the safety limit would be twelve hours.

As Lara released her binders, Alema Rar did a Force exercise to relieve her aching limbs. What she really needed was a Force trance. “Wow! That's more punishment than I've ever seen anyone take on this level,” Lara said to her as she massaged some bacta salve onto the whelps on her legs, ass, and back.

She helped Alema Rar lie flat on the floor. “Thanks,” Alema Rar replied, wincing from the whelps. Then she processed what Lara had said. “What do you mean on this level?” She asked, looking back and up at her.

“Oh, some of the other species have incredible endurance, not to mention thick hides. They usually only let us work on levels designed for our species, or close to it, but I've seen surveillance footage of some amazing things.”

With the Force, Alema Rar was capable of some amazing things herself. However, she kept her Force abilities under wraps when she was playing. Lara finished with the bacta salve and helped her to her feet. I still love this corset and heels, Alema Rar thought as she sat on a nearby couch.

“Ready to play some more?” Lara asked her.

Alema Rar was practically always ready for some bondage. “Just try and stop me,” she replied with an eager smile.

Lara wished her good luck and went back to work. Alema Rar sat on the couch a couple of minutes, and was joined by a human couple who was visiting Clubb Binder for the first time. They were both in absolute awe of Alema Rar, and her ultra-sexy outfit. As much fun as it would be to “show them around,” Alema Rar was really craving some strict bondage. She checked the time, and found out that it was still an hour and a half till midnight.

After a few minutes of wandering around Alema Rar found something that looked interesting. An empty transparisteel display case near the main entrance. It was covered with dozens of small holes. She found another attendant and explained what she wanted to do. While the attendant was off getting some supplies, Alema Rar noticed a lonely looking man nearby and asked him to help her out.

The formerly lonely man was ecstatic to lock Alema Rar's wrist together behind her back. He then pulled her elbows tightly together and secured her bicep cuffs. Alema Rar giggled when he slipped a finger into her moist snatch.

While the attendant prepared a chastity belt, the grinning man shoved a cock gag into the Twi'lek's mouth and strapped it into place. Next he pulled a thick nerfhide hood over her lekku and began buckling it tightly on her head. The hood had no eye or mouth holes, just two small holes at her nostrils for breathing. Alema Rar felt her pussy tingle as the tight corset and hood constricted her breathing.

Her legs were moved apart and the lucky man pushed a twenty-five centimeter synthtex vibrator up her cunt. A twenty centimeter one went into her asshole. The attendant was waiting with the chastity belt. Alema Rar had no chance of pushing out the intruders, not that she had any plans to do so.

They helped the Jedi lie down on the floor and locked her thigh and ankle cuffs together. Next they folded her heels to her ass and locked a chain from her thigh cuffs, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, bicep cuffs, and the collar. With a couple of other assistants, they lifted Alema Rar into the display case and with the chains hanging from the top, secured Alema Rar in place.

The attendant closed the back of the case and locked it. Now everyone who came into the club's main entrance would be greeting by a heavily bound hogcuffed Jedi Knight, just as Alema Rar had wanted.

Hours passed. Alema Rar felt wonderful. She could barely move a centimeter. Nothing beat strict bondage, except maybe killing slavers that is. She felt quite a few people poke and prod her through the holes in the transparisteel while she was bound and gagged.

After being in the display case six hours, an attendant, along with a few assistants got Alema Rar out and started releasing her. It took a few minutes, and Alema Rar moaned as the blood flowed back to her limbs. Somehow they forgot to unlock the wrist cuffs though. The attendant did help her to a comfortable couch though.

“That was amazing! I've never seen anyone last that long hogcuffed so tight,” Tikka exclaimed to her.

“Thanks,” Alema Rar said after working the kinks out of her sore jaw. “It was a lot of fun,” she added, gently pulling against her wrist cuffs.

“So, what do you want to do next? The computer won't let you do the pay for play again because you've maxed out your profits for today, but you can still do straight bondage,” Tikka told her as they relaxed.

Alema Rar was kind of bummed about not being able to make any more credits. She looked around, “Well, that depends on what time it is,” she replied.

Tikka glanced at her datapad, and told her that it was nearly five in the morning. Alema Rar thought for a second. She still had plenty of time to play, although she did want to move around some. Smiling, she told Tikka what she wanted to do now.

Ten minutes later each of Alema Rar's wrist cuffs were maglocked to her collar by a durasteel bar about forty centimeters long. Her wrists were held strait out to the sides, with her hands up. Approximately thirty centimeters of chain connected her ankle cuffs.

When a breeze caressed her pussy Alema Rar wondered what had happened to her thong. She hadn't seen it since she went into the inverted suspension. Shrugging her shoulders, Alema Rar dismissed it from her mind and shuffled off to enjoy the rest of her time in the club.

With her hands secured in the stocks, the ankle cuffs, and not to mention the high heels slowing her down, Alema Rar was helpless to stop all the hands that groped and smacked her as she wandered around the club. Soon she found herself sitting on a couch chatting with a tall, chiseled human male and his shapely redheaded submissive that he had on a leash.

“So, are you here by yourself. . .?” He asked Alema Rar, subtly asking for her name.

“Oh yes. All alone,” she replied, stretching out the word all, while smiling at him and his submissive.

“Great. My name's Brosk, and this is Sleina,” he introduced himself and his sub.

“Alema Rar,” she replied with a wink, waving her shackled hand.

He ran his eyes from her durasteel heels to her nerfhide headdress. “So, do you have a Master or Mistress I should ask before playing with you?”

“Not right now, Sir,” Alema Rar replied with a seductive smile on her face.

A look of heavy thought came over Brosk's face. “Alema Rar, is it?” When she nodded he leaned forward and asked, “Did you fight in the Vong war?” Before she could respond, he added, “As a Jedi Knight?”

Alema Rar smiled back at him. “Do I look old enough to have fought the Vong?” She said, adding some mental pressure with the Force to help convince him.

Brosk stared a few more seconds. Sleina sat with her hands shackled behind her back. “A lot of people around your age fought the Vong. And I see that you didn't answer the question.”

“I was a refugee for the last six months of the war. And I have never even seen a Jedi,” Alema Rar lied to him.

He sat back and thought a few seconds. “OK then. You just reminded me of a Jedi I knew in the war.” Alema Rar may have “knew” Brosk in the war. She didn't remember though. “I was a communications crewmember on the Mon Mothma. Sleina here was my Commander.”

Sleina looked sheepishly away. Brosk had a superior grin on his face. Alema Rar had spent several weeks on the Mon Mothma. She seemed to remember Sleina, although she didn't think they had had sex. Alema Rar knew it was a huge fantasy for every enlisted man to be able to fuck a female officer. Having one on a leash must be something really special.

Alema Rar looked over at the leashed Commander. She was wearing a pair of shiny red heels nearly as high as her own. Her bare legs went up to a matching red thong. The only other item of clothing she was wearing was a glossy red corset that left her nipples bare. The wide collar around her throat matched the rest of the outfit.

“Well, lucky for you, Sir,” Alema Rar said to Brosk.

“Thank you,” he replied. “Now, do you want to play with me and my sub awhile?”

“Sounds like fun,” she answered, licking her lips at Sleina.

“Excellent. First I want you and Sleina to get to know one another a little better.”

Brosk had Sleina climb into Alema Rar's lap. The bound human straddled her and the two women began kissing lustfully. Without interrupting them Brosk connected their collars together with a short chain.

Alema Rar could feel Sleina's tits pressing into her corset. She was a very good kisser, for a human at least. Alema Rar sensed a crowd gathering. She started moaning, making sure they got a good show.

Sleina didn't seem to be as used to making out while bound as she was. Alema Rar could feel her keep trying to use her hands, and the delicious frustration as the hard binders kept them firmly behind her back.

As erotic as two hot chicks making out in shackles was, after awhile Alema Rar could feel the crowd, and Brosk getting a bit restless. Finally, he had them stop and he unclipped the chain connecting their collars.

Brosk then removed Sleina's collar and picked up a rigid collar/cuffs combo like Alema Rar was wearing. He must have had it brought while we were kissing, Alema Rar thought. Since Sleina was still straddling her, Alema Rar had a good view of Brosk putting the device on her neck and securing her hands. Next he helped Sleina lie down on the floor face up, take off her thong, and locked a matching set of rigid ankle cuffs around her ankles.

Alema Rar had noticed the sixty centimeter bar that Brosk had gotten along with rigid stocks for Sleina. It was no surprise that it maglocked onto her ankle cuffs, turning them rigid like Sleina's.

Before that happened though Brosk had Alema Rar lie down on top of Sleina with her face at the redhead's pussy, and her own over Sleina's face. Once both were in place and secure, Brosk instructed them to start licking each other's pussies. Well, it was more like he gave them permission, as both had already taken a few quick tastes. The crowd jockeyed for better position as the two women began eating each other in earnest.

Alema Rar knew right away that she was a far superior pussy licker than Sleina. However, she would be highly surprised to find a better one outside of a dedicated lesbian. Less than five minutes later, Alema Rar had Sleina moaning in orgasm.

To Alema Rar's frustration, Sleina stopped her pussy licking while she was moaning. Alema Rar's tongue stayed busy, trying to licking up all of her tasty juices. She made a mental note to speak to Brosk about Sleina's training. Soon Sleina returned to her pussy licking duties and Alema Rar edged closer to her own orgasm. Just for fun, she timed her own to match Sleina's second.

The crowd was thrilled to have the two women cumming together. Alema Rar felt their adulation as they cheered, and Sleina's embarrassment. While Alema Rar was still riding the aftershocks of orgasmic bliss, Brosk leaned over and whispered into her ear. “There is no emotion ...”

“There is peace.” She completed the Jedi mantra without thinking. Sithspit! Her eyes popped open with betrayal.

Brosk just smiled back in triumph. “Your secret's safe with me,” he told her softly. Brosk let the two submissives lick each over for a few more minutes, and just when both were nice and wet again, pulled Alema Rar off Sleina. He left Alema Rar lying on the floor while he took the ankle cuffs off Sleina. The crowd started drifting off. Once Brosk had Sleina resting on the divan he turned back to Alema Rar.

After removing the bar from Alema Rar's ankle cuffs Brosk helped her up onto the divan as well. He set between them, both still in the rigid stocks. “So my lovely girls, what shall we do next?” He asked no one in particular. “I think it's time I had some pretty little lips around my cock,” he answered his own question.

He had Sleina kneel in front of him and he removed the rigid stocks and locked her hands back behind her with a pair of shackles. Then, while he repeated the process with Alema Rar he told Sleina to crawl over and retrieve her collar.

“Mhmm, Alema Rar, how does your collar and cuffs come off?” Brosk asked her after looking her collar over closely.

“With the remote,” Alema Rar replied. That was true for the cuffs anyway. The collar could only be removed with the Force.

“Where's the remote then?”

“In the mail,” Alema Rar answered with a smile.

Sleina was waiting patiently with her collar held in her mouth. Brosk locked Alema Rar's upper arms together then took the collar from Sleina's mouth and buckled it around her throat. With the two collared and cuffed slaves kneeling in front of him, Brosk unfastened his pants and pulled out his glistening cock.

Alema Rar had plenty of practice giving head with other slaves. Sleina, on the other hand, was new to the experience. The Jedi could feel her jealousy. She was being too competitive, trying to nudge the Twi'lek away from her Master's cock. Alema Rar had to be content with licking and sucking his balls and the lower part of his shaft, since Sleina refused to give up his head.

After a few minutes of this Brosk noticed and firmly pulled Sleina away by the hair. Alema Rar eagerly took advantage of the situation. Brosk was pretty well equipped in the manhood department, nearly twenty centimeters she figured. Still, Alema Rar was able to deep throat him with relative ease, which caused another pang of jealousy from the redhead. Brosk whispered something into Sleina's ear and she returned to servicing his cock.

Minutes later he shot his load onto Sleina face, which Alema Rar quickly licked off, and shared with her.

“So my dears, what shall we do next?” Brosk asked after watching the two slaves share his seed.

“Well Sir, I've got to go, I've got a meeting in a bit,” Alema Rar replied.

Brosk and Sleina were both visibly disappointed. “Oh, that's too bad. When can we play again?” He asked the kneeling Jedi.

“I don't know. I travel a lot.”

“Well, let's exchange comm frequencies, if that's alright with you?”

“Of course Sir. If you'll unlock my shackles for me please, Sir?” Alema Rar asked.

Brosk unlocked the wrist and upper arm cuffs and they exchanged comm frequencies. Then Alema Rar retrieved her too short coat and went to her apartment to dress for her meeting with Master Durron.

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