Alema Rar & Jysella Horn II: Helping Out the Locals
Rating: PG

Bethany Handcuff

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"Mistress, can I ask you a question?" Jysella Horn asked as she ran a diagnostic on her X-wing.

"Sure," Alema Rar replied cheerfully from beside her own snub-fighter several meters away.

"Did you ever know your parents?" the human asked after a deep breath.

Alema Rar stopped working, and looked over at her a moment.  "Why do you ask?"

Jysella shrugged her shoulders.   "Just curious, Mistress," she answered.   "You never talk about them or anything."

Alema Rar stared at her several heartbeats.   "I was born a slave," she replied.   "I never knew my parents."   She paused and shook her head ruefully.   "Frakk, I didn't even know people had families.  All I knew was my sister, and other slaves, and my Master's employees.  I thought that's how everyone grew up."

Alema Rar thought back as she continued speaking.   "When I did learn about parents, I was strongly encouraged not to ask about how I came to be in this galaxy.   My mother was probably a slave, and my father was probably a slave trader.  If they showed up today, I wouldn't even know who they were, and I wouldn't really care."

"That's horrible!" Jysella said, obviously stunned from the extended reply.  "I'm sooo sorry Mistress," she added.

Alema Rar gave her an ironic smile.   "There were a few people who were nice to us growing up.  Numar'ar and I were trained to be dancers almost from the time we could walk.   Since we were dancers, we were treated a lot better than regular slaves.  Our Masters didn't want to bruise or scar their beautiful, valuable dancing girls."

"Wow," Jysella replied.

Now Alema Rar gave her a friendly smile.   "Jedi Daeshara'cor rescued us though, and trained us in the ways of the Force.  The Jedi are my family now."  Then she looked pointedly at her apprentice.  "Shouldn't you be working?"

"Yes Mistress," Jysella answered as she turned her attention back to the diagnostic screen.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Later that day ...

"Mistress, do you see those two men in the booth over there?" Jysella Horn asked, nodding towards the booth most of the way across the cafe.

Both men were human, with short brown hair.   One looked perhaps forty, and the other in his mid twenties.  The older one was a little stockier than his companion.

"You mean the one you've been eying, and his partner?" Alema Rar asked nonchalantly as she took a bite of her salad.

Jysella blushed slightly.  "Yes Mistress," she replied.  "I'm pretty sure they're some sort of security-types, and they're watching the cantina across the street," Jysella explained.

Alema Rar glanced at the cantina, then at the security-types, then back to her apprentice.  "And?"

"Well they were both excited when that group of speeder bikers went in a few minutes ago, but then they got upset."

From the line of speeder bikes out front, the cantina catered to speeder bikers, and she was pretty sure the group of five that had gone in were members of the Zoloz, a local speeder biker gang.   The one standing out front keeping an eye on the speeders was most likely a prospect.

Alema Rar sighed.  She really didn't want to get involved.  "We don't even know who they are," she pointed out, flicking her tchin—her right lek—towards the security-types.

"We can find out, Mistress," Jysella suggested.   "And if they're law enforcement, they might need our help."

"Just go over there and ask him for his comm code," Alema Rar replied with a sly smile.  "Or just ask him out on a date when he's finished with his stakeout."

Jysella blushed slightly.  "I'm serious, Mistress," she protested.  "If they're having problems, we should help them."

Alema Rar glanced at the cantina.   There were about thirty speeder bikes out front.  She wasn't sure how many of them belonged to members of the Zoloz.  "Fine, but whatever happens, you're doing all the paperwork," she said as she stood up.

"Don't I always, Mistress?" Jysella responded with mock-innocence as she climbed to her feet as well.

Alema Rar shot her a look of displeasure.

"Fine, fine, I'll do all the paperwork, Mistress," Jysella hastily replied.  "Happily."

Alema Rar was mildly surprised that the two security-types didn't notice her as she approached — well, until she was practically at their booth.  She was wearing a tight black bodysuit, with a black cloak over it.  Black knee boots with chunky, twelve-centimeter heels were on her feet.  Her silver durasteel belt was around her waist, with her lightsaber at her right hip.   Eight centimeter-wide silver durasteel cuffs were around each of her wrists.  She was also wearing her black nerfhide head harness.

Jysella was dressed in a black and dark green bodysuit, with a black cloak over it.  Her ankle boots were also black, and had chunky, ten centimeter heels.   A black nerfhide belt was slung low on her hips, with her lightsaber on the right.  Five centimeter wide dark green nerfhide bands were around her wrists.

The two security-types were both wearing gray jumpsuits with an assortment of pockets.  The older one had a dark jacket over that.  The younger one was studying a datapad while his partner took a swallow of his caf.   Both of them looked up as they approached.

The two Jedi slid into the booth without saying a word.   Alema Rar made sure to sit down next to the older one, leaving the empty seat next to the one Jysella had been eying for her.  Both men instantly shifted and put a hand near what she assumed were their blasters.

"Mind if we join you?" Alema Rar asked with a friendly smile.  She made sure to keep both of her own hands on the table.

The older one started to decline, but Jysella quickly introduced both herself — mainly to the younger one — and Alema Rar.

"You wouldn't happen to have some ID?" the older of the two asked.

Jysella pulled her ID chit out, and passed it to the younger officer with a smile.

"So, who are you?" Alema Rar asked the older one, while the younger one smiled back at her apprentice and checked her ID.

The older security-type glanced at his partner, and he returned a curt nod.

"Officers Okinns and Burke, Rendili Security Force," the older one replied quietly.

"My apprentice seems to think you two could use our help," Alema Rar responded softly.

The two officers exchanged a glance, then Officer Okinns explained that they had been observing the cantina across the way, when the leader of the Zoloz arrived unexpectedly.  He was wanted for three murders, including one of a security officer, plus dozens of other major crimes.  Unfortunately, it would take several hours to get a team together to go in and arrest him, as they would have to contend with at least five armed Zoloz, plus the other speeder bikers in the catina.

Alema Rar glanced at Jysella, who was keying in information on her datapad.  She should be pulling up information on the Zoloz, as well as the wanted subject, and the layout of the cantina.  Jysella sensed her attention, and glanced up to give her a nod confirming Officer Okinns's statements.

"So you need someone to get him somewhere that you can arrest him without his friends interfering," Alema Rar stated dryly.

"That would be nice," Officer Burke replied with a slightly sarcastic smile.

"We can do that," Jysella replied cheerfully.  "Master Alema Rar can get him to come out in no time."

Alema Rar glanced at Jysella with a look that was mostly annoyance.  The annoyance was from the fact that she was speaking for her, and volunteering her for a potentially dangerous mission.  Alema Rar really didn't want to do this, but she wasn't about to let Jysella go in alone either.  She also wasn't about to leave two security officers that she didn't know on the outside while she and Jysella went in.

"I'll get him to come out," Alema Rar agreed with a nod.  "Any particular place you want him?"

"There's a side door that opens to an alley," Officer Burke suggested.  "That would be the best way to get him out quietly."

"I'll have a patrol officer waiting at the opposite end of the alley, on the next street, so we don't have to take him back out front," Officer Okinns added.

Alema Rar glanced at the schematic of the cantina Jysella had pulled up on her datapad.   The side door was down a short corridor, off the bar.  There were a couple of rooms along the corridor as well.  The alley went from this street to the next one.

"Why don't you stay here and cover the front," Alema Rar said, nodding towards Officer Okinns.   "And after Officer Burke parks the speeder, he and my apprentice can cover the alley.  If anyone sees them, they can pretend to be making out or something."

Officer Okinns glanced at his partner, then at Jysella.  "That would work," he replied with a nod.

Alema Rar glanced at Jysella, who was busy smiling at Officer Burke.  Alema Rar had suggested she and Officer Burke stay together, so they could get to know each other a bit.  She could sense Jysella's embarrassment at her making out comment.   Alema Rar hoped she appreciated it, especially since she would be seducing a speeder biker who was also a wanted murderer.

While no one was paying attention, Alema Rar moved her lightsaber to the hidden compartment on the inside her durasteel belt, at the small of her back.  Then she removed her black cloak, revealing just her skintight nerfhide bodysuit, silver durasteel wrist cuffs, and a matching durasteel belt.

"Hold onto this," she instructed Jysella as she handed the cloak to her.

With that Alema Rar climbed to her feet, and headed towards the cantina.

The prospect was openingly checking her out.  He was about fifteen kilos overweight, and had a scruffy beard.  His newer-looking black nerfhide vest only had one patch on the front.   Alema Rar smiled back at him as she went inside.

There were about forty-five people in the cantina, mostly human, and mostly bikers.   There were eight Zoloz sitting around a table near the middle of the cantina, along with a pair of human women that were also wearing black nerfhide vests, without the gang's emblem on them.

Alema Rar caught her target's eye, and flashed him a seductive smile as she headed towards the bar.   As she waited on her drink, she used the Force to keep his attention on her.  By the time the serving droid brought her drink, Alema Rar could practically feel several sets of eyes firmly attached to her ass.

As she took a swallow of her drink, Alema Rar sensed someone approach her from behind.   She kept her senses alert as he slid onto the stool next to her.

A couple of moments later, she was sliding into a chair next to her target, and the Zoloz that had invited her to the table.  Her target's hand quickly found her thigh, just above her knee.  Alema Rar responded with a smile, and scooted a little closer to him.

For the next twenty minutes or so, Alema Rar sipped her drink while she flirted with her target.   She also sent Jysella occasional reassurances through the Force.  For some reason, she sensed Jysella out front instead of in the alley.

Finally Alema Rar sensed that her target was ready to go someplace a bit more private — to have some fun with her.  For one, his hand was most of the way up her thigh.  Alema Rar was pretending to barely keep it from going higher.  She was planning on having some fun too.

"Hey, want to go some place private?" Alema Rar cooed into his ear, just loudly enough to be heard by the nearest couple of Zoloz.  At the same time, she put the image of the alley into his mind.   Alema Rar was slightly concerned as to why Jysella was still in front of the cantina, but she trusted her apprentice.

"Almost, babe," he replied with a leer, and a squeeze of her thigh.

He finished off his second mug of lum in one gulp.  Then he grabbed her around her waist, and flipped her over his shoulder as he stood up.   Alema Rar ran through a Jedi calming exercise as they headed towards the back.

Before they reached the back door leading to the alley, he opened a side door, and carried her into a room.   Alema Rar muttered a curse.   She had hoped he'd take her straight out to the alley.

He kicked the door closed behind them, and took a couple of steps across the small room.   The next thing Alema Rar knew, she was being tossed onto a bed.  She flashed him a look of seduction as he began opening his pants.   He pulled out his semi-rigid cock as he stepped towards the bed.  Then he half-fell onto the bed next to her.

As he landed, Alema Rar touched his temple, and said "sleep," backing the command up with the Force.   With the alcohol his system, he immediately fell into unconsciousness.

Alema Rar quickly rolled him over and stuffed his dick back into his pants.  Then she searched him, and relieved him of his blaster and vibroblade.

First Alema Rar slid the vibroblade underneath her durasteel belt.  With her tight bodysuit though, Alema Rar couldn't really hide the blaster on herself.  It had been in a holster hidden in his vest.  Alema Rar slid it into his belt at the small of his back.  If she needed it, she was confident she could get it.

Then Alema Rar checked the hallway.  It was empty in both directions.  She went back to the bed, and got the cop murderer to his feet.  She slung one of his arms over her shoulder, and grabbed his belt to lift him.  At the doorway she checked the corridor again.  Then she dragged him the rest of the way down the hallway, to the door leading to the alley.

Outside, she found Officer Burke, alone.

"Where's Jysella?" Alema Rar asked him as she closed the door behind herself.

"Out front, occupying the Zoloz prospect," he replied as he began patting down the unconscious speeder biker.

Alema Rar quickly retrieved the blaster at the small of his back.  She couldn't help but be proud of her apprentice.  She had ignored the guy she really wanted in order to flirt with a seedy speeder biker, just for a mission.

"You okay with him?" Alema Rar asked as Officer Burke finished searching him.

"Yeah," he replied, pulling his arms behind his back and cuffing him.  "How long will he be out?"

"Probably half an hour, unless I wake him up sooner," Alema Rar replied.

Officer Burke wrapped his arm around the prisoner's waist and headed for the far end of the alley.   Alema Rar headed towards the front of the cantina, to check on Jysella, who Alema Rar sensed was suddenly worried.

A moment later Alema Rar heard the roar of speeder bikes approaching the cantina.   Quite a few of them.   Perhaps ten or twelve.

Alema Rar peeked around the corner to see Jysella hurrying towards her with a fast walk.   There were also a dozen or so Zoloz that were arriving.  The prospect was sitting on a bench against the wall, apparently in a Force nap.

"Time to go," Jysella said somewhat unnecessarily as she reached the alley.

As soon as the two Jedi were out of sight, both Jedi began running towards the opposite end of the alley.   They caught up with Officer Burke just before he reached the security speeder with his prisoner.   Jysella joined Officer Burke in the back seat with the still unconscious prisoner, while Alema Rar sat in the front with the uniformed officer.  He perhaps twenty-five, and pretty cute, but since he had a wedding ring, Alema Rar decided not to get too flirty.

Once they arrived at the police station Jysella woke the prisoner up from his Force nap.   He was understandably upset to find himself handcuffed in the back of a security speeder.  The two Jedi let Officer Burke and three other security officers extract him from the speeder.

Officer Okinns arrived a few minutes later.  He told everyone how pissed the Zoloz were when they found out one of their top lieutenants had disappeared out from under their noses.

Officers Okinns and Burke started to do their paperwork on the arrest.  Jysella went to help them.  A few moments later she came back out.

"They said they didn't really need anything from us," Jysella explained.  "So I guess we can go."

"Are you sure?" Alema Rar asked.  "If you want to hang out and wait on him, that's fine with me."

"Na," Jysella answered with a smile.  "I got his comm code.   We're going out tomorrow."

"Glad someone got something out of me going into a nest of murderous speeder bikers," Alema Rar responded dryly.

"Maybe Officer Okinns will take you out?" Jysella replied almost as dryly.

Alema Rar shot her apprentice a mock-stern look.

"Can I give you ladies a lift anywhere?" the officer that had brought them to the station asked.

"Spaceport," Alema Rar answered quickly.  "My apprentice has lots of work to do on our starfighters."

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