Dangled Fruit: Adaam & Eeve Rating: X / Squick
Diana DeRiggs

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The buzzing in Luke's head had stopped when Mara Jade had killed that creature, the one called Luuke. True, Luuke could be considered a living, breathing organism, but the clone had no reason to exist in the natural order of things. It had been created in violation of the Force and the rules governing all being. That thing was not a real person -- it was cloned from cells in Luke's right hand.

The one cut off on Cloud City by his father, and later retrieved by the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Luke was so relieved by the end of that ordeal that he barely noticed the other buzzing, again inside his head. But after he managed to rest and heal, he realized he could still feel the buzzing, though it wasn't the throbbing, painful presence from before.

Luke had discovered that if he was near two genetically identical beings, such as a clone and the original person, or with a pair of matched clones, the buzzing would become obvious. He wondered about the source, thinking the Mount Tantiss installation on Wayland was now destroyed; no other clones should have been nearby. But when he took the time to meditate and expand his presence in the Force, he did detect something ...

It didn't feel the same as when he was near Luuke, so he didn't think it was another clone of himself; he had wondered if Joruus C'baoth had made more than one clone of him, but if he had, they must have been destroyed.

When Luke brought up the possibility of clones who might have survived, Leia complained that she felt it too. But she was suffering from really intense headaches, much worse than when she was near soldier clones, and she suggested there might be more than two? Luke realized his sister had a good point for some Force-sensitive beings. Apparently, a single clone by itself did not cause this problem. It was if two identical beings too close together somehow interfered with each other's wavelengths. Leia surmised that it was a violation of some rule -- it was as if the multiple beings were trying to occupy the same single space in the Force, simultaneously. Only there was no room for more than one.

Han Solo took Luke aside and told the Jedi that Leia's headaches were actually much worse than he'd ever seen them. And it was Han who first figured out why.

"This headache of hers sounds just like your descriptions of when that clone of you was around," Han said this quietly to Luke, not wanting anyone to hear his supposition. "Which means ..."

Luke let out a strangling sound, "No ... but where would the Emperor have gotten the material?"

"Vader did have contact with her when he tortured her ... on the Death Star, remember?" Han said this part even more quietly, "I'm assuming he could have taken tissue samples, blood, hair, anything he wanted. Even if he didn't know Leia was his daughter, he must have felt the Force in her, her resistance must have piqued his curiosity enough to take samples for possible study later ..."

It made sense. The mechanism and motivation were there. The possibility was very real.

So, what to do with Leia's clone?

First, they had to find it. Her.

The two men agreed not to tell Leia or anyone they didn't have to tell. If the clone was grabbed by the Imperial remnant or a warlord ... or even if the New Republic captured her ... Plus the need to care for Leia's new-born twins and the adventures of the past days had wiped her out. They didn't want to heap more stress on her.

There was no question in their minds that the clone had to be destroyed; having two Leias walking around would not only be detrimental to Leia, but the potential for abuse was ugly and terrible. They agreed to hunt it down ...

Han knew it would be hard for him to kill a woman who was Leia's exact double. But he loved the former princess -- and the mother of his children -- with his whole heart and soul; there would be no room for hesitation to keep the woman he knew as Leia safe and sane. His Leia was a unique person, and no clone would ever replace her. He knew it would be hard, but he knew he would do it -- he had to. The only other person he entrusted with this information was his first mate, Chewbacca, whom he trusted with every confidence. One or the other would guard and stay with Leia and the children while the other went on the hunt.

As Luke talked over the plans with Han, he knew that he, too, would have trouble killing his sister's clone -- but not for the reasons Han had. Luke's reason could never be told to anyone, no matter how close a friend.

This clone ... she was not his sister. Leia Organa Solo is his sister. The other being was simply someone who looked like Leia, thought like her, walked and talked like her. She was not Leia.

He would not love her as he loved his sister.

And he could love her as he once loved the woman who was the Princess of Alderaan, before that unfortunate planet was destroyed. He could love her as he could not love his sister.

He had to find her first ... he had to find her before Han or Chewbacca did! Luke knew that the other two would not hesitate to destroy the clone. They would never understand Luke's desperate mindset.

Han told Luke to use Mara as his hunting partner. "She seems okay now. I've talked to Kaarde, he says she's acting 'whole' again. Seems like killing your clone freed something that had been holding her back all these years. And she did kill that crazy C'baoth; she's capable, and she'd be useful. Unlike you, she has no deep emotional bond to Leia." Luke wondered if Han had guessed the workings of his inner heart, but he didn't show his hand.

"Good idea, thanks." Luke settled for acknowledging the advice, but didn't intend to tell Mara Jade anything. She might have been fine now, but she had admitted to needing to kill Luke. Maybe killing Luke's clone had freed the thing that had been compelling her, but he couldn't be one-hundred percent sure. Besides, to gain her confidence, he let slip who his father had been; he'd never forget her shock and wondered if letting her know had been a serious mistake.

And he did know that if he sought her confidence, Mara would kill Leia's clone -- one less Skywalker in the galaxy, she'd say. Luke couldn't allow that. At least not until he could make love to the woman who resembled his sister ...

He thought he finally understood Mara's need to kill him. It was a command embedded in her psyche by Emperor Palpatine as he hurtled toward his own death. You will kill Skywalker! Whether Vader or Luke, no one could know Palpatine's intent. But the command threatened to destroy her until she could obey and complete the task. She couldn't control the need, any more than she could stop breathing. It was something that was a part of her internal programming. In her need to follow her inner moral compass, Mara was very much like Leia. Luke wondered at this similarity, and realized that he could never be romantically entangled with a woman like Mara.

Palpatine did not embed an order into Luke ... but long before Luke knew Leia was his twin sister, longer ago than before he knew Darth Vader was once his father ... he was romantically in love with Leia. She was the key that opened his whole life -- she got him off Tatooine, drove him to become a Jedi Knight, made him aspire and compete against Han Solo, the charming, worldly pirate. His love for Leia was an intrinsic part of who he was, as much as the command to kill Luke had been integral to Mara's being.

From the moment R2D2 projected her holo on the floor of his uncle Owen's garage on Tatooine, Luke was desperately in love. He knew, down to the core of his being, that he and this woman were fated to be together forever. But in his inexperience with the Force -- and with life in general -- he misinterpreted what this might mean. He never could have imagined that he and this beautiful princess might actually be related by birth. He was a poor boy from an Outer Rim planet! How could he have ever guessed his terrible, secret heritage?

When the specter of Ben Kenobi revealed this secret to Luke, he was aghast and in turmoil. That meant he could never have her for himself! He was glad that the old Jedi Knight had not admonished him for this very un-Jedi-like response. Even as a ghost, Kenobi had better things to worry about than Luke's regrets; after all, Luke's life would be filled with regret, just as Obiwan Kenobi's own life had been. This was just another one; Luke would have to learn how to handle these disappointments.

But now ... here was a chance for Luke to address one of the biggest regrets of his life! Even if he agreed that the clone had to be destroyed eventually, he could take advantage of this opportunity -- fate, and perhaps the Force, had presented it to him. He could at last love Leia, and not in a brotherly way, either! The opportunity tempted him like a solid thing, dangling like a ripe, poisonous fruit ... Luke couldn't contain his agitation!

He and Han divided up the area to search for the clone. Of course, Luke sent Han on a wild goosechase, then headed straight for the area where he had detected her. The clone was no longer just an "it" ... the clone was a real person to Luke -- albeit in a carnal, visceral fantasy way.

He knew she was trapped in a tunnel beneath the wreckage of Mount Tantiss. As a precaution and accounting for the treacherous terrain, he moved slowly, realizing she might know he was coming. After all, Leia had the Force; thus this clone had the Force, and Luke did not know her level of training. He tried to be aware of anyone sneaking up on him, or the possibility of other beings left alive after the explosion that ruined the facility, but it was difficult to concentrate properly. All Luke really knew was that he didn't have much time ... he had to find her!

As he got closer to her, Luke didn't have to see her to know where she was and what she was feeling. But he was unprepared for what he did see when he ignited his lightsabre as a light source. Her resemblance to Leia was so complete that it caused him to gasp audibly. He marveled at her expression, her eyes, those lips ... She was frightened and bruised, but not seriously injured; Luke saw that she had been tied up, as if preventing her from escaping. He felt the pain of her restraints, and despite the buzzing pain Luke felt in her presence, he understood that she had not been created long ago. The flash learning she should have received had not been complete, and she'd been held here almost as a prisoner. Perhaps if C'baoth did not succeed with Luke, he would have started training this clone of Leia? Or had the cloned and unstable Jedi Master been using her for something else?

She had been weeping and making incoherent sounds. His heart cracked to hear her suffering, and he pressed his efforts to free her. Using the Force and his own physical strength, he pulled debris off her body.

At last, he stood over her and drank in her appearance. She lay there, trussed to the sleeping platform, her clothing shredded, exposing her in a terrifically erotic manner. His eyes swept her body and he felt frozen, unable to move from the spot ...

The clone looked up at the man who had come to get her, and she assumed he would be like the other men. But something felt different about him; she didn't fear him. And he looked familiar. They stared at one another for long moments, and at last, she decided she should speak. Licking her dry lips, she cleared her throat daintily and said, "My name is Lei'ia."

No ... Your voice! You're Leia!

"Please don't hurt me."

I would never hurt you ... Leia.

"It went all dark ... I'm frightened!" It never occurred to Lei'ia to ask what had happened.

Without really thinking about what he was doing, Luke moved slowly toward her, imagining how he must look by the glow of his lightsabre, trying to look strong and protective. "I'm here now, Leia, don't be scared. I'll take care of you." He watched her carefully, whispering the words he only dared utter in his dreams ...

"It's Luke ... I've come to save you, Leia. Don't move, lay absolutely still." With a quick swoop, his lightsabre cut through her bonds. Her body twitched at this action, but he had predicted she would -- she moves exactly like Leia! -- and she looked relieved as she started to understand she had been freed.

He let her rub her wrists to restore her circulation, then held out his gloved hand, "Come with me, don't be frightened."

"Luuke?" As trusting as an innocent, the clone reached for him. Luke willed himself to ignore the buzzing he felt in his head. He trembled as her fingers touched his.

Without warning, Lei'ia pulled insistently at him so he half-fell, half-sank down on her, and she embraced him hard and close. Startled at this gesture, Luke should have been alarmed and on alert, but the girl seemed so grateful to see Luke! He observed she might have been sleeping when the tunnel had collapsed over her; they seemed to be on a bed. Almost sobbing with relief, Luke felt her wrapping her limbs around his body tightly, a tingly glow running through his whole body, down to his toes!

As he felt her hold him, he remembered back to a rescue many years before on the Death Star, when he was naive enough to walk deep into an Imperial prison block to save the Princess Leia Organa. That rescue didn't turn out the way he thought it should have. The princess was mocking, acerbic, tough ... it was how she survived the physical and mental tortures inflicted on her. This girl holding Luke was nothing like Leia. She was a survivor, too, but in a rather different manner ...

But she was exactly how Luke had imagined the princess would be, when he first learned of her plight -- fragile, in distress, delicate, grateful. She was exactly like his fantasies of Leia, long before he ever knew her name.

He wanted to free his hands and look at her, so he propped his lightsabre in some debris and folded his arms around the shivering girl. She feels so smooth ... so soft ... so firm ... Luke's hormones might have been at fault, but the buzzing in his head grew louder. He didn't care.

With his flesh-and-blood hand, he tipped Lei'ia's head back and gazed into those oh-so-familiar brown eyes. "Don't be frightened," he breathed, "I won't hurt you ..." He felt kissing her might kill him -- the pressure in his head screamed out so loudly that he would have sworn it was actually audible as his lips sought hers. But all he felt was the pressure of this woman's lips on his. She was so charmingly hesitant, so unsure ... she reached to him for guidance ... so different from his sister ... not his sister ... nothing like his sister ...

As he pressed his tongue into her mouth, she did likewise, matching his moves, synchronizing herself to please him. He felt her breath draw in, and felt her surrender to him, as if to declare, I'm yours! He savored her, tasted her ... he would do all the things forbidden to him. His hands moved over her body, touching her, feeling her up, making her thrill to his touch! She moaned and his mind exploded at the throaty sound!

"Luke ... oh, Luuke ..." she groaned as he squeezed her breasts, feeling their heft in his palms. He found her nipples with his mouth, rolled his tongue around them while the pressure of his fingers made the fleshy mounds bulge upward. So much like heavy, musky fruit, so full ...

"Aaah ... yes ... oh, don't stop ...!" she begged as he pressed his fingers against her clitoris. He rubbed her through her scant clothing, afraid to stop! He was afraid the dream would end to soon, like it always did before. He had to make her orgasm, he had to!

And she did, shrieking repeatedly, "Yes! Yes! Luuke, oh Luke!" He reveled to hear her scream his name!

My name? ...

No time for thought! He was a madman, ripping off her clothes, pulling at his to expose his rigidity. She was wet and was panting, obviously and openly wanting him. "Oh, please ..." Her begging was plaintive, demanding. And this time, there was no reason for him to resist! The fruit that tempted him was ready to harvest!

He pressed himself against her moist opening and nearly felt himself shatter ... "Oh, Lei'ia ... you're so good! You feel so beautiful ... I never dreamed ..." So succulent ... smells so sweet ...

"Luuke, oh do it, please ... fuck me, I want it so bad! You know you want to, please ... push it into me, I'll die if you don't ..."

Hearing the woman who looked like his sister talking dirty to him, pleading to do the nasty, it was too much for Luke! All those years of dreaming and regretting, of abstaining and care. They meant nothing now, nothing more than the reality of putting himself into this woman. He groaned as he relished the feeling of first entry, tried to prolong it, "Leia ... it's so much better than I imagined ... oh, orgasm for me again, Leia! Make me feel you ..." Juicy ... ripe ...

As soon as he pushed himself completely into her, the clone screamed out and her hips started grinding against his with a fury that matched his emotions. The two were in perfect synchronization, rutting and grunting like animals, feeding each other with sheer lust!

No! Too soon! Don't let it end now! Luke felt a familiar tingling in his prostate, deep below his testicles. It signaled that he was going to release very soon. He tried to slow it down, but his orgasm would not be denied! It started crashing over him, ever-increasing ripples, over and over. Luke had never felt anything like this -- his orgasm didn't just crawl out and explode like it normally did. It rose up and crashed, then rose again, higher than the time before! It was like having to climb a slippery ladder toward his release, in a pleasurable journey he had to make. It made him want to push into Lei'ia deeper and harder!

Putting all of his being into this nearly-illicit act, Luke initially didn't recognize a twinge he felt through the Force. Rather suddenly, he became conscious of someone else in the tunnel. "No!" No, no, no, not now, not now! The sting of this information made him stop in mid-stroke.

The woman beneath him whined at the halt in stimulation, "Oh, Luuke," she cooed, "that was nice, so nice, don't stop, don't leave me, never, don't ... more! Please!" Luke was desperate to feel her orgasm again; at his core, he was a romantic, and he wanted the pinnacle of release to be accomplished simultaneously for the couple. Urgently, he resumed his pace. He worked himself into her, concentrating on how good it felt ... but he couldn't block out the knowledge that someone was coming closer to him.

Desperate to finish before he was caught in this awful act, he gestured toward his lightsabre and turned it off. He heard it clatter onto the debris, but he didn't care. It meant whoever was coming wouldn't actually see him buried in a girl who looked like his sister!

"Ah, ah, ah, Luuke, ah, Luke, ah ...!" Lei'ia grunted rhythmically, signaling the approach of her orgasm. He felt her squirming and opening her legs wider to admit more of him. He felt her legs wrap around him, pulling him tighter into her. Luke found the fact that she wanted this as much as he did simply mind-blowing! He leaned forward, grinding his pubic bone against her clitoris as he gritted his teeth and put out a burst of speed! Have to finish this ... have to ...!

He felt her squeezing him with her whole body as her high-pitched cries filled the cavern, and he thought he heard ferrocrete and rocks moving. Some dim thought in the back of his mind made him realize that the ceiling could collapse on them! But as that thought floated through his mind, he felt his testicles twitch and the gland at the base of his penis tingled hard. Powerful metaphors flashed through his brain, Fruit of my loins ... seeding a fertile fiel--

Whoever was approaching them had stopped. He willfully ignored the person, he had to reach his release! The thought of being observed urged his gland to let go of the cascading burst, and he screamed out loud! Oh, this feels great! I'm ... I'm shooting my sperm in ... in ... no! ... she's NOT my sister! He didn't know if he was yelling this out loud or if the voice in his head -- compounded with the buzzing -- was particularly vibrant. The pain in his cranium caused his whole world to throb. He saw colors and lights, felt Lei'ia tighten around him hard. As his climax peaked, he heard himself roar in pain as he struggled to retain consciousness!

And then, all was quiet. He was panting, having pushed himself past physical and mental bounds he'd never reached before. He kept seeing bursts of color, stars and flashes opening and receding. His ears popped, he was conscious of his pounding heartbeat. He slumped down, felt himself being guided backwards, heard the slurping, popping sound as his member was released. He was exhausted, but he felt freed; then he started to cry.

Luke had no memory of how he managed to leave the tunnel. Perhaps Obiwan had something to do with it, what was he doing here? No, not Obiwan ... Mara? He wished he could figure it out, but anyway, Mara Jade was here now, not Obiwan; strange, how did he confuse Mara with his old mentor? He opened his eyes and saw her looking at him with ... Luke couldn't identify the emotion he felt from Mara. Still, he clutched at her, as if drowning ...

Ben, he was weeping as hard as he had when he lost the battle to Vader, so many years ago on Cloud City, Ben, why did you tell me?? Why did you tell me about my sister ...?

Luke dimly remembered Chewbacca bringing a transport to their location and bodily lifting Luke onto the small cargospace. The Jedi couldn't move, he couldn't think, he felt emotionally wasted, without any of the catharsis that should follow a purge. He heard Mara say something about being in shock. But he couldn't be sure. He felt her pry the lightsabre from his mechanical hand. How had that gotten there?

Luke was still crying when he woke up. Han was standing beside the medcot, "That must've been some nightmare, kid. You've been thrashing for two days, that's why you're strapped in! You okay?" The older man's concern was soothing, and Luke croaked through parched lips, "Where ...?"

Assuming he was asking for their location, Han explained they were on the Falcon. "It's a good thing Leia feels better, or we'd have both of you in sickbay!" Han explained that Leia's headaches and nausea had quickly deteriorated not long after Luke had left to hunt down the clone. "She was screaming and crying, babbling all sorts of things -- scary things! I'll spare you the details, but I tell you, kid, I was scared! But I thought I knew why Leia got worse so fast -- you must have located the clone ... I sent Chewie and Mara out to find you, figured you'd be needing some help killing your 'sister.' Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped. She felt better, said her headache was gone! That's how I knew you'd killed the clone, because Leia felt better."

Luke's eyes widened at Han's explanation, Leia feels better? That means ... oh stars, the clone is gone?? The Emdee 'droid had judged Skywalker to no longer be a danger to himself and and released the restraints attaching Luke's body to the cot. But Luke hadn't felt any of it; he only felt numbness as the realization soaked into his brain, Han thinks I killed her!

The 'droid told Luke to drink from an open cup slowly; he had been continuously rehydrated during his nightmares, but his mouth still felt dry. Luke did as he was told as he tried to make sense of what Han just told him.

He couldn't admit to Han why it was impossible; how could he have killed Lei'ia? Luke had wanted her, she could have been his wife! As he sipped, he started to feel better and could sit up without getting dizzy.

No, she couldn't have, the other voice in Luke's head was sad, not ever. She could never have been your wife. Think of how it would have affected your sister? The buzzing in her head ... the knowledge that you are banging a woman who is her genetic equal ...

Luke chose his words carefully, "I killed her? Han, I couldn't ... I don't remember," he was trying to get information from his friend without revealing his innermost feelings, "I don't ... but Mara was there ... couldn't she have ...?"

"She said you did," Han patted the younger man's shoulder sympathetically, "she saw you do it." He felt sorry for Luke; Han had feared having to commit the act himself, and thought he understood the turmoil.

"No! She's lying!" Luke threw the cup of liquid violently and immediately felt Han's arms pushing him back down onto the bed.

"Luke, calm down! Why would she lie?" Han had feared this reaction, though he didn't blame his brother-in-law for succumbing to hysteria. "She already has the other clone's blood on her hands, and she was trained as an Imperial assassin -- she has nothing to lie about." Han signaled to the 'droid to help relax the Jedi, and Luke felt an osmotic needle against his bare shoulder, followed by a sense of tranquility. But his mind continued to churn.

Did I? Could I? Luke felt sleepy, but he fought the urge to lie back. But I couldn't have ... I didn't ... An inky redness converged on him and he dozed again.

... and he remembered ... as he approached his orgasm with the clone who looked like his sister, he was immediately overwhelmed with an unexpected repugnance of what he'd done. It was if he suddenly sobered up ... not only was he taking advantage of a frightened, ignorant, beautiful woman ... but in his mind, she was his sister! Angered, furious, and on the verge of ejaculation, his lightsabre flew into his hand and he severed the clone's head neatly from her body, even as her mouth gasped for air as she called his name "Luuuuuke ..." He felt her vagina contract violently around his penis, and he felt the release of his seed, flooding into her ...

When Luke woke up again, Mara was standing beside his bed. Recognizing her, he had to fight not to look away from her amused gaze. She saw ... she knows!

Mara Jade smirked at him, making him very uncomfortable, "I know what you did, and I understand why you did it. I always tell the truth, Skywalker ... just not all of it."

As the door closed behind her, Luke knew he would never be able to separate himself from Mara Jade. He'd never be able to just walk away from her and forget her. She knew too much. He'd always fear how much she knew about him. Her business was information brokerage and delivery, after all ...

Yes, he had wanted desperately to complete Mara's training as a Jedi; in a sense, he had hoped to have continued contact with her anyway. But not under these conditions! Things were different now; she knew everything that was important about him, especially the bad stuff. Before they entered the Mount Tantiss facility, he'd managed to reveal to her that Darth Vader had been his father. And now, she knew even more about his ... family taints ... He'd always wonder what she thought of him, how much he could trust her ... the uncertainty would always eat away at him.

Luke sighed, regretting everything, as Obiwan had known he would. Of all the people to have to be forcibly attached to, of all the people who knew so much about his heritage and history ... why couldn't it be someone with whom I could be pleasurably and romantically attached??

Why -- oh why? -- did it have to be Mara Jade??

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