Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Yola's Café
524 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Lorimar and Union Avenues)

Review by MaceVindaloo

Coming from a place where there was no such thing as Mexican food ... then moving to places that said they had Mexican food ... but turned out to be mediocre Tex-Mex at absolute best ... fast forward to now, and I've moved to a place where there claims to be a plethora of authentic Mexican restaurants ... disappointingly, few of them are actually good.

Perhaps one needs to travel further afield for the good stuff. After all, one should find real Mexicans to find real Mexican food, no? And when it was necessary to travel to Brooklyn to pick up and drop off the car, I noticed plenty of Mexicans. Always on the lookout for good Mexican food, I saw potential!

As I walked from my destination to the subway, I stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place called Yola's Cafe. I did a quick check on the Internet... this place had great reviews. So I'd figure I'd try it out and see for myself.

When I say this place is a hole-in-the-wall, I should also mention it's a bit of a hole-in-the-ground, too — you have to go down a few concrete steps and wriggle a bit to get through the tiny doorway. It's a cramped, tiny indoor space with two tables and a very thin counter seating area. There is always someone sitting at one of the tables, where Fútball is being played all the time. For those inclined, there are two tables outdoors, too.

The menu here is surprisingly extensive but we decided on a few of the recommended items we saw on the Internet reviews: fish tacos, chorizo soft tacos, chicken mole burrito, and pork tamales.

The fish tacos were good, with the soft taco tortillas were fresh and good and fish were fried well, but could have used a little more seasoning; we found the fish a little bland. The pernil / Mexican pulled pork tamales were great; the filling was well-seasoned, moist enough, and tasty ... but especially because the masa they used was especially good and flavorful. But for me, the chorizo tacos and the chicken mole burrito were life-changing. Both were fantastic, well balanced, not greasy, etc. And both the flour and corn tortillas were really fresh.

The owner was warm and friendly, and provided excellent outdoor table service. And when a minor incident occurred when food was being delivered, he replaced the damaged food, no questions asked.

We went a second time, and ordered the house-special torta — a sub sandwich, basically. It had ham, chicken, steak, and was texturally and flavorwise an excellent combination. The filling included avocado and a chipotle spiced mayonnaise.

The drinks included the de-rigeur Jarritos fruit sodas, but also a tamarindo agua fresca, kept cold in a lemonade sort of machine. It is sour and sweet, and very refreshing on a hot hot hot summer's day. Sugar has some magical ingredients, including the ability to cool down the heat of hot peppers. So if you've had too many hot things, have a judicious swig of tamarindo for quick relief.

I am glad Yola's is not in my neighborhood, or even close to me ... or even one bus ride from me ... because I would be here several times a week, if not daily ... it's too irresistible.

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