Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Yesterday's Restaurant & Parlour

Ottawa, Ontario
Review by Wraith6

Located on Sparks Street walking mall in Ottawa, Yesterday's is a haven of family style dining amidst the trendy bars and upscale business dining of downtown Ottawa. Someone described it as "dowdy," but in fact, this place has been here since 1954! So though it seems "retro," in fact, it's actually "authentic." It was perfect for us. After a long drive, our group was in need of some good ,hearty food that we all could be happy with ... comfort food, even if it is Canadian comfort food.

Yesterday's have been serving families for a long time, and one of the mainstays of their menu is the notorious yet delicious Poutine. In my opinion (because I am a big fat pig), it is one of the most perfect foods in the world. Take a pile of fries, add cheese curds and smother with a rich brown gravy. Yummy! They also offer Salads, Soups, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, Chicken, Burgers, Steak, and Seafood. The chicken was moist, and the steaks were tender and cooked as requested. The only thing that was amiss was the strawberry daiquiri. I think they forgot to add the alcohol ... (There might be such a thing as being too family oriented!)

Even though we were all tired and some of us were cranky to begin with, we walked away from Yesterdays well fed and happy. So if you are looking for a bastion of family dining in downtown Ottawa, head over to Yesterday's.

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