Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Waffle House
The South, the Midwest, The Southwest, etc., USA
Review by Diana, MaceVindaloo

You'd think this place is like Denny's or i-Hop or any number of "family restaurants,' and indeed the founders of the 30,000+ store chain claim that they opened the first Waffle House so their friends could come visit and eat a decent meal for a very decent price. Waffles in the South are the base for more than just breakfast, after all. And they are pretty cheap to make once you get the equipment and a batter mix. The founders claim that as they got a little more money and a person to manage and a good location, they'd just open another restaurant.

It's not really a family restaurant like those other places. It's more like a classic greasy spoon. It has laminated menus so they don't get all gross, and every item is more or less fully illustrated in case you are illiterate, dumb, or just tired. You can mumble and point and the waitress will just bring your food. It's kind of like a counter, only the booths are where you'd expect the counter to be, the waitress just walks the line up and down and passes the food straight from the griddle and kitchen area to your table. You can watch your food being prepared. And the coffee is really, really good, served in what some of us refer to as "glazed reinforced concrete." We asked if the mugs were for sale and were told no ... drat. We bet coffee poured in this mug would stay hot to the next ice age! And when you ask for milk, they actually give you some, instead of the weird packets of what could be cream, but what could be synthetic space goo.

We ordered some classic things, for the sake of this review, including a pecan waffle on its own, and the All Star Express which comes with waffle, grits or hash browns (they don't do home fries in the South), bacon strips or sausage patties, 2 eggs, toast, and jelly. That costs $7.95. The plain waffle is $2.50 and pecans are 30 cents extra. We couldn't finish the food! And it was actually good. It was especially nice that the waffles were not the Belgian variety. Though serving the waffles with a tub of "spread" was a bit disturbing, and the syrup bottle was all sticky on the outside. Glug! The sausage patties are flavored the way we normally associate scrapple to be seasoned: heavily and flavorfully. Everything is greasy, just as it should be. But not so greasy that you don't want to gobble it all down.

The do have some scary menu offerings ... like a pile of hashbrowns covered with cheese ... actually, you can get anything there covered with onions and/or cheese. It's fully illustrated for you.

The place is clean, despite the greasy food, and the bathrooms are pleasant. It makes for a very satisfying rest stop.

If breakfast is not what you wanted, they have many other things you'd expect in a dinerish sort of place. Like burgers, steaks, fried chicken, pork chops, chili (of which the founders are proud), salads, and even kiddie meals, though they seem more breakfasty. Their forté seems like breakfast, and they do have many combinations of eggs, cheese, sausages and the carbohydrate of your choice. Yum!

The ladies who served us were very nice and soft-spoken, not at all pushy. And they acted like they thought we were nice, too. The other customers ranged from on-duty cops to people coming off work shifts. Most seemed local, even though this location outside Richmond, VA was just off the highway.

We even like the Scrabble-like lettering for the signs! It's a cute place, the food is good and reasonably priced, and we didn't eat for the rest of the night as we drove northward where there don't seem to be any Waffle Houses ... so when you're near one, try it out, fer shure.

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