Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Via Matta
79 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116
(617) 422-0008

Review by Mace Vindaloo

We came here for a Christmas party — the head of the company knew the owner of this place, and thus we got 14 people seated at the last minute with little fuss.

What we ate:

crispy meatballs
calamari in puttanesca sauce
eggplant in tomato basil sauce
excellent bread and olive oil
taglatelle bolognese
monkfish with ceci (chickpeas)
chitarra carbonara
brussels sprouts
cauliflower with breadcrumbs
faro with pancetta
nutella tart with salted caramel sauce
marscaporeo — two dark cocoa cookies served with a bowl of whipped sweetened marscapone cream

The service was a bit slow to start — they took a while to come get our orders, and things took a few minutes longer than expected, so there was some antsiness. The food was worth it — generally delicious and thoughtfully laid out with the additional ingredients on the plate. There was enough to share with others at the table, and we were all very very full.

We also had white and red wines at the table, and they tended run out, rather than flow.

Decor was a little creepy, featuring oversized paintings in the style of "die die piggy piggy die die" from the comedy movie Mickey Blue Eyes — meaning a bit surreal, a bit too clever. For instance, there was a white-skinned androgynous hairless figure with a cone-shaped spire from a church on its head ... which, to some of us, depicted the auto-de-fé from the Spanish Inquisition, where the dunce capped heretics signaled their fates to be burned at the stake!

Otherwise, it was very clean and modern, and the downstairs kitchen included a large table where privileged diners could have their meal in full view of the kitchen happenings. The staff was friendly but not overbearing. They were also responsive when we spilled a glass of red wine — they swooped down quickly with napkins to sop up the mess, and also to line the tablecloth so that no elbows or laps were stained.

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