Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
U.J.'s Luncheonette
Forest Hills, NY
Review by Susu

Ever feel like you need to go out to eat ... but you don't want to get dressed up? Or somewhere for breakfast ... at midnight? Or you are hungry, but for something comfy and dowdy ... like maybe fried smothered in gravy and cheese?

There are such places, and they aren't all necessarily in the South. In the very northern borough of Queens, NYC, Uncle John's Luncheonette (simply abbreviated to "U.J.'s" by the natives) is a throwback wannabe: boomerang formica, 45 rpm records decorating the walls, juke box controls at every booth (costs 25 cents per song choice), and movie posters featuring Marlina Dietrich (in Blau Enge), Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, etc. It's even in an old converted garage, complete with checkerboard ceiling and checkerboard glass roll-up door. There's a counter for solo dining, booths for 2 or 4, and some wrap-around booths for larger groups. But we have no clue who Uncle John is.

You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner platters until 2am. The Big Boy Breakfast essentially contains two of nearly every breakfast item on one plate, plus juice and coffee. There is a large selection of sandwiches, including the Villa (vegetarian, with roasted peppers), the French Dip (roast beef served with a cup of au jus for dipping), and great burgers like the Patty Melt on rye, or the classic Pizza Burger with tomato sauce and mozarella. Platters include everything from tzatziki (garlic-cucumber dip with cut veggies) to steak to fried chicken to spaghetti to liver 'n onions. There are soups, fries, ice cream, pound cake, pie, etc. etc. etc.

You could easily live here, if only they'd give you more moist towlettes! It's the perfect place to go any time of day when you don't want to cook or be adventurous about our palate. It's good food, not super or anything, but sometimes, that's just perfect. The service is snappy until you want your check, for some reason. Never mind, just pay it at the till as you walk out.

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