Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Tony Packo's Café
Toledo, OH
Review by Rosie

Remember M*A*S*H? Remember Corporal Klinger? How could you forget him? He was forever trying to get himself declared Section 8 (crazy) and sent home. To Toledo??? Wouldn't *that* be worthy of a section 8? *WANTING* to go back to Toledo? He often told the rest of the nut cases at the 4077th about Tony Packo's, his favorite restaurant.

Guess what? Tony Packo's is a real restaurant. It is a traditional neighborhood kind of place in a Hungarian neighborhood across street from the neighborhood church where friends gather to eat, drink, and talk. Jamie Farr, the actor that played the Klinger role, grew up across the river in the Lebananese section of Toledo. He would recall walking across either the local road or rail bridge to get to his favorite food.

"Why thank you, kind sir!" Afternoon Tea at Tony's.

Nothing too fancy in terms of decor, except for the large diarama commemorating M*A*S*H and Klinger, the tables are relatively small generally seating four and covered with red and white checked plastic tablecloths. The bar area has loud neon lights swirling around it. And the walls are decorated with autographed hotdog buns. Yes ... that's right. Don't worry, they're plastic reproductions specifically for VIP visitors to autograph. It's just as well or Tony Packo's would be better known as a source for penecillin than for its food.

V.I.P. autographed buns adorn the walls all over the restaurant!

The food is simple and delicious. The main attractions on the menu of the food are Klinger's favorites (as well as most kids'), the incredible hotdogs. Order them with chili, their other mainstay, or with chili fries to accompany the hotdogs and you can't go wrong taking kids here to eat. I really enjoyed the spaetzel dumplings as a side dish. Also, the wurst are good and filling.

If you aren't inclined to travel to Toledo, Tony Packo's has a website (
http://www.tonypacko.com ) complete with an online store. You can order some the same great pickles and other goodies that they serve right along with the great meals they serve on premises. Mostly they have accoutrements to accompany your own hot dogs and burgers. Definitely worth a look and a taste. Well ... maybe Klinger wasn't crazy after all.

"Gee, this place is MUCH nicer than the Swamp!" Stand-ins for M*A*S*H* characters Col. Potter and Capt. Pierce watch over diners in Tony Packo's dining room.

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