Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
T-Bone Diner

Forest Hills, NY

Review by Susu, ThePlazaQueen, MaceVindaloo, Rosie, SteakGrrl, Runt, Diana, Wraith6, Csillag

We were tired ... hot ... sweaty ... stumbling ... we climbed out of the subway seeking something ... anything ... then we saw the neon sign, flickering, beckoning ... it looks so evil, so bad from the outside. Sometimes, we all need to live a little dangerously ...

The placemats have recipes for lounge-type cocktails. How long ago were these things printed?? Maybe in the 1940s? How long can you store these things and still call them placemats? Why aren't these things being auctioned off on ebay.com? These things date back from when drinks that fizzed were a forbidden novelty. And stuff served under the blinking glow of neon lights do take on a risqué quality. Cool! Or rather — Shagadelic, Baby!

It's all very refreshing, actually, and refreshment is just what we need. We looked at the cocktails and then decided to order something less numbing. Jell-o (they have only red, perfect!), ice cream sodas, coffee, bread pudding, sundaes, egg creams ... do you know what an egg cream is? It's an enigma wrapped in a riddle ... no eggs, no cream. It's thin chocolate syrup (Foxx's U-Bet is the preferred brand), milk and seltzer. Really. See? An enigma!

After midnight, you sort of want a seedy looking but safe place to refresh yourself. It's an indulgent thing to do -- sit in a padded booth under the glow of neon lights, sipping on your egg cream. If you're suffering from a broken heart, seething anger, pain, or fatigue, this is a good, appropriate place to do it. You'll feel seedy, but it's very safe here in the heart of Queens. Enjoy the fantasy, and the treats!

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