Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Tasty Thai
Sunnyside, NY
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Laddie

When people tell you that the owners of this place used to run a laundry, it might give you pause. But amid assurances that the food was very good and the staff so nice, it's hard to refuse to show up for a springtime dinner, despite the high standards that Sripraphai forces upon one's taste buds. Perhaps things are better there, in balance?

The first thing we noticed is that the owners are Muslim, for though "pork" is listed as a category, no pork dishes were offered. This is unusual when talking about Thai cuisine. Like Chinese cuisine, pork is the cornerstone when one talks about meat. To not have it is not a tragedy, but it does pull up the red flags.

The decor is pretty kitschy too, note the flying ducks ... it was as if we found ourselves in the country-side of the suburbs. The food was somewhat country-fied too. The food was good, but the spicing was rather insensitive — too much or not quite enough. The Tam Ka was good, but the clear vegetable noodle soup was very blank, and the Tam Yam was awfully salty as well as terribly hot. Mee krob sounded interesting, and it came out as a big fried mound of vermicelli, presented with a sweet goopy sauce. It is featured at many restaurants, and we've tried it repeatedly to see if it is ever good ... and it's always like eating dried cereal, but spicy and sour, as well as crunchy.

I'm not sure about the fried calamari. The sauce was a sweet sort of plum sauce, but when we asked the waiter what was in the sauce, he didn't understand us. So we asked the name of the sauce. He giggled and said, "Sauce for calamaris." Not sure if this response was a tease, or a lack of English prowess. Or that was the reality.

In general, the spice overwhelmed the flavor. It was as if it was a presentation of Thai that tourists might expect. Some have said it was good ... no one waxed rapturous, though. The fried bananas with coconut ice cream were okay, as were the sweet sticky rice in banana leaf. But in truth, if we hadn't taken pictures, we might have forgotten them all together ... this might be more a reflection of Thai desserts, perhaps. But it might just be this place, too.

True, it wasn't as hectic as the other place, and the staff was more attentive and nice. But as one of the diners said, "Take the extra three stops on the 7." Meaning, it's a pleasant place, but go to that other place for the food ...

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