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Review by SuSu, Runt

You've all seen the "Jared" ads, where a 425 lb young man ate nothing but Subway sandwiches for about a year. Paired with exercise, he went down to 190 lbs, and then suddenly people were hot to get on his diet. Many lost a lot of mass, and Subway was vaulted into the mainstream. Buying into a Subway franchise means getting a lot of fat people coming in to buy stuff; imagine being able to lose weight by just eating stuff! Well, we all know it doesn't really work that way, but people keep buying it and Jared is still "normal" sized.

To be fair, the sandwiches are good, and eating them for year is not really a deprivation. They bake their bread on-site and it comes in several varieties — you can find something you like, whether very white, or more wheaty, and grain or seed-topped. They do use a lot of sandwich vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers ... and a couple of varieties of cheese, and you can opt for vinegar and oil as dressings rather than mayonnaise.

They also have more caloric, more macho fillings for those who don't need to watch how many grams of fat they're ingesting. Recently, they started pushing "double meat" and there are some popular hot sandwiches with meatballs or cheese-grilled cold cuts. To compete with other sandwich shops, they offer a grilling or toasting option.

Because Subway is so ubiquitous, you can get it just about anywhere, and even better, you can get 6-inch or 12-inch sandwiches (15 to 30 cm) and they're packed well enough to tote with you places. Like hotel rooms. Or airports early in the morning so you don't have to pay a ton of money for food, or deal with closed food kiosks. Or even to work. It's an instant, rather healthy picnic. I like their vegetable sandwich best, actually, which is 230 calories for the 6" sandwich (half a sub) — less than half the calories of a meatball sub of the same size. Added bonus — less likely to go funky if you don't put on mayonnaise.

So you have no excuse to be fat ... okay, I'm sure you can make up new excuses, but at least it's not Subway's fault. With nearly 25,000 locations in over 80 countries, you should be able to get what you need/crave (without putting on too much sheer mass) just about anywhere you are.

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