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Review by dieFledermaus

Everyone derides American franchises ... but let's face it, they become popular because they do what they do well. McD's -- the icon of Americano franchies -- has addictive, high-calorie food that's pretty tasty, quick and yeah, it's much better than you can make at home for these type of items. But part of the appeal is that it's quite cheap.

Starbuck's is not cheap, actually. A big cup of "plain" coffee of the day is about $2.50, with no refills. But their coffee is superior. They also offer very nice, very large snack items. It's a good place to come for dessert, actually: stuff like cheesecake, rice krispie treats, danishes, Krispy Kreme donuts, croissants, cookies, and sandwiches made with foccacia or marbled rye bread. Our favorite sandwiches are the roasted vegetable, the mozarella, basil, arugula, and the black forest ham and brie.

Um, well here's the bad stuff: they do tend to refrigerate all the food, so you have to let it sit a bit to get to room temperature to really enjoy the flavors properly. That's kind of annoying. Also, the counter staff (who refer to themselves as "barristas" -- what is that, a scenic barracuda??) can be indifferent and annoying, too. Depending on where you are, the tables are often not swept off between customers, either. And the more froufrou drinks can be really expensive, up to $6 for a very large cup.

But it's a nice place to go. The seats are comfy -- most have at least a couple of wingback-style leather stuffed chairs -- and there are electrical power points so that you can plug in your laptop computer. There is often a bunch of people with their study notes spread out, writing a paper or perhaps the great American novel. (One friend wrote a stageplay and a comic book there; another credits starbucks with allowing him to get through medical school.) The decor is usually funky and the place, if it isn't quiet, has a non-distracting hum about it.

A 3-year old I know tells her mother, "Mama, Starbucks! Time for coffee!" whenever they drive past one. What's a 3-year old drinking coffee for? Turns out that "coffee," to her, is any brownish, warmish liquid in either a china cup or mug or a Starbucks take-out cup. So she gets hot chocolate, her mother gets coffee. Her younger sister fusses because she's too young for either right now (she's just turned 1). If Starbucks is good for a 3-year old, anything bad about it is negligible, right?

It's a franchise done right, actually. I saw several in Japan, where the people are obsessed with quality and consistency of the offerings. They are, essentially, 3-year olds!

One more note: we go there before church, for coffee and a sandwich. Helps make the service palatable. ;)

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