Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:

Sherman Oaks, CA
Review by Veronica

This place is really really loud. There is a constant background din, so you have to yell at your brunch partners. There are flat screens on the wall, showing news or movies like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Spanish. You can't hear it anyway, so it doesn't really matter what language you are hearing. There are many women with plastic surgery, and many men with slick ponytails. The chandeliers are interesting, though.

It's hard to believe that this is billed as a "New York Style Deli" when it's so obviously "californicated." Someone ordered the "Brunch Fish Platter" for four ($25+), and it came out with four bagels, sliced salmon, whitefish, red onion, tomatoes, lettuce. The fish was okay, but not pin-boned properly so you had to excavate. The so-called smoked whitefish had a disturbingly obvious red dye painted onto the bone-side. The vegetables were ripe and clean and sliced nicely. The bagels were -- to put it kindly -- merely "round bread" as Calvin Trillin referred those things which masquerade as bagels. Overall, it was rather awful.

The Big Pig of our group decided to order grilled knockwurst with baked beans, and that was a heck of a ways better than the fish platter.

See the photo? See the lemon that was decorated to look like someone in effigy? Is that for a funeral, maybe? It was frightening, and believe it or not, that was on the cover of their take-out brochure! They consider it a GOOD thing.

I guess it's a safe, conservative place. But between discussions of nose jobs and liposuctions and people pretending to be Hollywood producers and the rather lame attempt at bageldom, it was merely a place to meet. So many of the party were on the Atkins-style diets, but they were able to find plenty to eat, keeping themselves effectively low-carb. Isn't California fun?

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