Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Slanted Door
Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA
Review by MaceVindaloo, SuSu, DollarBill

We'd been told that The Slanted Door is the best Vietnamese restaurant in the country, by a man who saw combat in Vietnam. While that may have meant army rations to most, he lived with the Vietnamese army and ate what they ate, good, bad, indifferent. We took his recommendation seriously.

The problem was that we could not get into the place, for either lunch or dinner. It's very swank and located in the Embarcadero's Ferry Building. The guests wear suits and they are fully booked — the restaurant doesn't seem to have a walk-in policy.

So huge is their popularity that there is a take-out version adjacent to the restaurnat, cheekily called "Out the Door." Yes, it's outside the parent restaurant's doors, and is also a means to get patrons out the door.

We ended up not being able to get a table here, under any circumstances, though we tried on several occasions while visiting the city by the bay. But quite frankly, the swank Euro-Asia vibe was not our scene. The decor was uncomfortably trendy and still, and the manner of the staff — albeit friendly enough — wasn't welcoming, and they seemed cold. We guess that success can breed disregard.

So as to our friend's recommendation, we only know the food is spectacular because he says so! And that's really good enough for us. So, if you luck out and can get a reservation here, enjoy!

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