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Review by Diana, SuSu, MaceVindaloo, RuntEkwesh, Wraith6

It's nice to have hot food now and again; some of us are obsessed by hot food! We don't know if that means they don't cook at home or the food at home is so sparse or so bad that eating out is preferable. By "hot food" we mean stuff with sauces and gravies, that require that you sit down and use utensils. But those things can be costly or take too long to get. A good solution is a place like Sbarro which serves "take and run" type sandwiches and pizzas, but also some hot foods like lasagne, baked ziti, spaghetti, etc. Everyone likes that, right?

We also like that Sbarro's is located just about everywhere. In fact, we tend to run across this family-style eatery in such places as highway rest stops and airports, as well as malls and food courts. Like other franchise chains, the food is consistent and is priced consistently, too. So at a place like an airport, it's a more attractive option than other dining choices.

Why eat at an airport? Because you have a multi-hour wait anyway. With all the security stuff and unpredictable crowding, you can end up with over an hour to wait. And if things were frazzled on the other end, you didn't have time to grab a meal before you left. So we tried various pizzas and hot-food cafeteria-style things. We found them rather good, even if its steam-table fare.

There are pizzas, of course (and many people in towns that are not New York state that it's better pizza than anywhere else in their respective towns), as well as the new-fangled "stuffed pizza." We also occasionally like cafeteria combos like spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad. Or baked ziti. None of it is like "homemade" of course, but in some cases, it's way better than we can expect from home.

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