Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Santa Fe
Forest Hills, NY
Review by Diana & Runt

There are restaurants that do pretty well, foodwise, with an occasional hit and an occasional miss. There are others that are expensive and reliable; others are dives and really cheap. Santa Fe, however, is not all that reasonable, the foods is mediocre, the service is marginal ... so why go there?

On this particular night, I wanted crunchy food, and maybe a big whompin' steak to offset a nasty day at work. A food production designer told me that when frustrations are high, crunchy food helps take the edge off your anger. This "Mexican" place did have chips and salsa, the chips were fried on the premises, so were extra crispy.

But don't order the nachos (piled too high so that everything got soggy and started to all taste the same), nor the Buffalo wings (fried and sauced properly but they used TINY ones, so the meat turned all gristly and stringy), the quesadillas (soggy, too much stuff inside and all "used" tasting), nor any of the "Mexican" offerings unless you want to have slimy shreds of lettuce in your sub-standard pilafy rice (ick) and laughable attempts at burritos, enchiladas, etc. It's all rather awful and makes you wonder why you're eating it; but you do because ... well, maybe because you're drunk or something?

So why did we go? Just for the crunchy stuff? Actually, there are a few things they do quite well, like the aforementioned chips and salsa. They also do a GREAT steak chili, which they serve with more chips. They also do a decent prime rib -- though be warned that it's not roasted then sliced on demand. I think they get some chilled, vacuum-packed thing and then grill it like any other steak. It's thick and not bad, and the horseradish sauce is quite great.

The drinks are good too, blended well and come in huge glasses or tumblers. They have a big selection of margueritas, with salt, sugar or nothing on the rims. They also have a good selection of tequilas for shots and straight-up sipping. That is, if you're into boozing. Sodas are served in 1-liter pitchers and are bottomless. One of us holds the current record of 5(FIVE!) liters of soda ...

Forget the side dishes -- maybe order a baked potato to take home for some other use. Do NOT bother with the steak fries (not what you think -- thick slices of dry baked potato, probably leftovers, and fried till black) or the Caesar salad (not a Caesar at all, they use that nasty bottled dressing!). I also specifically said "no raw onion" to the waitress for my green salad, and there the buggers were, right on top. I plucked them off and tossed them on her tray. We also asked for DOUBLE order of wings and got only one, and she didn't even say she was sorry! She said, "You said one!" Bitch. No tip for her!

So go if you feel like a bowl of chili or maybe a slab of fried-up prime rib. Have a drink or two. You might save some money that way, knowing what to avoid (everything else!).

Oh, heck, just go somewhere else.

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