Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Ruth's Chris Steak House
45 S. Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317) 633-1313
Review by Susu

Steak houses are simple, as restaurants go. Know your way a bit around a cow, especially the rib sections bits: rib-eye (a.k.a. delmonico, cowboy, prime rib, etc.), T-bone (made up of shell, or New York strip, and sirloin), loin (chateaubriand, fillet, porterhouse, etc.). Side dishes are standard: potatoes, chipped, fried, mashed with garlic, baked, scalloped; creamed spinach; broccoli or asparagus steamed or au gratin; fried onions; sautéed mushrooms; broiled beefsteak tomatoes. Desserts include manly classics like bread pudding in whiskey sauce, cheesecake, apple pie, and chocolate in various incarnations. There is a wine list, but you'll do fine just asking for a glass or a bottle of the house red or white.

Ruth's Chris is a chain of restaurants all over the US, with restaurants in Canada and Mexico. Purportedly opened by a widow who felt good steak is what a man loves, the steaks are cooked just the way you want them. Our waitress asked over and over, just to make sure.

The hunks of meat and sizzling fat show up on a white stoneware oval plate heated to 500°F. The steaks are big, as are the side dish portions. According to the publicity sheets, Ruth does it that way because she feels dining is a shared experience. Everything is tasty, very midwestern, and worth the price.

Decor is very men's club, as many steak houses are. There are concessions made to women, like overly decorated restrooms, and maybe some cocktails and fresh berries and sorbet on the dessert menu. Ruth's Chris refrains from displaying hunt trophies or buccolic scenes of pre-slaughterhouse cattle. "Art" fills the walls tastefully.

We were there on a Friday night, and saw many "Congratulations on Graduating High School, Dear" and "Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life" type of table-fulls. Even the romantic couples seemed to think dining alone was excessive, and dragged at least one other couple in to share the meal with them. There were also people who might have sold seeds and tractors, eating with men who might buy such things. It's a fancy night out for them, and it was blessedly spared whiney children who might have run from table to table and made unwelcomed noise. Some adults were adequately noisy to fill that gap, should you like that sort of thing. But overall, everyone behaved.

Overall, a nice franchise, like McDonalds. And like that burger restaurant, you know what you're getting, it's presented uniformly and well in any Ruth's Chris across the continent. If you are tired, hungry, anemic or feeling cavemanly, you know the steak in the Ruth's Chris in Buffalo will be the same as the one in Indy. We had "cowboy rib" -- a double-sized delmonico steak -- Ruth's chopped salad -- fresh, crispy, tangy with Maytag Bleu -- a nice assortment of sides and took most of it back to the hotel for midnight grazing.

The front desk staff were attentive, and remembered us when we returned after half an hour. They put us at a nice table, and disappeared when it was appropriate to do so.

I recommend any Ruth's Chris, but should you find yourself in the heartland, you do a lot worse than the one in downtown Indy. Indulge in a quintessentially American meal!

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