Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Rudi's Resto & Café
30 Rowe's Wharf, Boston, MA
(617) 330-7656
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Diana, Diasala, Zit

When the gang gets together, we like to cook things that we all love but which cannot eat very often. Like Texas style smoked brisket. Or a Chicken Tikka Masala with both heavy cream and coconut cream in the unctuous, sweetish sauce. But toward the end of our time together, we feel the need to pace such consumption, to save some t hings for later. We also, frankly, start to hanker for something not protein or fat. And also to not have to wash pots and pans and such on a continuous basis.

Rudi's was not far from where we were staying, and our host described it as "not pricy, you get what you pay for, French café style place." Okay, we'll try it. And the prices were not high because it's an order-at-the-counter place, and they'd bring the finished food to you. They do tend to forget the silverware, though, and have to go back to get it. At least it's not plasticware, and the plates are not paper.

The freshly made food is good, too. The toast is good, the fruit salad was probably made last night, and it benefits from the bit of maceration. The spinach and feta omelette was $6.96 and came with a bowl of fruit salad and whole wheat toast, and I found myself unable to finish it. Fortunately, others were craving fruit and whole grains, so they helped. Others got toasted sandwiches, breakfast wraps, muffins, a lox croissant. Coffee and chai lattes were generous and easily half the price of a Starbuck's. They were also steamy hot and just what we needed as we awaited our food to come to the table.

Such places tend to not be tipping, but we did leave one, since the only part of the service they didn't conduct was bringing us a menu and taking our order at the table. You leave your used stuff on the table as you leave, so we felt a tip was warranted, but maybe 10% to 15% rather than the more normal 15% to 20%.

Rudi's also features chill-chest fare, like cakes and bakery goods. They also sell take-home-and-cook like pastas and sauces, in the "gourmet" vein. If you're running late and you need to impress someone for dinner, one can imagine picking up some cooked and some uncooked things here as you dash home.

It's not a French bistro or café, maybe someone's idea of what Boston would like such a place to be. There were families here, as well as those who came to get a cup and a paper to start their Sunday. There was a nice view of the heart of the Big Dig here; on Sundays, it lies still and weird. On weekdays, you can take bets on whether the excavated stuff or the equipment might finally take its toll on the curved windows!

Our host was right, Rudi's is a nice place and you do get what you pay for, but in a good way!

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