Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Reindeer Horns
by SuSu, MaceVindaloo

Celly was said to be the sister of Bail Organa, and it was she and other aunts who were responsible for raising and training Leia in social and political niceties. She was, after all, officially the daughter of the former Queen of Alderaan (her mother) and Alderaan's representative to the Senate (her father). Leia would be expected to succeed one or both of her parents in these important political roles.

But the truth of this woman's tutelage was much darker — Celly was recruited by Organa to raise Leia because of who this "aunt" really was. As a young lady, Celly had been selected and trained as one of Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo's palace aides. She served as bodyguard and decoy double, and knew all manner of proper and improper secrets of her mistress, including the very improper fact that Leia was the genetic daughter of Padmé ... and of Anakin Skywalker, whom Bail Organa knew had become Darth Vader.

Organa felt that having Celly looking after Leia was a way to preserve Padmé's legacy in an indirect manner. He could not allow any attention from Palpatine or Vader to focus on Leia and who she really was, but he didn't see any harm in Celly teaching Leia things which Padmé knew. He would have to be consulted at every turn, but he felt that anything was okay to teach Leia, as long as they were not obviously unique to the former Queen and Senator.

This recipe — one of the few which Padmé actually invented as a child — was derived from a popular ready-made biscuit packet, so it was deemed safe enough to show to Leia. Padmé had insisted that the special cutting of the hotdogs made a big difference in the flavor and texture of the final hors d'oeuvre. In time, Leia made it for Han, the man whom she would marry, and the Luke, her secret brother. She eventually made it for her children, too. had she survived, it would have pleased Celly to know this, that a tangible piece of Padmé was being passed on to her children and grandchildren!

This popular treat was called "reindeer horns" though the animal no longer existed anywhere in the galaxy. Celly might have referred to it as nerfhorns, or maybe Quarren beards? Anyway, they are a simple but favorite treat for the tragic Queen, whether Leia knew it or not!

  • hotdogs
  • refrigerator biscuit or dinner rolls, equal number of servings as you have hotdogs
  • mustard, honey mustard, ketchup, or any other type of condiment or relish you like with hotdogs
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Cut the hotdog ends into quarters, as shown on the diagram. Do not cut deeper than a fourth of the way into the hotdog, leaving the center of the dog intact.

Separate the refrigerator biscuits and flatten them out a bit. You can use round biscuit dough, or triangular crescent rolls. Roll the dough around the middle of the hotdog as shown on the diagram, pinching to seal the dough around the sausage. Place on a foil- or parchment-lined baking sheet, about an inch or two apart from one another.

Bake the wrapped hotdogs until they are golden brown and cooked, about 20 to 30 minutes. You want to make sure that they are cooked through — the dough will be softer on the inside, but it should not be raw at all. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for about 5 minutes.

Cut the hotdog in half, crosswise down the center. Put the halves upright on the cut-end onto a serving platter or tray. Spoon or squirt a bit of honey mustard (or any other relish or condiment) in the center of the splayed hotdog and serve as a finger food.

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