Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Red Lantern Thai Restaurant
6 East 37th Street, New York, NY
Review by MaceVindaloo, SuSu

On an evening in the middle of a humid New York summer, both me and my eating partner were both craving Chinese for dinner. Being a late day at work and too late to head down to Chinatown, we decided to try a more local place that was touted on www.MenuPages.com, as being one of the best in the neighborhood. Unfortunately when got there it had recently closed it's doors.

So in an increasing bad mood we were heading home, when we happened on the Red Lantern. A little hole in the wall Thai place on 37th street. We were a little dubious at first. It was almost empty and the decor was very sparse and resembled more of a 1960's tiki hut than anything Thai I had seen. But being hungry, we lowered our expectations, and soldiered on.

We stuck to ordering more of the standard Thai items in their repertoire. A tom yam soup, papaya salad, cucumber salad, tamarind grilled whole fish and spicy mint fried rice.

As we waited in the almost empty place for our dinner, we noted that the delivery guys were VERY busy running in and out delivering food. This made us feel better that the dining room was almost empty. Most of their business seems to be deliveries.

When the food arrived, were happily surprised. The food seemed fresh, and was prepared well in both flavor and technique. The soup base was very flavorful, which some places cant seem to get right, and the whole fish was excellent. Crispy on the outside, tender flesh with a wonderful sweet and spicy sauce. All very enjoyable.

So sometimes trying out a new place that on the outside scares you. Sometimes you find that nugget that is hidden in tiki decor.

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