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Qdoba Mexican Grill
W. 12 Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI, and in nearly ¾ of the United States
Review by PlazaQueen

Want some Mexican food but Taco Bell makes ya sicky? Well as they say in their catchy commercials: come-on down to Qdoba! Their food is fast, fresh and oh so fine. Quesadillas and Burritos reign supreme, but tacos and nachos are also popular. My personal favorite is the cheese quesadillas, but they come with the option of adding marinated chicken or steak. Muy Delicioso!!

The burritos are the dish they make the most ways with 11, count 'em, eleven different burritos, one including chocolate! And they can be served in a tortilla or naked (their word not mine) with a fork and tortilla on the side. That's 22 different ways to serve burritos!!! That's a lot salsa. And with 10 different sauces and salsas, you won't ever get bored — or broke for that matter. Nothing on the menu is over $6.50. They even have kids meals for the little diablos.

If you're muy hungry, you can have chips and salsa or some delicious tortilla soup on the side. If you want a healthier choice (even though all this stuff is healthy) they have a few salads and other options for you to choose from.

All in all for good fast food that's quick and tasty, go to Qdoba.

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