Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Polly's Bakery Café

136 N. Raymond, Fullerton, CA

Review by Diana

There is something inherently depressing about strip malls, but they have popped up all over the country, as if to replace a piece of the downtown area of what used to be villages. They are a blight, but what can one do? Everything we need is either in a strip mall or an enclosed shopping mall, and though there is no charm to many of these places, there IS efficiency. And lots of parking, as dismal as it looks.

When told to meet an acquaintance somewhere in this town, this is the place that was chosen. We were meeting for breakfast. We didn't know each other, even by sight, so it was safest to meet somewhere "neutral," if you get my drift?

Polly's Pies is a chain of "family diners" that has something to do with KFC. It's not exactly clear, but I think they operated many of the KFC franchise restaurants, and included their pie and meals concessions. But if you got to Polly's Bakery Café, it's not KFC, just part of the same managing company. They are more like the many "family restaurant" chains like Cracker Barrel or Denny's or Friendly's, and more local, concentrating in the Orange County area and surroundings. They offer "californized" versions of southern fare -- biscuits and gravy, but more cake-like in texture. And a lot of pies.

Regrettably, we did not get a chance to try their pies -- we were there for business and brunch, after all. It might have been unseemly to ask for dessert for breakfast. But they do have a big selection of muffins (the big, puffy type that you can only find in commercial situations; your mama could never hope to produce these) and "breakfast pastries." Being that these are normal hotel "continental breakfast" offerings, I opted for eggs, pancakes, sausages. My breakfast partner didn't like strawberries, so I got those, too. He had eggs benedict, which were served with the standard powdered hollandaise sauce.

In other words, maybe should have tried the pies. The breakfast was rather nondescript. Ah well, it was a good meeting. Might prefer to try some other "family restaurants" that are not so "corporatized," I think.

Pie photo from www.pollyspies.com

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