Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Pizzeria Uno
All over the damned place, USA
Review by Diana

What can we say? It's a franchise, you see them all over the place, they're all the same. First, the good stuff: tasty pizza, great pizza skins, nice plump chicken wings, decent burgers. But you all know that.

What sucks? In general, the service is substandard and sometimes openly rude. This morning, the hostess and manager were yammering to each other, even after saying, "Follow me." The idiot manager just stopped the girl and kept talking and talking and talking, pretending not to notice the customers just standing there, en route to a table ... we actually walked out after telling them to forget it. I don't think they noticed.

On other occasions and locations, the waiter misunderstood that we wanted no refried beans on the nachos. He brought us a completely naked pile of nachos! If we wanted that, wouldn't we have just ordered chips, at one-third the price?!? Other times, they forgot to pack our leftovers; or forgot the coffee; or argued that we ordered something we didn't. Lots of little things. Their training and hiring procedures are completely out of whack.

Besides which, pizzas typically have 600 to 1000 calories per slice. Who needs that??

You know, you should support locally owned restaurants. Franchises are okay, but really, some seem to have no vested interest in service, friendliness, and they never have enough toilet paper in the bathroom, dammit! You want to take me here for dinner? Or was it lunch? You've GOT to be kidding!

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