Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Phú Xuân
Luanne Drive, Gaithersburg, MD
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Wraith6, Diana, WalrusPengie, Pontificus

It was a dark, cold night. The temperature had dropped nearly 30 degrees in a few hours! What had been a balmy afternoon became a sub-arctic evening. We'd just driven into town and were planning on going out to eat, but it was just too, too cold! We wanted nothing more than to run back to the hotel and have a hot bath and not go out again. But knowing that we had to be fed, and feeling a cold coming on, one of us asked to be dropped at a grocery store for some citrus and vitamins.

It's actually not easy to find a grocery store in a land of strip malls and businesses. None of us were familiar with the territory and were dispairing of finding a grocery store ... but one of us spied an Asian market with a rather non-descript edifice in a rather non-descript strip mall. Surely, the citrus could be found there? It was located in one of the strip malls we were vainly driving through, so we stopped and hopped out of the car (keeping it running so it didn't chill).

We did indeed find our citrus ... but we found that it was not an Asian tchotke store, but a purveyor of supplies primarily from southeast Asia. We found bowl noodle soups, and we recalled that the hotel provided microwaves! So we bought some, and also bought chopsticks, and Asian cookies, and a few other things.

As the man rang up our myriad purchases, we looked around and decided that the store was Vietnamese or Malay or perhaps even Thai. It was wonderful to find a place that sold instant spicy soup noodles on such a frigid night! And even better, we seemed to get a 10% discount ... probably because we looked like tourists who had no clue and they felt sorry for us scrambling around.

The bowl soup noodles were great — we microwaved them and enjoyed a searing treat. The citrus did abate the cold that we just couldn't have, and we also bought powdered Thai ice tea, which is good hot or cold, be we had hot.

We went back the next morning hoping to buy some more things, but it was too early and they were closed. So we took a photo of the outside, and went to work in this foreign city, grateful that other foreigners saw fit to open a small ethnic grocery store in a strip mall!

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