Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Outback Steakhouse
Queens Place, NY

Review by SuSu

It seems that the word "Australian" has come to mean a few things that the Australians may or may not be proud of. Words like "insane," and "wild," and "brash," and maybe even "buff." Also "red meat," "funny talking," and "drunk." Well, you undoubtedly have your own list. But that's the image they are sort of trying to cultivate ... good for tourism, mate!

In an odd way, this American franchise family eatery does get some of the Australiana right. The photos on the wall do show authentic icons and scenery of Australia, including Ned Kelly's armor (he is the approximate equivalent of Jessie James, albeit much less ... smart? Okay, why would I say that? This guy does the robbing and stuff you'd expect, has a band of loyal followers, they get holed up by the local constabulary ... Ned Kelly comes out of the cave wearing a suit of armor that is basically a metal bucket for the head and a big, heavy metal suit, impervious to bullets. Alas, no armor for the legs, so the cops shoot his legs, he falls down, gets captured ... why do Australians revere this man??)

Um, sorry about that. But Australians are generally friendly, cute people, full of energy and attitude and who generally like others. That's the part they are trying to convey. They also have a passion for steak ... steak and eggs are the national breakfast, like ham and eggs are for Americans. Thus if you have a steakhouse, why not make it Australian? Where men and men and women are righteous and liberated.

We'd been there before, and it stunk. It was crowded, noisy and the salads were old, and all the food tasted the same -- old grease. We were disgusted and filled out those little forms ("Howzat??"). We'd like to think they read our form, but the service and food was vastly improved when we went back. Of course, when we first went there, maybe the location was still too new. They are located in the new mall called Queens Place, in the concrete rotunda-style building that was once occupied by Macy's (who moved to Queens Center Mall up the road). This time, the steak was cooked as we wanted it, the salads were crisp (though the waitress still forgot to put my dressing on the side), the chicken wings were tender, and the burger was cooked properly and seasoned so it was nicely tasty. Good on ya, mate!

So overall, a decent rating, fair dinkum! (The 'loos (toilets) we spacious and clean, too! Bonus!)

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